AntiClimax-SaH vs System6 Gaming (2434 views)

be Flechaaa
be _iNsAne_
be Miss Epic
be nunca
be Sile
nl dEzz
nl Eddo
nl SQuid
nl Trixor
nl zeno
CB ladder 5v5 Ultimate figthnig
* S6 at 1st place after 7 W streak
* AntiClimax-SaH Hungry for the lead
10.01.10 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: GoldoraK (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Et_ice

Total Pot: € 2627
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #andyF1 ettv Server 3
By: andyF1 (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


Miss Epic v Mr Epic can only end epicly
let there be whine
wie is phampy
battle of the titans BossHoer vs Eddo!
komop gobert
cheater EDDO
gl on ice boys :)
like we bashed you on this map, I DONT HAVE FEAR OF ICE!
oh common guys change the time pls !!! i wonna watch this match !
gl Eddo (if you are hidden somewhere behind some stupid fake!)
and glhf Trixor! see,I wished you too! <3
gl aCmlx
GL with cleanboy _INSANE_
as if he hacks nowadays

you are full of hate
let me give you some loVe
stop spamming me, mongol kid, who the fuck are u
kanker mongol!
hf with him random
kben nog aan het twijfele atm :p
system 6 has a hacker, so you should bet on them
eddo vs miss epic

xiiter vs xiiter