MagicBalloons CUP GROUPS open! (18524 Views)

written by cz Smejky on 09.03.08 13:15


Good Luck! plasa4tw
Registration ended yesterday and groups were drawn as well (randomly, using php script).
You can get more information HERE.
This means,

Btw, are there any benefits of finishing the group on high place? I mean, you will draw play-off pairs, will I have advantage of finishing e.g. 2nd rather than 3rd? (So i won't meet someone who finished 1st in his group in first play-off pair).
EDIT: alright, I used my brain a little - it's not possible :d
KKC is gonna poen! :D
Due to unfitting number of registered teams, we had to change form to "barrage" system. This mean, that first three teams of each group will advance directly into playoff, while 5 clans on fourth place are going to play in another group, fighting for last ticket to play off. Please keep on mind, that by this reason we will probably need to move a schedule.

First team in group will play play-off with third from another group. Second one with second from other group. Unlucky we have got 5 groups, so to one team will play with team, which passed barrage.
gl !
GooD LucK !