AIMERz vs Detox (5158 views)

ca Boorrito
gb grn
us nick
be Satan
us n1ght
ca SingH
pl Hizzy
pl Alm1ghty
pl czolg
pl Doodek
pl Koniu
ET 5on5 Ladder Match
26.05.10 22:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Mr.SingH (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 5695
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 20


czolg => Iluzjon

maybe some1 from ur team can idle

want to talk about date(22.15 CET is a little 2late for my friends)
dTx o_O vs AIMERz O_o
hmm eZ for aimerz :D
gl koniu
hizzy masz im najebac!
Gl Doodek, Koniu and Alm1ghty Kurwa !
wtf time? xD
moglibyscie prznajmiej poswiecic ten dzien z mama, a nie siedziec przy kompie i napierdalac w et XD:D
22:15 CEST

pozatym i tak mnie nie ma w domu xD
GL koniozaurus
iluzjon rozpierdol plebs !:C
You have € 511 on AIMERz
Possible win: € 827.82
You have € 111 on AIMERz
Possible win: € 179.82
gL n1ght :D & better win AIMERZ..
gl erad, night
GL detox :DD koniu & hizzy
lume if a person hacked b4 doesnt me he still hax ? :/
LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! Good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and yes, i agree with you, he can be playing legit now, but still..

Read rules:

and for the record, once you hacked, you are always be known as a dumbass cheater..
thats 1 month ago. r-tard
why wudnt clanbase suspend his guid then dumb ass?

are you trolling me? hope you are.. srsly....

otherwise i wont answer that question... LOLOLOL
I feel sorry for you, rAna.
Just, give ur point be damn jealous erad isbetter than u hmm
well ur just trying him to lower his rank in front of everyone, go to a corner and make it dark in the room. then cry. so u wont be embarsed
like i fucking care if hes better than me or not, he is a cheater..
and im not lowering him, he already did by getting busted, u silly kid..

for your knowledge i was in the same etpub clan with his brother and i know him for long time ago, he was decent but now he's a cheater, so do me a favor and stop co*kgsckin erad's p****! thanks :)

is this that bad player from sta who gos negative stop tallkin like u no him i scrim w/ him everyday and i dont see anything suspicious. Past is Past.
t tu quebecois pck ton anglais est crisement a chier
u understood that ;D?
Toi par contre ton français est nul a chier.
oui je me force sa se voit trop gros con
pisser de rire.

et ta mère elle force de jouir quand j'lui rentre ma bite dans sa ch****
ah ca c la sortie facile, "je c plus quoi dire donc je parle des mamans"
t'es bien comme ton père toi ! :)

Putain ta vie doit être passionnante ...

y'a rien a faire en canada ? tu m'étonnes :D
He's my friends teams player.
And I support him
Go support ur fuckin self dumb ass
stand up for ur self first..
u shoudnt have started this to cause all this
why? just because i point out a pbban for multihack?
if i did, mah bad! wont happen again xD

hf rana!
You honestly are the dumbest person on the internets.
Why would you support him KNOWING he hacks? He got busted once, if not more.
Do you just like to pretend like you're dense, or are you simply retarded?
ask my left nut
404 Not Found
nee jij bent een 404
If I was 404, I wouldn't exist, just like your imaginary ballsack.
nee jij bent een wouldn't
gl aimerz :D
......... :DDDDDD
Can you say anything else besides LOL and :D?
lume stfu dude..
to be honest really stfu
im been honest, why should i stfu? lolz!
not my fault that your dearest friend is hacker

now do me a favor, like i said before: stop co*kgsckin erad's p****! thanks :)

to sa really amerykanie?
gl dtx :)
gl almus:*
yes he's playing idc wat u guys say i no he don't hack
match has been moved to tommrow
Gl hs DETOX :D
nvm match going on
gg;) but fucking late and hizzy cant speak and giving infos:(
lol @ singh running docs to win the war
I almost delivered it with 3~~ mins...fucking lucky nade 1 meter near transmitter:(
LOL should of heard singh leap out of his Chair and yell YEAH!
LOL Revenge (lepari) :P jk
gG Aimerz great team work aimerz :d
You have € 511 on AIMERz
You won € 991.34
hehe good run singh :D
lol nick ty erAd :D
I love how the lineup changed, sad cheaters.
u guys fucking idiots he never played so STFU
glad he is in your roster, gg having busted players on it! :D

oh noez wait, Suspended from playing until 25-11-2010 19:46:45
us n1ght
gb GunNrus
us nick
us Intent
us erad
us n1ght
pl nOOBlet
us erad
us aozz
gb GunNer

looks like he did play 2 official matches for Aimerzs!
gg dood, allowing hackers to play in your team!


quoting rana: Just, give ur point be damn jealous erad isbetter than u hmm

2nd one is fucked up, cause both teams had a busted hacker on their team player ;)
hackers vs hackers then! :|
carlos shutup i laugh @ u sending mssges 2 kamz.

"im disappointed in you kamz for playing with busted players like BRANDON, and erad".
Lmao i forgot u was 5-0 like what does it matter 2 u who he plays with and until u get my pbbans u cant call me a cheater
You have € 160 on AIMERz
You won € 310.4
spot the hackers
you're all even more fucking retarded than i thought..
quoting rana: Just, give ur point be damn jealous erad isbetter than u hmm

had to do it xD
you're all even more fucking retarded than i thought..