Pharaons vs Deathless (9141 views)

fr Baba
fr aieuh
fr isoh
fr mtz
fr bowler
fr LeMouFL
gb Havoc
gb Hydro
gb Scarzy
nl L4mpje
fi Salaneuvos
6on6 League Fall 2009 Play Offs

Winner Bracket Semi-Final
28.12.09 21:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 6on6 Fall League 09
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Havocc (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 44232
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de [] - ETTV 1
By: sHiZo (ettvd)
de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #1
By: blAckmAmbA (ettvd)
de #andyF1 ettv Server 2
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
By: Jigsaw (ettvd)
gb ETTV UK #Msh100 1
By: msh100 (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 54


dont bet on deathless
i never will :pPpPP
Pharaons fr 2.62 vs. 1.62 gb Deathless 91 € on gb D. Lost

gl Havok
IZI4 D :D) Gl negativ kiparii & havocnoobji
GL PHA| you'll need it :D
GL PHA,ça va être dur façe aux Deathless.
GL Havoc :).
gutlak havoc n hydr0
Gl Negativ :)
baba , aieuh , isoh , didisniper , mtz , bowler et moi
ca fait 7 couzin
baba , aieuh , isoh , , mtz , bowler et Lemoufl
gl both
La ET PLAYERS CUP 3v3 va bientôt ouvrir ces porte.

Quesque la ET PLAYERS CUP?

La ETC est une cup organisé par la team SNT, c'est une cup de 3v3.
La cup se déroule dabord par une phase de championnat par poule, il y aura 4 poule de 4 équipe.
Tous les 1er se vérons qualifié pour la poule final, le gagnant de cette derniere poule sera le gagant de la ET PLAYERS CUP.

La récompence pour le vainqueur du tournoi, sera un serveur public, sponsorisé par SNT, durant une durée indéterminé.

Le réglement du tournoi se trouve dans le forum.
Pour vous inscrir à la compétition, veuillez posté dans le forum.

Les inscriptions sont pour le moment fermé, jusquà que tout sois mise en place.
1 week ago i would have said izi 4 PHA .....
but after the last performance against Delinqüentes this will be ownage for Deathless
i agree but w8 and see ...
Delinquentes aren't good, so I don't get this.

We played both teams and I'd say PHA should win this quiet easily.
read my post again.. after it u will get my point ;)
pha lost to deliq.. so thats why i said : now izi for deathless ...

I just thought of the D. vs Delinq match.

Can't imagine OHA lost to Delinq...1st ETTV match w/o high settings?
1 week ago i would have said izi 4 PHA .....
but after the last performance against Delinqüentes this will be ownage for Dignitas
gl deathless
gl Pharaons!
You have € 762 on fr PHA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1318.26

All in , we cant lost 2 finals :'(
hehe, gl

You have € 1000 on fr PHA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1740
"ESL Playoffs Stage

omg so we can loose !!!!! :'(
GL L4MPJE ! and Havoc you ngr :D
gl Scarzy <3
hf Deathless :)
too easy for l4mpje
Feta Salatis, au bon lait de penis
gl L4mpje noob :D
Salaneuvos X:D:x:d:XD:X:D:xD

gl PHA
Quote by Wooddafter we found out that the rifle we had our eyes set on was ambrosia with a fake nick
dont get your point,you mean koop??
i still dont get what are you trying to say,yes our rifle is SolaR
he = ambrosia?
i still dont get your point dude,thats another guy,not SolaR
signer = ambrosia, not solar
lol wtf? I,m not Ambrosia...
I,m not a beltard :D
no you're some random dutchtard idd
Tja dan dat...
Maar ik zou nooit een BELTARD worden hehe :D
lol wtf? he's not Ambrosia...
he's not a beltard :D
no i was talking about SigneR
dignitas return?
lithi will rape these faggots on his own
Fanboy LOL
no, he's just cheating the crap out of everyone
scarzy you better win this! :D
GL havoc
izi for PHA :)
GL Scarzy <3 mate
gl dignitas!
gl deathless
GL havoc + hydro
gl dless, nice lads :-)
Deathless still alive?
since when are we dead
gl l4mpje :>
GL fr Isou I miss the old days (3 weeks ago) when you were shooting 3hs while jumping

now med only :(
hahaha i love it
AHAHA isoh busted :D
Aimbot + wallhack ahahahaha
Oh wait...
Killerboy :D
he was prolly visible with lodbias -3
lodbias is restricted to 0-2 ?
only by GV shit script
imo you don't know what are comms and sound :(
Sorry for you carreer in ET, but you will fail :(
pretty good comms if nobody else is shooting at him/throwing untimed nade or whatever. But then again, u cant be sure with u frenchies :-)
yes comms, thats why no1 is even looking towards the rock
lol u think he cheat ?

just lucky 3 hs .. & maybe comments -,-

tank u kb

61 vues => i'm a ROCK STAR DUDE !!!1!11!11

Explanation for KILLERNOOB :

1st sequence : as evl said, teamate of me says on mumble (i think it is this fucking other cheater OUNEG) "y'a 1 maic dhairiaire le rauchayt!" in english " there is an human behind the big thing grey on up hes healing he want to cap teh flag plant the main and the gate construct the crane take the gauld and escape with a fucking truck" yes french is a special langage.

2nd sequence : at frist, when i start shooting, i'm already on the ground watch your mp4 again and again and again again again again again gain gain gain. And according to FEiS its more luck than skill.

Dont waste your time dude

Dont watch my demos anymore you have homework to do @ 17h to be a real doc.
hahaha you just rolled him :DdDDdDD
teamate of me says on mumble --> Bowler =)
peut importe Bowler :)

Isoh laisse le c'est bon t'es busted, t'es busted c'est tout.
Quit fanboying him.

100 vues !


lachez vos com !!
izi for deathless, pharaon = nuub
good luck lowbobs without bots
why are u calling them lowbobs?
its an exageration but 1-2months ago they were pwning some med+ teams and now they have problems with med- also their ego is kinda too high comparing to their skills :D
yes i was wondering that they won almost neophyte etc and we won them, anyhoo i think that PHA will take this match ;)
milu, your just skilled mate :-)
neph is not med+ ...
gl PHA
Will be easybash for Scarzy
where are pallot mates ?? i want to see some flamzzz here :(
win for me deathless :) Can't see the match tho
gl 2.55 pwnz0rs
Nigga WHAAAT !?!?!?! Wadaap Havoc
gl d.
gl deathless
imo pha unknow team skillbost 3 week high ROFL LMAO AHAH XDD

lol we won neph so we re high -_-

You have € 1200 on fr PHA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 2976
I'm available to cast this from Scarzy's bedroom if someone gives me a shoutcast server.
I'm deadly serious. The only issue would be him overhearing information about the other team. So I guess I could just stand behind him and go from there.

Reply to me if you have a shoutcast server available.
Not really, you should try to pm sIN`stRay` or shiZo
reschedule !
1719e on Sebastian
L4MPJE! Je bent mijn held! <333
GL le nimois!
GL Deathless
hf hydro and havoc
Gl les PHA :)
no melo no win ;p
what baba est belge et aieuh est français :DD
gl PHA
izi 4 deathless
M4lCzik Shoutcast - - already started!
does not work

"Invalid resource"
Invalid resource
e: Now i get it eheheheh
It should be better, i guess
You have € 1200 on fr PHA
You won € 3144

I play with a lot of mongols -_-
You have € 762 on fr PHA
You won € 1996.44
You have € 2677 on fr PHA
You won € 7013.74
You have € 144 on fr PHA
You won € 377.28

Je suis pauvre désolé :x
gg deathless great match , great opponent
gg PHA
fait chié pour une fois que je bet pas sur vous >_<
You have € 15 on D.
You lost
You have € 50 on fr PHA
You won € 131

Ty PHA :)
t'as pas cru en nous ou t'es pauvre ?
You have € 2000 on PHA
You won € 5240

les nouveaux wck xd!
You have € 50 on fr PHA
You won € 131

PHA low + max
will make avi like killerboy????
again isoh.avi cool :)
its an avi of me on radar :D

i expect it !!!

another .avi of me, i'm a ROCK STAR DUDE !!

Post it on youtube
killerboy avi of me : 176 vues

try to beat it !
im joking gg wp :)
u see on teh replay your mate lampje wasnt hidding as well as he thought, am i right?
I have an avi Isoh

You are wallhacking mate
KK debielen.
You have € 50 on fr PHA
You won € 131
stupid deathless noobs :[
GG mes PHA :)
Well that's a nice wh if no-one told you that there's one. :)

And tbh there's a possibility that you can see a tiny bit of some pixel if you use r_mode 3.
lol dude ?? how you know nobody told him ? xxxDDD

i play in r_mode 2, my eyes bleed everytime i play ET.

202 vues


well the vid of isoh on supply doesn't show a cheater in my opinion. you can see he stops throwing medpacks (when he's on barrel) to hear what the other guys are saying to each other on ts/vent/mumble. he just shoot there because the guys in ts/vent/mumble said there is someone, i would have done probably the same
omg lost all. fu nerds.
You have € 2240 on D.
You lost