pussyhunter vs Verdiend (3979 views)

ee mAnki
ee Erki
ee Visual
nl lus3D
nl Sir5alL
nl Thaylor
CB OC 3v3 Div2 Semi-Final
20.07.06 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET OpenCup 3v3 Spring 2006
Manager: (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Enemy Territory TV
de #cdap.ETTV
By: gtv.otter (ettvd)

de #ShiZo.et/ETTV
By: GTVd
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By: gtv.otter (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 107


Qyz & perfo are @ vacation , so hunters will play with oldschool lineup.

ph: mAnki Erki ViSual
Manki powwah!
clanbase says 20:00 European Time. Here it also says 20:00 European time. So edit your timezone in your profile. Default is GMT i guess.
isnt manky banned from clanbase?
dont be so harsh cheating aint that bad tbh
...The last words of a cheater before got caught
i destroyed gambits sarcasm detect0r!
dont take me so serious :)
zet hem op Verdiend! :) gl S,T,L
anyone knows what verdiend´s lineup?
these 4 are in the cb lineup dunno who will play tho :)
i hope the standart lp without plu coz they train rly often :D
never heard of them lol
hi plu
why is manky, a known cheater allowed to play?
plz dimi stfu
why? there are proofs that he is a hacker
why do you care so much ?
plz do so. will be rly interesting...
i dont give a fuck about your demos...

i saw your demo on the pub where you were hacking

you should be assfucked and then banned from the internet
he cheated on a pub or what? In my humble opinion as long as u dont cheat in any offical game and dont try to improve ur aim by any hacks u dont need to be banned. but if u cheat ANY offical u are meant to be hardware banned no doubt about it. im also bored sometimes and i just go to any pub and...have fun :O)
so you admit that you hack sometimes, nice
dude, i have 2 ETs ( LOL ) one is for competetive gamin, it has etpro and so on. the other one is the FUN ET. when i have clanwar i use the ETPRO one. when im bored, usually after 1 or 2 clanwars its about 22:30 pm. i would neither go to do sum tj or have some fun owning noobs on pubs. if i were a football player and cheat while playing with my friends FIFA wouldnt give a fuck about it. if i were cheatin in any offical match i would be banned, especially if i would do a headbutt. and don tthink i use any aimbots, cuz for a typical etpub player i have an aimbot, which is my normal aim. i just make fun of them, i mean i throw a satchel in their face and so so and hacks just help me. please dont ban me <3
oh i forgot to add its not telenet or fdnl or anything like that. i play on etpub and jaymod ofcoz and without pb cuz ive never thoguht about cheatin in wars so i dont have pb proof cheats
ons, sir, you are an idiot.
otter, sir, i thank you for your opinion and btw how could ph lost >:/ omg
ye i lost a lot of money... 6 € :DDD
whatever. I can send you all my demos since 2005 + watch the ETTV and then tell me that I hacked .
u hacked

you still hack
dont say this bad things about manki :(
neither bout razz plz.
put money on verdiend
120 on verd
ban him.
no ETTV! Nice Thaylor
actually there is ettv
v! owned ph 4-0
Ik heb verdiend gewonnen...

Groetjes aan Boog, van de gehandicapte mongool.
Well good game I would say . We did only few pracs with this old lineup ( we havent played together for 6months) Toobad we couldnt play with our best lineup aka. mAnki Qyz perfo . We did many faults as u saw + ViSual screamed in ventrilo "I wanna go outside blblabla " lifer :-D . #hunters.et goes vacation so cu @ september - november MAYBE ;] .

Sorry guys , who bet on us :(
np :P
Your bet: 200€ on verd Won 750€
Your bet: 124€ on ph, Lost

thx mAnki, never gonna trust in you again >:(
Your bet: 58€ on verd Won 218€ :P
Won 255€
Won 938€ :D:D
I need one answer: why ETTV-admins didn't give the server name & password to the refferee?
They did it only for teams.