Latvia vs Iceland (7648 views)

Not Announced
is rNz
is phyZiC
is sAs1
is fifty
is freAk
11.02.10 22:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Anaconda (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 19969
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 97


1st gl
Good luck rNz,fifty,freAk!
why not me casek!
cuz i hav a special love to u,
gl rnz freak fifty
change the time to 22,15 CET
gl icelandicm8s
gl sAs, faggot.
gL PhyZiC. Dont let me down my boy! :)
no need i was there larky!
izi 4 iceland
Iceland Lineup:

GL FUZZ & dunno
gl rnz!
gl griim !
gl fuzz!
gl my hottie freak :)
dunno replaced by superstar speedy
not playing you retard
is rNz
is phyZiC
is sAs1
is fifty
is freAk

just in case they get some nice ideas retard
is rNz
is eMix
is phyZiC
is sAs1
is fifty
is freAk

aimhumanvalue under 0.03 please, read the damn stickies.
edit: why you dont ban this retard by demos, there is enough for it i think.
you're so evil
okey killerboy , getting rly tired of this do you have teamviewer? ill let you look through my pc all you want :s
never knew you couldn't run a hack through a pendrive
he is jealous dont mind him
You wont get Material to ban him anyway :)
now you are making me scare :)
if u will ban him i would like to get lifetime ban from Clanbase
dont u have a lifetime ban already?
seriously, stop accusing without any decent proofs since its boring and nothing gonna happen like always
firstly, go for x-ray since it does great job in cod4 even with launched punkbuster
second - make it back 6on6 or do new configs where charge for rifle is reduced, even try to remove whole riflescripts [dunno how, but k -,-]

also waiting for etlive, but its not gonna happen imo
Quotefirstly, go for x-ray since it does great job in cod4 even with launched punkbuster

stopped reading, X-ray is the easiers anti-cheat to bypass, and doesn't support ET.

"After the CB Crew has talked with the Norwegian Captain Domi, both Zodiac and Vj have voluntarily (upon our request) agreed upon using X-Ray Anti-Cheat for the upcoming NationsCup match which starts at 21:00 CET"

which part is true about supporting ET by X-ray? if its easy to bypass why they used this for NC match (and still using in CoD4)? u are pathetic, seriously + messing with ur own words

e: - even official site of xray says ET is supported, what now mr. supervisor of every upcoming clanbase cup?
afaik there is no enemy territory cheat which bypass xray [maybe something changed, dunno. i havent access to netCoders like u. might be avaible in rshook, but its only avaible for nC staff]
truth hurts? because u cant make decent reply to me
go ask Vj and Zodiac if it uploaded screenshots
I don't get why you would set me as an example here, it didn't work for you either.
But yeah, it's prolly the worst anticheat ever. It made us lag some, and afterwards it didn't work at all - didn't upload screenshots or anything.
i have to say +1 about scripts, its possible
true:) he got it way too high. These randoms just don't know how they can use it:)
Bye money, thx guys. Noobs.
it's only temporary, don't be too happy.
get cancer
get laid
You have some serious issues don't you? Did you have some money invested in those IceSave accounts for any chance?
4-0 iceland
gg wp :)
phyZiC is decent
wp IS
speedy wasn't warmed up
i came home from work 5 mins before the match :) and in the last 20 secs i was shaking :D was so nervous in the end ;D
gg latvia :D
You have € 108 on is ICE
Possible win: € 417.96
ok im not saying iceland are cheaters now, but if these randoms won versus the normal lineup of latvia, something must be wrong, no?
excuses v0.02

clown (worst top player in scene)
fuzz (just bad)
vinyl (inactive and plays on shitty laptop)
mata (just good)
speedy (todays offi is first time he played ET since last NC, also on new shitty lcd monitor)

so island might even not be cheating
watch the game, not our best game tbh and the server was fkn horrible
hacks ftw misgeburtenkinder
omg fuzz what did u ddid there
hacks ftw
You have € 75 on is ICE
You won € 290.25
I believe in Pearl's COD skillz!
Expected tbh.
even without dunno you are able to fail so much, what the hell!!
You have € 500 on ICE
You won € 1935

Played against some of the IS players in 3v3s, obvious :)
Weren't you busted before?
"and yes i got busted for nexus in 07 but who cares it was on a pub and ye i know i cheated but so did mAus didnt he? he already admitted that he tried a bot once "
You actually read it all?! 8-DD
thought it would be funny x)
:O) that quote didn´t rly work out for you so well did it?
neither has this match by the looks of things.
worked out fine we won 4-0 and are passed the groupstage so i feel very comfy
it really doesn't take long to notice a bot from one of the iceland players. hope this dosn't go unpusnished.
since its so damn obvious why wont you make a avi and share with us
I only saw one side playing as a team. Doesn't have to be cheats everytime.
If they were cheating, I didn't see it. Ofcourse it's very easy to use and hide a wh to give comms, but that's something you can never verify.
i wanna see picture of killerboy
getting horny of pictures of guys you will never met ?
wut :<
ICELAND IS SO GOOD WOO!!! PhyZic > mAus tbh.
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