AntiClimax sponsored by r@g vs Lost Soldiers (7314 views)

be Flashy
hu seNti
nl fritsie
it stevji
pt krypto
sc scuba
de kNoche
de bomi
de ducis
de lango
si sLy
12.05.10 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Flashy (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 23512
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
gb Gamingplanet.ET ETTVd Broadcaster
By: Flashy (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 24


qwik :/
qwick :D
gogo qwik LoL
gl kNoche ;)
gl senti
Lost Soldiers nice Hax^^
qwik gonna roll <3 gl m8
You have € 32 on lost^
Possible win: € 255.36
gl flashy, gl helmonder <33
boa sorte meu puto
gl krypto!
stop adding qwik

he's banned and can't play, and not even in the clan lineup on cb so stop adding him for the lulz/attention, low is low.
agree @ kb
wond3r is an attention whore ;D
He still needs a cf ban :PpP
he wasn't banned yesterday
means you would have kept on playing with him?
I don't, he didn't even admit it. so sad :<
why do you justify him being part of the lineup on gtv because he has not been banned at the time it was added, then?
du würdest auch mit nem auto fahren, das noch tüv hat und kleine mängel aufweist. so einfach is das ^^
danke mehr wollt ich net hören!

gtv autofill yoo
GL aClmx
hf aclmx
Based on what is he banned then? X)
Gl fritsie and Flashy
ty my fav polak :P <3 (and gold :D)
gl aClmx
no qwik no win!
look who's talking
u'r next ;D
:D ur right man
nice replying to urself..
ähm not?

first replay krucio

2nd sunny

pls look before u post sth :)
lustiger lurch...
er hat sich selbst kommentiert, bevor ein anderer kommentiert hat. schau mal auf die zeit und nun:
buy some glasses.. // plz look before you post sth ;)

sUNNZ0R Wednesday, 12th May 2010 13:32
no qwik no win!

->sUNNZ0R Wednesday, 12th May 2010 13:34

->krucio Wednesday, 12th May 2010 15:23
u'r next ;D
dir muss ja richtig langweilig gewesen sein :D
xD dachte du meinst mich sry
shouldnt be a problem for lost hackers
gl krypto
succes frits en flash!
boa sorte... pau nos amigos xiters do w0nder
nice flame....kwiq wont play, so stop flaming!
good luck lango, stevji & krypto :>
gl krypto and stevji :D
gl knoche
stop the flame already

gl ls
yeah sure dude its so nasty to flame forever hackers ! leave them alone, pleaaaaaaaaase !
gl flashy! and sly<3
saw some nice things of Fritsie and Senti and krypto in a 3on3 after they were getting owned at first round.. Senti the retard once a hacker always one ofc.. but fritsie.. Didnt expect that
lol it was our first match of the evening, so yeah you pwned us at delivery...

we were just better this day except it....
did you also know that fritsie has a girl locked up in his basement?
have you ever heard about warmup ?
gl krypto paneleiro
look at their lans
gl Flashy :)
wheres qwik oh wait
Believe me, they still have another cheater :d
Not quite. I really don't get your whine - you're playing with senti, a person who has been cheating ever since he got into blutsturz which is quite some time ago and on top of that used to be an etBot customer. You even played with him back then when he was obviously aimbotting. I used to flame him as I knew he was a etBot customer he was always talking bullshit like "No im clean blablba" and whoop a month later he gets busted - what a conspiracy. In conclusion: You're not in the position to whine about others playing with cheaters. Have a nice day
and still they got owned by us (SMASHEd - old team :D )
Dude if u think that seNti is hacking why don't u spec him or make an Avi?
thats not the point stevji... flashy is flaming about cheaters while aClmx is playing with an ex cheater
and flashy's point is that lost are playing with current cheaters

and bomi is an nC customer just like seNti, atleast senti gave me his account 1 month before the nc list
which makes seNti an angel, right?
no, it means lost shouldn't whine about ex-nC customers while they have some themselves
ye that makes sense, but still i m pissed about guys supporting ex cheaters
LOL 90 % is or was a cheater in ET....

cheaters ex cheaters thats ET....
First of all I'm not playing for Lost Soldiers and tbh I never did, atleast not in their Squad. Its not much of a big diffrence whether you give away your account or not. Considering the time seNti was aimbotting is nothing compared to bomi's cheating period. I'm quite sure you can see the diffrence between bomi's logins and seNti who started cheating in blutsturz which was at that time ATLEAST a year ago. As far as I know bomi was on the list a second time just because he logged in to give you the account data's yet you decided to put him on a list once again. Oh and not to forget about the whine both players caused after all senti is to be considered the worse case, but well thats my opinion obviously because I'm friends with bomi :'D. Last but not least I wasn't whining about cheaters I just pointed out Flashy isn't in the position to whine about cheaters because he's playing with one himself.

Edit: Ye I do love cheaters therefore I play(ed) with persons such as Bomi, Qyz , Zodiac, Unisol and such, now try get me.
gl krypto :***
4-2 aClmx
4:2 aClmx

We could actually win radar earlier but i failed twice in getting the radar and jump away xDD