#fayntic vs Conversio Clan (5542 views)

nl boog
nl h3ll
nl perfo
nl wuKas
nl zAk
it Reb
it Ryu
it Imp3
it Black
it $teve
it Vegas
10.08.06 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Summer 5v5 (CB Hosted)
Manager: (Requestee)
Maps: Frostbite
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Enemy Territory TV
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)

de clanbase ettv server 2
By: GTVd
de ETTV.fr, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: andyF1 (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 63


lineups added ( thnx :] )

hf mates

#cvs.et @ qnet
gL fayntic.. =)
gl cVs
Gl cvs :)
cvs ftw!
gl/hf fayntic ;)
qui ce la sfida perfo vs ryu
Gl Fun and Stuff
no battle of the lagg0rz
yes i see much italians
and italian = lag
go fayntic nieggaz
and gl cvs :d
GL cVs :)
gl fayntic
boogie =)
dont even dare to spec me ...highskilled suxage :]]]]

spec zak or perfo or wukas or h3ll but not boog :P
hf to everyone :>
gl mates!

too bad i cant play :( (fucking work LoLz ngr plz)
lets compare both xD
a hack made for etpro
and a hack that doesnt work on etpro :[
who cares cheat is cheat :)
seems u tried to let it work on etpro :( ?
some people do research before they talk crap
well if you can tell us wat ot_logo is ?
QuoteIt is one of my CVAR settings that looks for a certain string in a command line when that paticular hack is started. Some of these hackers put their "logo" on thier hacks and they are named different things in the executable command. (example, when you turn on the message board, it loads stuff to your computer like banner.jpg, and other gifs.) The hacker programs do the same so I have the settings looking for distinct items. When they see those items - which have nothing to do with ET or punkbuster and have no reason being there - they get kicked.

i did
i was talking about research ifcertain hax work on etpro or not :P but thnx for the info didnt know that

thats when noobs ask a jew their config, same jew who always got kicked for invalid password on matchstart

thnx for info, they should make a link at yawn to it.

anyway; noone in fayntic hax :]
What about this wise guy?

wise guy? ahw lol chuckie weer tering t zijn altijd dezelfden he :]

vogs mij hoor jij ook bij het anti fayntic complot right? maja suc6 iig

zoals ik zei; iedereen in fayntic is clean
ja dus? misschien ooit eens op etpub oid gecheat maar dat boeit niet lijkt me?
overigens heeft hij ook een broertje...
mja chuckie is n belg, die zitten nog in etpub vogs mij waardoor die gasten blaten 'hax = hax' :P
They might be clean now, but that doesn't matter. If CB gave a fuck about their own rules, Zak should have been banned by now, instead of being able to play matches. And whether it was him or his brother, there is no way to verify that: you are responsable for your own guid.

Violation (PB HACK) #130311 --> Of course that's an innocent little etpub hack as well? And even if that's the case, can you link me to the CB rules saying hacking on etpub is allowed?

Also, try typing in English. Other people might want to read your comments. I know it's hard for you, but we'll ignore the grammar and spelling mistakes.
can u link me to a rule that says its dissalowed?
gl fayntic
Lets see how highskilled boog really is :> Boog be sure that there will be 1 guy speccing you all the time ;)
don`t because i suxors :p
fayntic for the win ! :)
gl :>

impe :*
Your bet: 175€ on fayntic
Possible Win: 219 € (+44 €)

als je verliest perfo maak ik je dood nerd
ahahaha xD ik speel niet dus ik zou niet op ons inzetten :p
is goed schat
GL & HF cVs

Reb :*

PS: Free voglio rivederti giocare seriamente a settembre...
fyntic for the win!
gl fayntic 75 on you
omg perfo wallhack, omg Qyz wallhack


die ebolaidsprdickheadonkeyshiteringcheater