unleashes Matchstatistics (56755 Views)

written by de skooli on 03.05.11 16:08


YES SKOOLI! <3 Nice job
gtv ftw!
well done :).does it work in campaign mode on a pub server too,or just on stopwatch matches?
campagin on pubs are generally not broadcasted by ettv (at least not by us).
it does work for baserace matches where theres only one round
aa ok i got it this works only for ettv matches .ok:)

i know that there are some programs who does same for a pub,but idk where to get it :D
well done ;)
very nice :D
Awesome, great job !
nice nice would like to see "best medic" "most revives" or "best engineer" cause its a Team game, but well done gtv crew!
might be an idea to just make a screenshot of the awards list and show those, but idk if its possible
nice lol
good job!
GJ !