Squad ee vs re+play (5189 views)

ee JyrkZ
ee mant
ee frEeze
fi vokki
fi Squall
fi olBaa
28.02.10 16:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 WinterCup 2010
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: vokki (Requestee)
Maps: Et_beach
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Total Pot: € 38621
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 89



What the fuck am I seeing?
gl squad.pl
R.I.P 6on6
watchout squad.ee if you win your player will get banned! :)
Already won, didnt happen.
kb havent watched the demos yet he will soon. :)
you make it sound like getting banned for cheating is wrong
"for cheating", there are still no proofs :-(
If you think that its good evidence for banning then go ahead and think so, but I dont.

I bet I can find many demos where for example mAus is looking guy through wall, lets ban him shall we? =)
Lets compare mAus & SOOSSI, lol'd.
demo is the best proof for banning
you are seriously defending yourself xD
Well getting banned for playing a match is lame. So yeah why not?
u were most obvious random 3v3 player after me so shut the fuck up, ban deserved
After you? The most obvious random player?

Gimme a break :D Played long time 3v3 matches in the med+ skill before the ban. It's just that when someone better and less known wins good players it's always cheat.
lätty kii
you still dont get it..
you didnt get banned for beating squall.
first of all you ve already been busted before and furthermore that game was evidence enough. since you have just been banned from playing on a computergames league, you havent lost anything.
stop that shit and get a life instead of hacking
I asked FoaMeA at the same day when they published the "ban" "what for I am getting banned for? Is it the demo where we play with PB against replay?" And he answered: (22:19:43) (ESL|FoaMeA) or the 10 pbbans ?

1st. I've servred all the 10 pbbans already. At that point it was clear, that FoaMeA just wanted to get me banned, even for log saying: "SOOSSI: Yes I hack" would've gave me 10years propably.
2nd. From the Clanbase site: "If the game is played with PB, demo can't be evidence".

So for what did they ban me? Don't really know.

Edit: http://www.impulze.net/paste/14444/ <- whole convo between me and FoaMeA. KB didn't even answer to me, though he was there and copy/pasteing my words to crossfire.nu or somewhere. =)
on that demo you really had too good insight, aiming a guy who is behind million walls :E
yes you have served all pbbans and please... why is anybody supposed to believe in your skill when you rape pretty much the best players et has ever had and had to serve 10 pbbans before?

this aint a system of pure justice... it wont just work if we wait until every little shithacker got busted because his bot finally got detected every single time.
sometimes it is obvious although there aint a pbban for it. irl there re also people getting punished for their mistakes although there aint always a dna match or a real proof.
face it, you ve tryed to troll the community and now you pay for it.
I didn't hack, thats the shit part. People saying that I am obvious because I am trying to defend my self, but I think I should have another chance to show you even on UAC or w/e they got x-ray anticheat or anything. But no, the heads of ET just wants to ban me, so what to do? =D
when you defend urself that hard, it is a bit strange if you don't cheat :o
so if I didnt want justice after I get banned for not hacking, it wouldn't be obvious? :D
just stop with this shit already, u cheated once and in that demo u were also obvious.
grow up already and serve ur ban. ( or get guidspoofer)
gl jyrkz :*
again and again...
freEzE hax omg izi for kapaa gl fintards :D
izi for squal
gl Re+Play
easy for squad
GO GO RE-PALY :) :) :)
swani=noob, easy victory for squad
€ 50 on frEeze, gl ee
in freeze we trust
Freeze and mant gonna bash those 3on3 nabs
(16:47:31) 2(Wakizashiuk2)1 3on3.med+.noserver.hurry up

3o3 nab.
SQUAD sucks
You have € 1000 on ee Squad ee
You lost
You have € 1000 on ee Squad ee
You lost
no swani = win :)
gay maps
more ec skillers