Netherlands vs Finland (9500 views)

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nl outlAw
nl Sebhes
fi lettu
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NationsCup 2020
Grand Finals

Finland has to win twice

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2020 » Matchlink
Manager: Aniky (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 265780
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First to post in the match of the century for both nations
no mayan no win
gg NL, it was a close game !
Game will be played on US and NL server
All in on NL!

GL guys! You rocks!

No mystic, no wins :D
mayan = mystic
mayan = mystic
Thank you for the confidence, we will do our best to deliver
mayan > mystic
o kurka Ty zyjesz :D
NY server?
mayan will play = mystic
You have € 881 on nl NED Cancel bet
Possible win: € 889.81

All in on NL!

:o :o :o I realy didnt know that Mayan = Mystic :o :o :o

The Lord of HS...

But NL will wins... impossible be different
gl NL <3 saken, sebhes gogogo
You have € 47 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 4565.11
You have € 1485 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 80041.5
No mayan no win
Mitä jäbä oikee kyhää nykyää
lul mahla sup
Raveneye not playing?
Who do you think toNy is?
You have € 184 on nl NED
Possible win: € 193.2

All my money on coach Sebhes <3 GL NL
OMG Lepari OMG
4 days left to the match of the millenium

gogo Fintards
Game will be played on a FI server
Gl incon&PHOTO. :V
3 days left ... I need buy some beers :D
Finns asked that the match would be played 50/50 on fi/nl servers because it would be the most equal for both teams pingwise.

but Sebhes & co don't agree to play even one map on FI server, where they all ping 48. On German server insane pings about 33 and Matias pings about 70.

They are the clear favorite to win the match and on top of that they want the small ping advantage. Because of their unfair behavior, the game will most likely be forfeited by FI.

It's sad that people are greedy like this. It's a dead game.

Cupra is holding back with these arguments:

CupraToday at 7:07 PM
"There isnt
or there might be
Try other locations
He has played 95% of his games since returning on non finnish servers including the upperbracketfinal
If he really cant handle it
you have walle lettu hazz
but im not giving in to forfeit manipulation
and I know its not coming from you"

So his arguments are: "Because you didn't ask for fi server before, you can't ask now" and "Because you try to manipulate us with a forfeit, i'm not accepting"

And our arguments are based on having the most fair servers for both teams, nothing else. Imo Aniky should have pretty easy decision here as an admin. We played 50/50 vs usa on us servers, and that gave us the idea of playing half of the final on fi server.
expected from Sebastian "Two Faced" Sebhes
Aniky can force nl/fi servers, if he wants to have a final in his tournament.
imo make it fair and make both teams play on US server
I think it would be better for them.
Sebastian "The Last Rule Bender" Heselaars
kapot for finale
imagine not accepting that when they have 90% chance of winning whatever the server they play on
Yeah. And by accepting, it's fair for both. We don't gain advantage from it.
LOLLLL Id smash on any server
Yeah, don't be scared then and play a fair game :D

Cupra is not answering my pms in discord.
Why you think, cause you put all this in gtv. You think he didnt read it. Weak move, weak move.
Actually he ignored me before posting these logs.
I would not answer to you aswell when you post his logs in public. Stupid move
I post them public because it's the only way to put pressure on your back. Your arguments aren't good and any other team in the cup would've agreed to play instantly.
Think u are the one with a weak argument :). I dont get why people think posting stuff in public puts pressure, it only backfires hard. Again, not a smart move ;)
My argument is to have fair pings for both teams. Servers are ready and we could just play without this mess. How is it weak?
If you cant see its a weak move to post private logs in public im done talking to you :)
Yes I agree with that, but it has nothing to do with the servers though.
We were discussing it already when you claimed the forfeit. By doing this it didnt help in ur advantage, all im saying.
"Think you are the one with a weak argument"

So, Finland wants to have the game split 50/50 on NL/FI servers. Their reasoning is that this is the best way to make the game as fair as possible. They're not seeking an extra advantage with that move, but simply to have a fair game. Where is the weakness in that argument?

The options that Netherlands is left with are: agreeing to play half of the game on NL servers and the other half on FI servers, coming up with an even more fair way to play the game, or admitting that they don't want a fair game.
Nobody's responding because there's no good response. :D
People can't comprehend the fact that you wanting FI server isn't the same as NA guys wanting NA server it seems :(
How is NA relevant here? :O It's beside the point. What I said was still entirely true, unless you can point out where I'm wrong? :)
Cause im done with arguing, cba to put 6 counter arguments. Anyways we will see what happens :)
You should at least be able to put forward one argument as to why 50/50 split is not the fairest option possible. I haven't seen even one yet. Feels like nobody has even tried to come up with one so far.
We gave them already in private (i assume/hope). But why suddenly one player need to play 15 ping less and then 3/4 players of team NL gets 30 less ping. Like i said im done cause all this drama here is pointless.
The reason why you don't think a 50/50 split is not the fairest option is so secret that it can't be given out in public? What on earth could such a private argument be? It seems more like there just isn't any reason and you don't want to be honest about it. Matias certainly seems to think you haven't given any valid reason, and I assume he would know of any private messages between FI and NL.
You're making it sound like this is a heavily one sided setup, when it simply isn't. You're talking about one player with a marginaly higher latency (12?) when connecting over mobile internet (I like how you failed to point that out to everyone by the way).

I also suspect that everyone connecting to a German server would be more fair than making the Dutch connect to Finland as the routes would be heavily in the favour of Finnish connections to NL. Though I have limited data to back this argument up with, just as you have limited data to say that one map on each server is fair.

As much as I keep thinking about this, you already have a fair setup. Tell Matias to pay for real fucking internet, this is his own problem, no one elses.

Just a reminder: - Easy Finland win, played entirely on a Dutch server. Your prior games have also been without incident.

At least the Americans had a good point (even if they went about making it in a ridiculous way).
Thank you for a sensible reply.

I'm pushing the point, because people keep replying to me without actually answering to what I'm trying to ask. That probably makes it sound like I'm trying to say that a German or even a Dutch server would be heavily one-sided. I do realise it's a small difference.

Matias's mobile internet didn't occur to me when writing the comment and yeah, in hindsight it would've been more transparent to mention it.

As to the ping differences on a Finnish server, one or two finnish players have a very low ping (about 10), while the rest hover around 40 or 48, and the Dutch players all ping 48 there (someone correct me if I'm wrong, please.)

In contrast, on a Dutch server, the average ping of the entire Dutch team is lower than the average ping of the entire Finnish team on a Finnish server, and a few of them also have a ping around 10 there (again, someone correct me if I'm wrong.) In addition to that, the Finnish team's average ping on a Dutch server is higher than the Dutch team's average on a Finnish server. So even splitting the servers 50/50 would leave NL with a slight "advantage." I understand this is splitting hairs. What I don't understand is why the suggestion isn't good enough for NL.

On a German server, many Dutch players still have a ping under 48, while 48 is the lowest latency any Finnish players (possibly apart from Swanidius) can have. Sure, small differences again. You're saying that the routes from NL to FI and vice versa are heavily in favour of the Finnish team. This doesn't seem to be reflected in latency numbers. Do you think there is more packet loss in one direction compared to the other direction?

Finally, Finland isn't asking for anyone to go through any huge inconvenience. Changing the server during a match is a minor bother. NL refuses regardless of this and would happily use a German or even a Dutch server, and doesn't bother coming up with a reason to refuse apart from "it's not a big difference anyway, and you never asked for this before."

About the match you linked, looking at the lineups I think most people would agree that Finland would've won that even if they all flew to the US to play that match...
I think Matias' internet should be the main focus of this topic honestly. If he was pinging the same as the rest of Finland on German servers, it's unlikely this discussion/flame/argument/whatever you want to call it, would be happening. By switching to a FI server for one map (even if one map would be better for NL - I am not blind to this) because of one person's ridiculous connection, you're (slightly) lowering the quality of the game for other players. But as you put it, it's "splitting hairs".

Broadly speaking you have relatively similar pings throughout the entire lineup, excluding Matias. This is ultimately the most fair you can get. It's totally valid to question the claim that it's more fair to have different servers (and refuse). You're right that it's not much hassle to switch, but when the result is questionably worse (I believe this - 2 games with less consistent pings is worse), why would you?

I'm not ignoring your points about pings over both servers for people; just have nothing to say in response except from there's obviously inconsistencies being introduced which simply do not need to be there.

The match I linked wasn't a great example, I admit, just trying to put the point across that even in worst case, people have managed to be civil before.
Eh, fair point that the quality of the game might be lower because of changing pings. It didn't occur to me and no one else brought it up either. (Cue some Captain Hindsight saying it was obvious. :D)

Well, I have nothing else to say on this. It's up to Team NL to decide what they want.

GL&HF to both teams as always! :))
Kelaa jos ennen vanhaan ois pelattu suomiservuilla ja meil ois ollu 25pingit vs niiden 98 :D vittu ne ois tuhoutunu
Joo, mut niil on 48 pingit suomiservul :-D
Not scared friend. I think you should talk to sebhes instead of members in the lineup. Again, i can play on any server and i wont blame my performance based on the ping i have (have it being between 30 and 70). If you're shit you're shit doesn't matter the ping.. Just my 2 cents

EdIt i get that chances of winning is higher with a lower ping (this is your thinking which i totally disagree with), but forfeiting a final because of it is probably the dickiest move ever made like ever.
I talked with Sebhes yesterday, and he said that someone in your team isn't ok with this and he told me to pm cupra.

If ping isn't a problem for you then download a netlimiter and put ur ping to 65-100 and we can play on .de server. ok?

edit: Some of our players want to forfeit because you don't agree to play on fair pings, that is a dick move as well.
we are playing this for the viewers, not for money or anything, so me personally dont mind how. But forfeiting it, is like a kid not getting his candy sitting in a corner crying.

In the end, if you want to achieve something i agree that you have to verbal about it. But some things are way more effective in a sense of achieving what you actually want when you pick the right time and place for such subjects. I think it would be easier for you(r guys).

Now it will backfire because thinking that "giving pressure by discussing in public" is really not gonna work. Not online not face 2 face nowhere mate
The kid in the corner crying is cupra, he could just say yeah w/e lets play, because you don't get any disadvantage from this. But because of ? I don't know what reason? Maybe because of the position of moon or something, he decides to say no. And then the rest of you defend him without any criticizing. Maybe he would grow a bit as a person if someone he knew well told him once that you make no sense.
Let's not talk about dickmoves. Cause I remember the dickiest move from you in ET history...
Who tf is this guy LOL

edit sorry thought you were commenting to me:[]
Just can't stand the fact that this guy is crying about dickmoves, while pulling the biggest dickmove in ET history. Just logged in to reply to this guy. I'm just a random et player from the past. Good luck tomorrow. Don't bash them to hard tho.
It's a video gaaaaaaaaame wtf.

Just play on DE/DK servers nerds...
but we played on US server 8)
Finlands lag. (And you know, this is why the ping lag problem, as it's not clear whether, after that time, you're on an even better ping)

It's not a problem to say a game or system has a lag. It is a game. I don't mean a game, like a game or a system, that can be played in lag.

I also don't argue with myself, not even when I watch any of the others on ETTV. Just because I'm a big game player and play on ETTV, I really can't be watching anyone else. I only watch a handful of "LAN finals", but that's it at a bar, or in the way that you see the game as a lot of "Enemy Territory," with your earphones tuned. I'm not calling you.

As an analyst, I always do have a point. Every series, I'm sure,, is supposed to be as bad as I can be. But do I have to believe that a game being played at a random server on a Sunday night in the late-night crowd on a Sunday night is going to have been as bad as it has been?

The problem is, I'm not sure I can say anything different because I have my hands on the mouse.

That's not, of course.

I can't be watching anyone else's game.

If I were a good game, in fact, I would do a good game. The odds are that I probably would have had the game where nothing could change your opinion.

But here's the thing. It's not even in the middle of my schedule where it's very important. I'm definitely far off of it if I'd played the best game on ETTV. But if I missed it (again), I'm still not even sure I could go all the way in the one game I'm sure I would have missed. Even that first game of the whole series I am talking about had such an advantage in my favor. I would have missed most of them, although I really have no idea what happened.

I can't be really sure how the game would have worked out. It would have certainly benefited Netherlands that I would lose for a reason. Perhaps I'd already be off Radar and if I didn't miss it I wouldn't have missed this game, so this game would have been a loss for the Netherlands to regain control of the game.

In any case, I do have to go into the interview to give my opinion of this Sundays game. It's the first game of a series that doesn't seem to have had enough game-time for me to make the call. I'm not going to sit here and give it all to another team until I've done that. It's not a good start to a series, because you have to get through it and you have to hope that Finland are coming through on every play, that the other team might not make it to the next round. The point is that I could be playing the games of you without going all the way into the schedule.

The second game of the series I've just hit was for this Finland team.

No more epic matches.

It is the end of the world, it is a thing that we are trying to fix.

The world ends when someone is really good, and there are literally going to be some good people being bad. The world ends when someone is really great, and there are literally going to be some good people being bad. You know, sort of the opposite of reality.

That's the way it is, but I never thought there would be this kind of bad game in Enemy Territory. So you know, instead of letting them play as a "team" the team that defeated me in group stages, I will live these other bastards all as fuck. That's the way it is, but I never thought there would be this kind of bad game in Enemy Territory. So you know, sort of the opposite of reality.
I see
What the actual fuck
Totally agree
Dear Lettu,

Rest assured that I have taken note of your comment and that such an unfair conduct from the opponents will NOT be left without a strong response.

For the time being ; feel free to come watch me playing Gathers 3v3 and 6v6 on discord :S We roll nerds with advanced tactics such as pushing the tank like pigs on Grush 1st stage it does not fail.
(However incredible it may seem, it stills works :pig: )

Best regards.

Hey Apricot, I haven't seen you in a while. I hope you are doing fine. Good to see you around again
Yeah it's GG. I am low+ max though XD

Having said that and while we are at it ; since you are the captain of the Dutch team, I am AVI to replace Jay in your team, I believe he is low/- max.

Haha great coupain.

Make sure to be ready in that case, tomorrow 21:00 CET. We will write history
Amen, I thought that W:ET would never become that bad. This game should rest in peace in our memories
well said
The Dutch team is obviously scared of Mayan and his pro tactics. XD

fruits.Apricot spitting : facts
To be blunt, I think I could replace Jay in the Dutch team since he is low/+ max :S
gonna tell PL players that they can ask for one map at polish server next time

srsly xD
I don't see a problem with that tbh :D Why not? If they're able to provide the server
Guys, please, do this final as the best of ET history. Play with the most equal ping as possible and do your better to win the Champs. Just play the game and stop strugling. ET need a grand and epic final like the game is for all of us. My opinion is: play equal and fair, like USA vs FIN agreed and did last week. Kisses...

Btw NL should win. I need my money back!
Force this game to be played on USA server. Fuck all bitches.

1. Play on NL/DE server
2. Give my lagscripts to the NL Team
3. Now both teams are unhittable and can play under the same circumstances
Honestly after NL wins we can play the real NC final on NA because we clearly saw the difference in skill when it was fair our side xD, i got $100 says NL cant win all NA
Okay put $100 in and we will play on NA server ;)
I endorse this message by ipod

Most sportsmanlike player in the history of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

You have € 60 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1122

mayan, make me rich
You have € 223 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 4109.89

I trust you matias
GL HF.......................................................................... EZ PING
mayan new mystic = win
You have € 50 on fi FIN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 907.5

give me my tryhard money mayon
Biggest night of Mayan’s life. GL Chris x
I believe in you Chris xoxo
You have € 97878 on nl NED
You won € 103750.68
Replay of my shoutcast for this game;
YouTube -
Twitch -
2007 drama in 2020 :]
the only drama is that dongo doesn't play ET anymore :(
he thrived on a bad ping!

Unbelievable which problems are getting discussed in a rly childish way nowadays (and just as a reminder: ET is sadly a dead game..) people should be happy to have games like these
Hey guys! Realy well done team NL! You have a great team with aimanteam play! Congratz!

I think that would be amazing do a comemorative game with a gather of the best playrs from other teams to make a better mix as possible yo play against you...

Imagine team mix vs team nl:


Or other team elected to play against you
Would be fun for all viewers
Unfortunately the team you're naming will lose rly hard vs NL.

Needs more uyop/abject/toxic/chry
you're right, eron .. i was just naming the first names in my head... you have really good suggestions my friend
Thanks a lot for the compliments! You are very kind Vyper, great sportsmanship throughout the entire tournament
Thanks Sebhes! You too! Enjoy your trophy! :D
Thx for your support all tourney :)
v44 man! Enjoy your trophy!
Already working smth similar to that :P
we want xylos :'(
was expecting him with Italy tbh :(
se non ha giocato nabbo
Awesome, Aniky! Keep pushing! This game will be a really Show Match!!

You need team Mongols,
LoooL :D:D:D:D But, these guys play very well!!!
wp NL, deserved and expected since day 1!!! Bien jugado Sebhes!! enjoy ur trophy.

You too!! We will see each other again in the future again amigo :)