vs uQ.Gaming (old) (6264 views)

ee DeadMeat
ee Holz
ee Night
de senji
nl teKoa
de urtier
fi jafo
fi jauhis
fi mystic
fi Raveneye
fi sAintt
fi Xpaz
WB 1/8 Final
18.12.05 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: doneX (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de PsB-Stream Matchserver
By: *Rhoenator* (ettvd)
de #1
By: Broodman (ettvd)
de Liga4Fun ETTV admin TanTe
By: GTVd
de reT!reD.ettv #2
By: deej (ettvd)

de vp.ETTV.Server
By: arni (ettvd)
us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 1
By: gtv`steph (ettvd)
us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 2
By: gtv`steph (ettvd)
xx PourIX Broadcasting // Server 1
By: GTVd
xx PourIX Broadcasting // Server 2
By: GTVd
xx SeNtiX[ETTV] - playREACTION
By: GTVd

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


In your dream :p Mystic shatter urtier :D
GL idle, idle will beat them imo.
I hope Holz will play he my favourite Smilie
wooooo its gonna be hot:)
You put the final in the playoffs?

this ll be a great match ... want mor slots *-)
Dex if uQ lose to idle they can still make it to the finals through the loser bracket.
thats gonna be the excitingst match ever |:-|

But its nice if the game saved for the final..
Dext the loser will continue to loser bracket. And winner loser bracket vs winner winner bracket is EC final, I know its the dumbest thing ever, if you lose you lose go home stay out. :P
Final uQ-idle R0X
looks like going to be good match but have to watch the final game of the Enemy Territory Gamearena ladder have to suppourt Australian clans. But best of luck to both teams have fun. Fans enjoy watching some really pro gammers and dont forget they are very good at what they do. :)

hey vermilion, ill be joining you watching the GA final, if only i knew the ettv ip for it :D
go Drc !
Its gonna be tough match for both though, Night <3 =] (l)
idle <3 (l)
need more slots for this game of ze year:P
50%-50% imo
More slots please :P
k idle will take it =)

night 4 l33t rifl0r
urtier ftw.
one out of two uQ game is forfeit. :?
i thinbk uQ is gonna wiiiin....:D mystic is going to own some serious people! (l) but this should be the finals and there should be more slot! :)
yeah, Mystic ownage :D
more slots needed, iam gonna see this match for sure :D
726 min needed :?
Love for Idle, FROM CANADA
Shoutout to my Boy Holz!
GA FINAL FTW Shoutout to mystic from uQ.gaming GO idle ee al the way
885 Slots Now |:-| - Think that should be enough /:/

This is gonna be a close match! Gl all :)
GERMAN FANBOY!!!!!!!!!11111111
SWEDISH FANBOY!!!!!!!!!11111111

1085 ETTV slots ... its gonna be a realy uber match <3
105 slots :p uhuhuh UBER pr0 match !!!
uQ >>> idle 4-0 8|
yeah, but, mystic is from Finland and so do i, so why i cant say that he would me some ownage ? lol, i havent sayed anything about he would own the all idle players :DDD
or did i ????

omg, just shut it and came and watch the game man ^^
we cant make any results here, those 2 clans will make it today =P

so peace out =)
enough slots?:|
Slots Slots Slots pls ffs :O
Urtier will show mystic how to play et.. urtier > all .. <3 urtier |:-|
easy bash for idle.
1135 slots - wow ...popular like atlantic battle match
et is dead tbh
lol no ettv slots confirmed, agree with swine now|:-

and btw, Drc will own them all. With Drc = uQ 4-0, without = idle 4-0. :<
4:2 Iddle xD :D
it will be exciting
1135 ettv slots, nice !!
idle wins imo8)
swine for cleverest person
idle ftw ! 4-2 !
:O almost 1337 slots, soz about first post :o*-)
uQ for the win!!!!(l)
uQ won @ sw gr (l)
idle ftw
Hmmm, boring match imo.
I expected more than this overrun by uQ :(
40 minutes of watching includes 10mins of actual gaming. First a long wait until match begins, and after 90secs it disconnects and the match is resuming from map 2. Then some more waiting until Finns roll.