Zero Empathy vs 8Bits/FiF*Green* (5619 views)

no Domi
nl spho
nl Ati_
nl Modus
nl hya
nl joop
nl ins
nl vaNqu1sh
nl Jo0f
be Jere
be Worm
be siL
20.10.08 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Freshcore Cup
Manager: phase (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 35382
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Enemy Territory TV
de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #2
By: blAckmAmbA (ettvd)
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de OldMans - ETTV 1
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 109


revenge :-)
line-up 8Bits FiF Green:
nl ins
nl Jo0f
nl vaNqu1sh
be siL
be Worm
be Jere
I <3 Mistaken ;D
line-up Zero Empathy:
no Domi
nl spho
nl Ati_
nl Modus
nl hya
nl joop

gl 8bits :) we meet again <3
You have € 36 on be 8B|FiFg Cancel bet
Possible win: € 96.48

domi i heard rumours you get beaten on dmg by krato!
Krato became a fragwhore + tank :XD
gl ins, dat kleine beetje promilage moet zn werk nog doen
omg omg omg soooo same(skills) teams WOOF!
all-in zeroE! (tis maar 20 euro ;d)
You have 30 on 8B|FiFg
Possible win: 80.1

gl joop
GL Ati_, joop, en HAARBALKUT <3 pak ze voor de 3e keer dan
4e keer volgens mij al =d
Go 8bits!!!
GL <3
ins will take that

laatste keer dat ik op ons ga inzetten zenne :)
scratch their balls
gl guys
Go siL en vanquish !!!
Sinds ins erbij is verliest FiF alles, kben blij dat ie weg is, BAKKES INS !
(gl fif)
haha da is eigelijk wel :DD
GoGoGo siL

last time money on green é fuckerssss :D
GL jere & worm ;) ( en de rest ook é pwners )
You have € 408 on be 8B|FiFg Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1032.24
Total Money 0.27 €
Gl fif =)
mds = all!
gl domi :D
alles geven Worm!!!
nice!!!!!! 2 sec faster on bremen? :D

2-0 for Zero Empathy

4-0 in 3 mins
gg wp FiF
ggs, once again .. seconds x-)
on 1 map yes, other map rape ;D
Maybe next time :D
nice game! wp both
why didnt you go siL?, why camp in fake radar :X
thats what they told me on vent :(
There were 3 guys aiming at fake, you would die anywayz :XD
You have € 600 on 8B|FiFg
You lost

fu -.-
ggs, deserved victory again =(
haha :D wp zero.e
You have 30 on 8B|FiFg
You lost

I never bet on u guys again , NEVER !
These matches are 50/50 imo!
Winning 4 times in a row vs same team is 50/50 ? ( =[ )
je komt niet eens aan een minuut als je al de tijdsverschillen optelt :D
hehe =D
Dat is alleen op jullie map, op onze map fulholden we jullie altijd.