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written by pl manlux on 13.01.09 16:25


cs sux
great efforts, but this sucks donkeyballs.even the idea itself sucks more than horseballs.
rly, gtfo with this fucking piece of crap!!!!
sure i do. every1 knows that ETplayers play ET, because they like ET/q3 engine and not CS
Nice idea, when you will add to this mod a movement & gameplay similar to ET it could be succesfull.
awesome lal
i prefer q3 engine soz :) gl anyway

Good idea but i think community dont follow your project.
Good thing for discover Enemy Territory gameplay but about more time, 2 community...
fail ?
q3 engine FTW
UT engine pls
only Wolfenstein 3D <3
berk :(
nice idea :P
et is good how it is, and its not dead!
hahaha xD
source engine sucks
the game looks better how is now
Nice idea. Hopefully it revive ET :D
<3 ET
i dun know y ppl say ET is dead..imo its still alive and living healthy. But still nice idea to inject new life into ET. And as every1 is saying...Quake3 engine FTW!! plzzz only Q3 eninge Source engine fgs.. source suxxxx.

Though et doesnt have great HD like gfx but still it looks awesome to me.


ET<3 Forever
FAIL @_@ source engine sucks
"why ET is not so popular like 2-3 year ago ?"

servers a lot? 3266
MODs a lot? 82
versions a lot? 4
Maps a lot? 8550
downloads a lot?

we cant recycle new players anymore to competitions
And the oldschoos players are tired!

Devs and Admins kill them
Simple like that i think
jesus christ...
What ?? xDDD
nothing. the whole concept sounds path... erm, strange to me. that's it.
great idea :)
et isn't dead. it is alive now and will still be in 5 years. so stop picking on et :(
valve > pb ?

sounds like cool idea, be interesting to see what happens in future.
If this project is not 2weeks I am looking forward to see more progress but as someone said, Q3 ENGINE IS WHAT MAKING ET SO GREAT! I tried to play TF2 and its fun, so good luck!
Try with The Sims engine...
LOL, my gf is The Sims 2 addict, thx to it I can give her about 10 datadiscks as a gift nice ;)
u should try to make it on q4 engine ... :>
if wanted a game like cs and other shit we would play those games yes? please just give it up thx
FUCK NO. CSS was a huge failure just like TF2. Those idiots trying to make ET Source will be wasting their time.
ET is ET not cs,pls
omg .. n/c
ET is ET n/c... bad idea rly bad idea... Forgot about this....
this shit sucks more than shit itself :O
Please not bad game, it is ET, not CS! CS is a fucking game! Let a new version game, but is better engine. Sry for my english.
Idea is great ofcourse, but - what's the point in turning ET (Q3 vers.) to something unplayable like ET:S? :o

I'd rather see some new .. I don't know .. mods (ctf, dm or whatsoever) rather than new mod for it. Or make it on another ID engine. Wait for example ID Tech 5.

Better convert Wild West from RtCW to ET!
Nice idea, too bad Source is a complete hunk of shit except for Portal.
I might help you program not sure yet ;)
Nice idea
nice idea!
omg how gay it looks ? (:
Epic fail.
ET is ET, ETsource sucks..