Gbooky changes incoming (5228 Views)

written by nl arni on 28.01.09 23:12


So gbooky will be resetted and everyone starts from 100 again?
no it wont, unless thats widely wanted
love it, nice
Max 100 euros, wtf? :ss

That makes it even more difficult for people with lots of money to get good rankings

Now they can only win on 100 euros, however in the past they could win money on their whole amount? :o
rankings will be by absolute winnings in the past 30 days and not by percentage anymore, making it totally fair ;-)

this will actually make it easier for the high rollers to get into the rankings, because currently its harder to get more money, the more you already have
Well on the other hand that isn't fair for the peepz who never have more the 20 euro for example, but i don't care :D


btw if you make it absolute, then the amount of bets also starts to make a big role, also a disadvantage tbh, since there are people who only bet on 1 game, and people who bet on 5 different games :o
anyone who never has more than 20€ is actively losing it

so yes, the new system wont be better for people that lose all the time either - but thats life


how often you bet is already playing a large role and i dont really see a way to change that
it is in this system? hmm

if i start for example with 50 euro

i bet on some random game, random match (don't know anything about the game)

i go for high odds and win

now i have 500 euro for example (odd of 10, not that high tbh)

with 1 bet i made a performance of 1000% (10 times 50)

If i take a look at the ranking i have immediately a ranking of 30

That's isn't really possible with an account of 5000 for example because you will influence the odds very hard and you will loose much less

and btw, maybe you can make rankings for each game? :D
yes, it wont be able to luck yourself to the top anymore like you've explained it, but i'd take that as a good thing wouldnt you?

and yes, rankings per game should be possible, or at least a top10
Would be nice if you could bet on a team/player to win a tournament like they do in betting shops: )
has been brought up before, and i like the idea, its just too many other things on the gtv todo list (like always)

but "open bets" that are not fixed to matches have been in my head for longer ;-)
Nice changes imo.
people with less than 100€ calling for reset will be ignored (for obvious reasons :p)
reset it ;)

may b when a person goes to 0 then u guys can 10 each day rather 5 .

5 is too low :<
yes, i think we can fiddle a bit with the "how"'s and increase the amount to 10€ per day, stay tuned :p
very nice
I don't care about my own Gbooky at all, but this seems great :P
Lets put real money instead of virtual, it will add fun.
then we will have teams who will lose for money :D
:) but its fun, some teams will be honest, some not.
Some stats to back up the move:

Currently only 13% of all bets are more than 100€ and only 1% is significantly larger than 100€

so from what i read here plus those stats nobody will have to cry ;-)
don't care
Don't touch my money !
i like it as it's now
with changes comes sacrifice, reset everything!
you're worth 5.41 € - see above
such a fundamental change needs a reset
i think one of the major features is the fact you can bet all your money on a single match.

its always nice to see people going all-in on a safe bet, and then loose everything.

otherwise itll be dull and boring.

who cares about statistics anyway?
IMO the ranking should be "10 richest people" and thats it.

another thing is that you always introduce money to the system, but do you take it out too?
i mean, when one has less then 75, he'll get 5 every day. so overall, the amount of money in the system grows. and as you propobly know, it causes inflation, although you cant buy anything with it (real or virtual), still the value of "money" goes down. everyone got more money, and they can spend more on every bet, without thinking twice.

maybe you should take out a "fee" from every win?
for example if the wining team has a rate higher then 130%, it will take 1% from every player won. maybe you should add some additional conditions, like if the total pot is bigger then 10K etc...
this way you take only a fraction from each player, but you reduce the amount of money overall in the system, to balance the money you introduce to it every day.