Team Dignitas vs OVERLOAd (14776 views)

08.07.10 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 223632
The bets are closed.

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chry nice player
GL RELOAd, kARnAJ, & mAus again.....

hf d.
gl ovr.
ovr must win ;) You have € big money!!! on be ovr ... chry mAus dAv1d hf ;)
You have € 100 on be ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 199
ez bash for dignitas, no wh no win. :)
4-2 dignitas fosho!
You have € 100 on be ovr
Possible win: € 323
I advise you to remove that bet
wouldnt bet on us we didnt play for 2weeks i was on holidays
Squall gonna get B0ssed.
You have € -162.15

GTV fail ?

GL Both
gtv fail? Nope, you fail
This is normally because you bet on a team that lost, but the result was entered incorrectly or the match was wrongly marked as cancelled, you then placed another bet with your winnings/returned money. If the result of the first match is corrected and you lose the second bet, you end up with negative money.

In this case, you bet for sEns against Exorcists, the result was initially entered as 4-0, giving you money which you bet on idk vs Dignitas. idk lost, the result of the first game was changed to 0-4, thus you ended up with a negative total.
Ah. Thanks. Sooo what can i do now :? :D
u get 5 euro every day :) use your maths skills and find out how many days u have to wait :)
Arni or Skooli might be able to help - try filing a support ticket?
i had this too on another account they dont help you :l
Not that any1 gives a fuck, but my name is Boss
<numeric> who is this Boss?
Learn to play cuntface
Obviously I dont have to, since I get to play in good teams while playing shit
ver's night :?
dAv1d's comeback? :O
mAus you mad bro ?
easy for dignitas
You have € 250 on be ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1035

izi 4 Boss
Where's vila ???????!!?
he got vid_restart bugged
Vila is in the kitchen
He's painting
have fun great match

I received a lot of requests to play, but I have to disappoint my fans. I am not in dignitas so I won't play.
where is d4v1d?
underneath be blind
boss is clearly the weakest link :|
captain obvious has arrived
mAus&jere will deliver!
gl karnaj and d. :D
overload 5 are? Will mAus play?
overload 5 are? Will mAus play?
omg mAus omg
all in on dignitas
where vila? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
You have € 250 on be ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1337.5

Possible win vila :DDD
Possible win: vilas fragrant fart in spray...30% gratis :DD
Your bet: 44; on syLt. Won 1337
gl mAus and Jere mates <3 x
4-0 d. cuz boss play
4-0 d. cuz boss play
gl lio, chry, maus, boos & jere - you'll need it!
lio, chry, mAus, B0ss & [didn't get "XXfr"]

[edit] : Jere (Ile de la Réunion ?)
You have € 5849 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 7428.23
no david no win
mAuster kill
should be interesting gl drago maus let the force be with u guys xD!
gl boss <3
go go "mamie va gueuler ca fais tard"par contre j ai parier sur vous et vu que je perds chaque fois mes bets,non mais srx c'est vrai que je vote pour le non favori ou que je vote pour le favori avec une cote de 1 contre 20 je perds de toute maniere :( donc bon vous allez perdre dsl <3
I need ovr to win, so I get GBooky credits :XD
more slots?

nie mam pytan
stara dobra taktyczka :@
niemoge tego rozszyfrowac
na gg mi odpisz fujaro:DDD
Boss playing means all in for me
You have € 30 on be ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 200.1
now go ahead and disappoint me, you naab
You have € 38 on be ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 253.08
You have € 1100 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1298
Gl maus, let me dream !
why the fuck adacore u requested this match again? reload requested it already :d
2.0 Diginikkars
You have € 1100 on gb
You won € 1298

sorry for ruining this match for everyone
ez bash
boss and maus have a rq ego.

Rating: */3
wp ovr lold.
wp Kamz :_D
Send ovr back to open cup sad day for belgiums best players
omg mAus omg drank 55%vol alc.++++.....rly mad
boss je moet gewoon stoppen :s .
why the fuck is some lowskilled ego like boss in overload??
hes fkin low+/med
was thinking the same
sauced :)
why boss gets flamed so hard stop it... jealous or what
he didnt do so bad....
At least some1 realises that playing defensive medic vs dignitas doesnt give you a lot of kills or damage, ty for that

I'm not good enough for this level atm, but I played like 2 games with overload, so you cant really expect that I start aiming like mystic, and all in all I didnt do THAT bad

/flame on
no worries :) i always flame teh randoms but you aren't bad and soon you'll pwn the shit out of ec playaz
gogo boss we love you....
0/12 in radars defence is not bad ?

kill atleast 1 guy :P

though all of overload were fucked up in radar
I had 3/12, maus had 2/12

Your point is that mAus is low I assume?
0/5 on defence while maus actually made a kill
hmm no. but you guys played real bad in radar
couldnt agree more
ah cool so now the maps are won by most kills just like 2.55 pubs? Normally we play for OBJ and the fastest time u dont have to kill for it some DMG is already nice. Have to admid that ovr's teamwork is zero but i hope they are awake now. they did better on supply but everybody could see that.
gij caret teveel
ik doe helemaal niks meer.... nubskill...veel te warm kan deze ouwe man niet meer tegen....
I don't look at kills but at the value of players.
dont care about such morons, they know shit about this game, and prolly will never learn
+1 =)
ovr. sleep in game ... ahhhh horible achievement ... horible horror
stats ?
anderson too good :)
man, dat ze dit n belgisch dreamteam noemen, zonder u erbij :D
i wanna see dignitas vs the fins;D
Thats one that I wana see also!
You have € 23000 on gb
You won € 27140

thank you nerds
whats happeningn with you team overload ? :D
nou nou lio
man, dat ze dit n belgisch dreamteam noemen, zonder u erbij :D
alsof het een schande is om gepwnt te worden door dignitas :/
Expected scores.
And these flames about boss are stupid, he made somekind of improvement and he deserved a better team.
Not saying he fits this level exactly, but god damit, you did the same to karnaj when people heared he joined idle and now you're fapping on him every single game.
don't compare me to Boss please :D
never play rifle again btw :XD
I don't. I compare the situation.
You recieved a lot of flames for joining idle, and nowdays you've proved yourself to worth it. only reason you recieved these are because you aren't 'oldschool' like them and these stupid stuff
karnaj was already playing at a decent level tho
only jere is pro and ready to play vs d.
You have € 100 on be ovr
You lost