Canada vs Chile (7273 views)

ca anim
ca Empty
ca rossko
ca rockstAr
ca Tranix
cl nozz
cl merce
cl ram
cl maguza
cl m@x
09.02.10 03:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: blazer (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 17854
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Radio Commentary
de #CubeCast Cast server 2
By: number1dad
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Language: English

Total Slots: 200
Listener Peak: 16

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 54


1st gl
gl rossko and rockstar <3 np for us eh?
gl canada + M@x & nozz!
gl chile <3
gl guys . I wont be there i have a hockey practice!
Everyone bet on chile punkk has hockey and he's not
CrimZon > the majority of ure team anyway so get him in "put him in coach"
so that means you are going rnade?? :DDD
crimzon could do it better in" broken heels" anyway
will be a nice match, but np 4 Canada
easy for cl
Canada's line up: anim monkey rossko rockstAr shaun

Chile's line up: nozz merce ram maguza M@x
Cant play unless time is change :/. Too late for me ( NOOB MOTHER )
i know right...... my mother doesnt want me after 9. (well it can go a lil bit over)
vamos chile ctm!!
gl .ca
gl canada
buena suerte chile :)
np4canada, oh w8 they dont have empty of punkk. it actually might be close. gl noZZ :)
gl to ma boyz rossko and rockstar <3 np4 canada
gl M@x & canada <3
roster for Canada is incorrect
np4canada cause its played in usa :D
lol no ettv slots :DDDDDD
this is new system, they will be added automatically.
btw 500 on you :)
tööl või koolis käid ? alati soome/eesti aja järgi kell 3,4,5 hommikul kommenteerid siin :D
seems correct, tranix on bench
gl kyle & sean easy for you guys .
Team Canada vs Chile:

lol! gl cabruss
easy as 123 for canada :)
is it only for me that when i try to listen to number1dad's shoutcast it works for 2 seconds then starts buffering , plays for 2 seconds then buffering again? ... 2nd time this is happening now :S
Yes ... same, I think he is on a bitrate too high
same deal here
It happens to me too... it was the same when I was at 64 kbps. I think it's the old ass router I'm using. I need to get my newer one running. In other news, I should have video streaming up tomorrow :)
sweet man :DDD
i was listening to your shoutcast worked fine to me and im @ HSDPA
have you gotten a shoutcast right to date? :D every time i see ppl commenting on your cast, something is fucked up with your pc haha
nice even pings
perhaps we should have played on one of those stable mexican servers :)
good now i can play some BC2
Plz don´t bash the cast...congrats pappinumerouno
casting map1 while teams were already playing map2......usually its the other way around

- number1dad "oh... anim on 1, 2, 3 no make that 4 kill streak to save the map for maple syrup mongols" (while teams were already jumpin up and down on radar) ..... funny stuff (im beeing honest no sarcasm)

btw rockstAr hax to da max or...??.!!!! 2 much celine dion???
ye rockstar is new gnajda :p
easy for rockstAr!