vibe vs Kallisti (5837 views)

ru JOkE
ru jago
ee dunzy
de bong
fi shitty
at potter
ee intact
be syL
nl Lun4t1C
Clanbase ET 5on5 Spring OpenCup 2010
Premier Division
Group A
(Group Decider)
16.05.10 22:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2010
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: wntrmt (Generaladmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 17549
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 56


gl Xperia
gl potter!
gl JOkE
gl joke! oldschoolz gonna get rolled
carlito is a cheater btw :D
good joke
not joking :) pussy does instant disconnect 4 times when we put PB on. He came on the server to check if we had PB or SLAC on and then when the warmup started he said 'wait im not rdy' then he reconnected with a different name --> we turn PB on and the little shit disconnects instantly and telling everybody he gets massive lags and then has to disconnect ( HEJ LETS NOT MINIMIZE YEAH THATS NOT THE PROPER WAY TO TURN OFF PB ) to be able to turn it off xD shitface little carlito
Tbh that's so far-fetched that it actually makes sense.
it indeed does .. :_D at first I was just joking about 'hej hes checking if we have SLAC on and then hes gonna reconnect' but after all that other shit I started to believe it xD
because PB detects cheats.
oh wait
cmon dude .. :D Is that the best comeback u have ? PB most surely would detect your cheat, otherwise you wouldn't disconnect now would you xD
cuz hes laging you busted ugly faggot
hahaha:D ok :D !!
LOL, I used to be unable to play with pb on my old pc. I would just close down pb or get kicked, not reconnect whenever people loaded it :o
actually if you can turn off pb when you have ET running with pb_cl_enable, YOU are the cheater with PB bypass. jfyi
someone to spec then.
With this lu jago will attend AEF :P
( 22:37:33 ) ( jago` ) dumb angry busted nerds:D
you are all busted, np :)
you are fucking bad, np :)
izi 4 xperiam8 :) <3
enjoy my kids JAGO BONG JOKE ( sajuz nerusime respublik svobodny )
hf potter, lunatic syl
gl Kallisti :)
hf Kallisti, i luv u guys! = ]
i thought SLAC was a player program and i didnt know it was released:o
is SLAC avaliable to put on servers now?
No, I don't think the server component is ready yet. I doubt it will be used (forced) in any official until the final version has been released.
hopefully people will make a big deal about the post so I know when it comes out, so i can put it on my server:p and gl kallisti you will own like always:D
don't worry, you won't miss it. As SLAC will be enforced on ESL+CB once done. And thanks :)
np wintermint:P
wintermute* fucking nerd ;D
gl kallisti
2-2 atm :X
dont even think of losing... =%
dont even think of losing... =%
gl xPERIA!
i eat oldschools for breakfast
4-2 vibe
gg wp guys
east defence is so 2003. thats what happens :(
loled, there warent supply back in 2003 ^^
they played radar..
loled, there warent radar back in 2003 ^^
loled, there warent radar back in 2003 ^^
there was,NOOB!!!!!!!

u r such a oldschool disgrace considering u as "oldschool"
:D I am not "that" oldschool, I started ET in 2003 december. Well I dont know what were the official maps but I doubt there was supplydepot. Need some expert here.

Oh by the way I dunno why i thought chmpp is talking about radar and not supply, I didnt watch the match. So it looks like a troll comment ^^
supply wasnt there, radar was, bibuy^^
what is a east defence ?
good question you probably have a lot of sleepless nights so i wont answer to that
we should never have even played radar :(
but u raged some team in 3 minutes on it? and i lost 200000000 on this game FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
the point being that we should have won on grush.
son, im disappoint
Just watched the replay. Looked like easy 4-0 until the goldrush last stage attack.
do you ever go to bed
2am -> 8am = 6 hours sleep
I need at least 8 hours :D
who needs to sleep 0o
bong <3
kanker noobs