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de Micha!
Baserace config on 04.06.11 18:53, Last edited: 04.06.11 23:30
Ok since I saw much server (like gamestv ettv from Anaconda) with old baserace config, I decided to make this topic.
I updated the configs and they should work now. Also the lua for annoucning scores.

All in one pack for etpro 3.2.6 (scoreboard.lua/mapscripts can be used for other mods too)


Baserace 10 on 10 config
Baserace 8 on 8 config
Baserace 6 on 6 config
All configs with SLAC support
improved mapscripts (announcements has been highlighted <- It was necessary for the lua)
scoreboard.lua (announces the scores)
slacstatsaver.lua (xp get saved on slac guid)
combinedglobal.lua (fixed forcetapout)


Baserace Desert
Baserace Winter

Bug with config happens if you /callvote map Baserace and not /callvote map baserace. It's same as Karsiah.

Version baserace_b2.32:
I included a auto mapname fix in the lua. It will load the map again and b8 config.

pl Robert
ok how about baserace nerds get their own server instead of wasting GTV traffic?
de w0nd3r
Stop the hate and rather be happy, that someone is supporting them.
nl h3ll
Did you change anything in that combinedglobal.lua? It's already in the wintercfg so if it has changed, I can't add it, because the winter configs wont allow it then because its hash has been changed.
The 'bugfix' you posted can't be applied, its something that you should fix in your configs, if you set b_mapscriptSdirectory to where you put your baserace mapscripts in, it cant even cause trouble, at least I've never seen this happen with all the configs that we've been using up to now. (the latest winter configs use globalmapscripts and not etpromapscripts)
Have these maps (the actual pk3's) been changed? And the slac stats saving lua, is it based on the serveraddon or just the guids from sl_players?? Because our matchservers do not run the slac serveraddon and we dont plan on adding it either.
My concern is just that the baserace configs/mapscripts shouldn't collide with the 'real' match configs/mapscripts (real as in, what we run these matchservers for, official matches), because providing our matchservers for baserace matches is kinda optional and low-prio.
Anyway, nice that you put time in updating these configs :)
de Micha!
combinedglobal.lua is the same as winter config.

to the bug: it should be fixed in this version. It is just a hint because I saw some playing without config at ettv. Also I know that winter config use globalmapscripts. etpromapscripts is the default of the command and should set in server startup or else the bug can appear (as far as I could figure out).
Also the maps haven't changed. It is just a all in one pack.

My only point was that I want a scoreboard in baserace without downloading a shit. The mapscript, lua and config can do this :P
pl Robert
Quote by w0nd3rStop the hate and rather be happy, that someone is supporting them.

Would you be happy if retards were getting donations cuz they are retarded? :/
nl IceQ
QuoteWould you be happy if retards were getting donations cuz they are retarded? :/

ee Popidiot
no 12x12

fi Beach
thanks for fix
nl h3ll
07.06.11 14:30, Last edited: 08.06.11 21:54
Updated the configs for Ana's gtv matchservers, remember, these are the only ones running the configs (gtv6, 7, 10, 11, 12) and they will most probably not be added to any other gtv matchservers.

edit: after all the whine we wont provide baserace support anymore at our matchservers, cheapass kids can rent their own one (and have to add an own matchserver to a baserace game if they want it to get accepted)
de Micha!
10.06.11 19:41, Last edited: 01.07.11 21:34
Hm I understand you h3ll :P
I also prefer my own server to play on/ettv.
pl Robert
Yay for h3ll!
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pl AOD Kimi
07.02.21 15:40, Last edited: 07.02.21 15:48
mirror of b3 version
got file from jeffk#0318 on discord
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