Team-Visual vs dETI (556 views)

nl GiZmOoO
nl iNsAne
nl outlAw
be juicy
be eron
nl kApot

ET Anniversary LAN: 3on3 - Groupstage
Group of 8
Match 6

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Anniversary LAN: 3on3 » Matchlink
Hosting: #et.tourney
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Te_escape2

Total Pot: € 1286
The bets are closed.

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ET Legacy Twitch
By: Sebhes
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Language: English
By: Sebhes
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Language: Dutch

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im telling you juicy is as cracked as he is jacked, i saw him at 7/11 the other day buying adult diapers & a 6 pack of redbull. I asked what the diapers were for and he said “they are to contain my full power so i dont absolutely shit on these kids” then he trickjumped out the door
You have € 1000 on eu visual
Match is a draw, you were reimbursed.