OVERLOAd vs Belgian Fraternity (11373 views)

21.06.10 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: NightRaver (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 79979
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV
nl #GamingPlanet.ET ETTVd #1 Quality Games
By: Quake90 (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 245


1st olol
very izi 4 ovr :).
=o hard match!!

Lun4t1C <3

mAus <3
AL1 en undead spelen nu wel toch?
izi for ovr :)
gl BF
ffs ovr fail without vila & zeto :S
clash of the belgians :D
izi 4 lio !!
Gl both, only Jere needs it though
gl vila oh wait
You have € 7 on BF
Possible win: € 47.53 DONT TRUST MAUS
where vila? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
vila is banned due to some screenshot showing him play with WH against kamz, he tried to make fun of kamz showing him having 0/5 stats on delivery attack but you could see an allied leg behind the wall on that screenshot xD

crossfire selfbust of the year imo XD
u trollin
I know I was just using random polish quote :P
need undead
they already have lio np
needs Boss
gl gifteeed m8 :)
gl mAus & dAv1d <33
Gl phille,david
maus low !
gl bf & Jere
hf overload
undead/ali might play
Too easy for Overload, but gg.
belgisch onderonsje
too izi 4 bF -__-
gl hf :)

can i watch a replay tommorrow? because i wont be home at the evening
Le Francis wishes good luck to beJere and the whole belgian Fraternity.
On le behalf of le Belgian Fraternity I le thank you le Francis m8.
more izi for overload!
u mad
gl both
jere&mAus will own
Gl Lun4t1c and mAus
gl Gifted ;)
david's pc crashed, will be replaced by boss probably
lol, changing bets
You have € 300 on be ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 375

Maybe better cancel this one?

boss lowislow
Nah I don't cancel the bet, I trust you and mAus, but better let vila play :x
Boss is the bestest and stuff, mAus step aside and be prepared to be outshined son
gl lio.
boss in ovr? can i join idle plz?
in this case u r much above idle...
The fuck is happening to my #1 team :-(
knew boss will end up in ovr like month ago
boss delivers 4-0
why no dAv1d ?:S
nP for tha Boss
should be easy for overload
gl belgians, and Lunatic<33333333333
had money on bf before i saw pieter
maps: Supply(ovr) / radar(bf)
just maus it
have a nice match both teams :)

make belgium proud!
they are going to maus it
luna < maus izily :B
go mAus
mAus It
ettv crashed?!!!!!!!!
+1 other server is full aswell
[21:20:44] [@skooli] i could have just let it be, but then there wouldnt be a replay avi after
[21:20:51] [@skooli] so now i fixed it
[21:20:55] [@skooli] coverage is fine
not worth watching anyways :D
boss :D

lekker hoor jong
2-0 overload
4;0 overload, 5.53 on supply:D
ovr turning up the heat
bF was 5th at lan and now this? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?
AL1 by far the worst player on ettv ive ever seen, 30minutes ago he played better than mAus
lol dude pressure :s
I was worse than you, dont listen to him
no buddy :) i had 1k dmg per map :) you deServe a good team like overload h3h3
maus total dominated
mAus aka villa xDDDD
normaly i would not say it but this time mAus could play 1v5
on radar he was doing a 3man kill everytime, it reminds me of when i play jaymod :PP
he maus'd it
It was like a warmup match for mAus
holy crap this mAus guy played like hell man o.o


maus busted on radar
11th minute wallhack xd
I'm serious Gary, if that wasn't vila then God has left us.
:D ggs raped
vila or maus???
vila this time :PP
we played like our managar
You have € 700 on be BF
You lost

Son, I am dissapoint.
hehe reminds me of PORTUGAL - NORTH KOREA :P
how so? nobody's from portugal OR north korea :) you make no sense
sure he does......nice anal...ogy chizz......
well delivered mAus! told you bio is the way forward :)
Time for you to start playing more on that server :D
lio, the new vila?
where was vila? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
oh wait!