Keskus Rikos Poliisi vs Team Celsus (17267 views)

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fi squall
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Warleagues ET Season XII Winnerscup
The Grand Final
06.09.09 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Warleagues XII
Hosting: Warleagues
Manager: 4drenalin3 (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 145159
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
fr #NerdVibes Radio
By: Esox
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Language: French

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: unknown

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By: Santa-Claus (ettvd)
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 227


Gl & hf Wrobel, who is wiesiek?
mystic has wrong name! >:O

gl hayaa ! ;DD
Gl kARn4j<3 & hayaa :)
wrobel napierdalaj tam

GL CElsus!
gl xanah & wrobel
hf krp
gl karnaj :)
haha roskis :D welcome back!
gl Celsus killers :) gl Wróbel, Ati_ ^^
gl Karol :D
i`m not going to play, gl celsus :)
wrobel your fragmovie is nice<3
GoGo Ati_
gl hayaati
You have € 174 on fi krp Cancel bet
Possible win: € 337.56
GO KRP <3 nerds gettin rickrolled D; squall ;)
morin ... pewnie nastepny co z dupy wyszedl i napierdala same heady :o
Celsus FTW! GL Ati_ ;)
gl Xanah :)
gl Celsus
only one star?
It was 2 stars when I first requested it :(
has to b 2 stars or 2 and a half (too bad dun have half star :< )
Everyone gonna get lolled
omg griim omg
Total Slots: 200
GL gros karnajuif
easy KRP
gl w3st and ati :)
Fair rating
hf gl
You have € 19610 on pl Celsus
You lost
gl celsus !
You have € 250 on pl Celsus Cancel bet
Possible win: € 645
gl guys
gl Wrobel
gl Ati and west :p
Go go Celsus :p
Gl Xanah :)
gl w3st ati griim :)
Squall doesnt play anymore ?
gl celsus
more low from ettv
hahahahaha :D
gl w3st & ati
Xanah FTW!!
gl both teams, especially tapsa taz and mind <3
Who is roskis ?
gl nerd TA Z
gl roskis :)
GL both teams :D
izi roskis & taz
resched one more time plz :/
go celsus go :)
gl FEiS !
gl Xanah <333333
gl celcus, me love you long time
izi 4 celsus
AWESOME, GO CELSUS GO CELSUS GOOO. Fucking awesome match this will turn out to be!
gl smokeninja & tapsa
smokeninja = instawin
gl haxan
gl taz + former |_| players
gl tatu+krp
gl both :)
vittu sinne meni nää rahat mikä vitun lineup toi on... polakki wrobel siel jyllää ja voittaa krp moro rahat
aina voit painaa cancel bet nappia :)
KRP:n voittoisa lineup vitun dorka...
Vitun newschooli se täällä huutelee
Tolla KRP _OLDSCHOOL_ lineupil on pistetty pinoon semmosia tiimejä mitä ei oo ees enää olemassa
:DD Loistava sanavalinta
Ethän tyhmä ole, ethän?
Tiedän missä asut, hakkaan sinut IRL
funny how the odds change when they arent any munakerho-krp players in the lu :p
taZ, I have always loved you and I will always love you. Woud you like to marry me?
roskis the best aimer in the WORLD
gl KRP:* np 4 celsus=)
donka + smokenninja = win!
GRIME ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))
tapsa ounaa
thoze fagz are thinkin that krp will play with that lu : d
gl dan ny
Ati_ :)
You have € 185 on pl Celsus Cancel bet
Possible win: € 284.9

Go Wrobel, GL Xanah.

Hve fun guys. ;d
gl my celsus !!!!!!! <3 w3stek , ross <3 xanah <3
You have € 19610 on pl Celsus Cancel bet
Possible win: € 27846.2

dont let them capture forward bunker
gl celsus!
go tapsa!
gl west grim ati!!! easy bash
gl Xanah
think KRP will take it, gl both teams
game is scheduled for 20:00 cet and not 21. Thanks
Needs more chmmp.
gl kappa
who is sixth player of krp?
celsus = fail ! no Ati_ no karnaj okey !!!!!
ROSS my hero <333. :/ !
You have € 268 on fi krp
Possible win: € 715.56
2-0 krp
fuck :(
You have € 61 on fi krp
Possible win: € 162.87
You have € 85 on fi krp
Possible win: € 226.95
omfg looooost -.-"
You have € 583 on fi krp
You won € 1556.61
fake lineup, want my money back
You have € 300 on fi krp
You won € 801
You have € 10 on Celsus
You lost
You have € 1048 on pl Celsus
You lost

>:( busto
You have € 1500 on fi krp
You won € 4005

no Ati_ no win
You have € 500 on Celsus
You lost

OMG !!!!!
wiecej kurwa na was nie stawiam omsk
You have € 150 on krp
You won € 400.5 thx :P
You have € 20000 on fi krp
You won € 53400

always bet on fintard nerds

You have € 250 on fi krp
You won € 667.5
You have € 100 on fi krp
You won € 267
ty nerds
no wonder when tekno is playing:>
and who the fuck are you?
someone who s much better than you
You have € 615 on fi krp
You won € 1642.05
fuck you celsus -.-
You have € 51 on fi krp
You won € 136.17

izi money :>
You have € 500 on fi krp
You won € 1335