cz etnic
cz Huuhuu
cz prokinek
cz iMp
cz androy
cz charlie
gb rEAliZe_
gb DeMeNtEd
hu balu
nl qUERY
si squAze
gb Pigeon
2nd league OpenCup Fall 2009

Matchweek 2
19.10.09 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6v6 OpenCup Fall 2009
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: etnic (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 14346
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #andyF1 ettvod Demo recorder
By: andyF1 (ettvd)

gb ETTV UK #Msh100 1
By: msh100 (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 14


gl charlieeeezed u need it - fucking ego low+ nuuuuuuuub
gl NL <3 etnic, imp, androy
gl mlo !
gl HuuHuu !
gl nl
gb rEAliZe_
gb DeMeNtEd
hu balu
nl qUERY
si squAze
gb Pigeon
Good luck rEAliZe_ ! <3
all my money on nove lamy!
izi for ex m2one owner :)

gl realize demented and pigeon !!!!!!

my money on u guys so dont lose !!
gl squaze ,charlie ,etnic !
gl NL!:-p
gl lamky
kdyz na vas vsadim,tak vyhrajete?
urcite prohrajeme, tak na nas nevsazej :-)
Jee jarda! Proki to date!!! verim vam, a proto sazim na ne abych vam zvysil kurz
gl UK boobs :)
ez 4 nL
gl kluci at vam to strili hlavne tobe charlie s etnikem :)
GL hošové, dal jsem na vas 20 euro tak mi je neprojebejte :X
lets go Team - Element.ET dont fail this time !!!
drzim palce!
budu se divat tak se snazte (a mam na vas kilo :)
tak nejak nevim proc chces prohrat 100ku:-D
gl Pigiboy!!:) a Charlock
charlock nehraje hraje charlieeezed a lami:-(
You have € 100 on NL
Possible win: € 1441

izi 4 NL
gl guys !! ill smack you if you fail agani :((

btw.. NL got a lot of ''fans''?
gl charliee only you <3 :P
You have € 80 on cz NL
Possible win: € 373.6
GL NL ! ^)
gogo Element
hf charlie :)
gl squAze :))
GL lamy
gl balubalu
muck teda fuck:-P
mozna by to chtelo nejakou ettv :)))
vsechno bude ,my nebudem ! :)
all my money on element...yeeeaaahaaa
GL NL; Etnic, Charlie, iMp
we will fail as per usual
izi for iMp
izi nl
gl element! query is gonna own theeeeeeeeem <3 realize demented pigeon are gonna failllll <3
gg wp
pekne kluci , ja ti to rikal charlie :D
nevim cos rikal, ale vyhra se pocita:-D
rofl fail
seriously, what the fuck.
nothing special, nl is just more skilled than those nubs. expected.
thats an hour of my life i'll never get back
You have € 5000 on myE.ET
You lost

i hate you!!!!!