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nl Rickk
Mouse Sensitivity on 05.01.09 21:07

Well I don't know where to post this, so I do it here.

- Lately a friend of mine got some mouse problems. His sensitivity is changing while he's playing or just browsing internet. Its kinda annoying as he can't play Enemy Territory normal anymore.

He tried cpl_mousefix like 10x Times, but it didn't work.

Anyone else got a suggestion so he could start playing again?

Thanks in advance!
in eshan
if the mouse is having prob even when doing normal things on windows then its the mouse not ingame setting. Try switching to other usb port if its an usb mouse.

Also, try reinstalliing/updating/rolling back the mouse driver.

btw if u mention which mouse he is using, then some guys can help u out ezily :)
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gb 2sugars
Mine did this - totally random movement at times in game & general usage.

More than likely the wire or something interfering with the optic of the mouse e.g. hair etc

It happened to both a mx518 & deathadder of mine :(
in eshan
Quote by Ice*QHehe Eshan Hi xD you damn freak dont know solution for this :>

Hi IceQ :D

hahaha no.....coz i never faced such prob so never thought of searching a solution for this prob xD
ru `h8m3
ye, friend
fi visizor
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