Blight Gaming vs rockit.ET (14287 views)

ee Night
ee reload
de drago
fi matias
it XyLoS
lv Clown
es Winghaven
be mAus
gb Meez
21.02.10 22:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CIEC Seeding Tournament
Manager: m1st3r (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 22994
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 444


GL BOTH !! :D 1st
HF both :D
omg nice match
GL! blight!
thrilling match, 4-2 rockit :p
Ri is gonna win... NOOBS
low vs med
Vaihtakaa pelaajia? Siis.. Hankkikaa backuppeja :)

E: Onks res selvä? :D
Etteks voittanu niggersiä?
Hah, pelasitteko thefinestil? :d
Ei vitun talipallot :D Olisitte nyt vieny ne, hävisitte vissii aika paljo pisteit? :D
ei me paljoo, mut keijo kyl oli aika paska =D

tosin, ei ihme ku ei paljoo enaa pelaile tai kiinnosta
4-2 blight imo ^^
depends on maps rly
Gimme 3 STARS god damn it
expected final, 4-2 rockit
4-0 blight!
Reload without sounds, right? :(
hes shoutcasting, [22:35] <@TosspoT> (( QUADV )) (( CIEC7 Finals - R3 - Rockit vs Blight - Live: ))
good to hear thanks :)
hes shoutcasting, [22:35] <@TosspoT> (( QUADV )) (( CIEC7 Finals - R3 - Rockit vs Blight - Live: ))
good tip mate nice one :
if only you were here 3 hours ago
We'll see if fiMatias made the right decision..
Go, Clown!
fuckin 2-2
2:2 go rockit!
Nice time on Radar :o
thats how u start GOLDRUSH tosspot :DDDD
epic part of the match
at least i got one
rockit seem to me like a bunch of has been's and wannabees...sort it out
4-2 blight
You have € 1000 on eu ROCKIT
You lost
never again
gg both
wp blight, was great to see
nice one gokusan :DDD
You have € 30 on us /blight
You won € 45.9
foclkign yeaAAA
wp, nice 4man kill. But it had no price
nice match
and nice 4men panzer :D
meez played well.
hehehehehhehehhehhhh :DD
he actually did
is it a suprise?
nope. doesnt have 100+ ping like some fins
so he is good because he aint a finn and he has good ping?

im struggling trying to follow your logic, care to elobrate?
what he simply means is that meez played good. You asking if it is a surprise insinuates that we are surprised. I am to be honest. But however, this team will only win playing as a team and I think rockit has a fecking lot to do to actually do that..
joke gone bad
actually wasn't being sarcastic this time xD

altho his medic work wasn't perfect, he was more effective than winghaven for example :P!

i mean supply only btw, didn't watch other maps
look up to my comment above...has beens...
this would be final match on cic7
nice engrish u hav :D
blight only team which is ready for lan :o
2bad they played with a backup then
nvm, but even former BBashers are not really worthy & skilled enough too win vs blight. i guess, on lan noone can beat blight atm
mAus usually skillboosts at lans :D:D
So does RELOAd & Matias. :)
1 man can't replace a team, even if he kills one or two times the whole team, if he is the only one who makes the job, it won't be too succsessfull at all.
they already lost mate <3 !