United Kingdom vs Canada (6756 views)

gb KaMz
gb sqzz
gb razz
gb TEKN0
gb griim
ca anim
ca shaun
ca rossko
ca tranix
ca rockstAr
09.03.10 21:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Jamie (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 34208
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 107


gl hype sqzz razz tekno rossko anim & rockstAr
i forgot that hype is kamz and kamz is hype
wish you could play monkey :)
cheaters vs cheaters
yeee but this should be good eye candy

gl team canada...punk il est temps de rouler. :)
gl Can. gl rockstar & rossko <3
gl paki boy
go go TEKN0 :)!
Sqzz. <3
where is monkey !
will the stars win or will the teamconcept prevail?
shauuuuuuuun. oh wait ¬¬
go kamz
no monkey no win (joue enculé!)
rockstAr = win

no monkey = no win!
You have € 31 on CAN
Possible win: € 580.94

all my money on rocktar
Gl UK boïs but anim will take it on his own!
gl kamz and sqzz
play off?
hf sqzz rockstar
Gl UK :D
omg where is meez ?:D
kamz was captain loool
kamz asked meez 8(
I never did but the door was open for him if he was interested but he wasn't..
same shit. he was aware and u were fine with him playing. ive just seen so many times people saying he isnt in the team cos u said no x'D
Easy for canada !
should be really nice match
gl KaMz sqzz razz griim anim !
hf gav
gl canada =)
gl uk
gl canada, ESPECIALLY SHAUN <3
gl canada
so i guess we have a match today..
If Hype doesn't go rifle, np for UK
Easy for UK boys
izi 4 UK :).
gl griim <3333
izi fo griim
go kamz
gl UK
gl rockstAr
gl uk
There is a distinct lack of Dan these days :<
i like the timing
make me proud sqzz!
You have € 100 on gb UK Cancel bet
Possible win: € 114
was very close no?
you know what else is close? my foot when its in your ass
why isnt anyone on the server ?
kamz m8 <3

from a dove
from above

big love
TEKNO new sheep!
no empty no win
gg wp 4 - 0 uk is the score
wp m8's. coach is happy
wp uk lads = )

You have € 1438 on gb UK
You won € 1624.94