Impact Gaming vs i dont know (12062 views)

12.07.10 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 156560
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Enemy Territory TV
nl #GamingPlanet.ET ETTVd #1 Quality Games
By: Quake90 (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 207


First , ll be a great match

GL both.
hf idk
Easy for R0SS and the best rifle on BiO aka squirrel
Impact could be a hard enemy for dignitas with that lu :o
I think they lost versus dignitas before :| Only team being capable of winning against dignitas would be F5
and ovr i think
They massively choke in offis. Kinda hoping that problem fades as they play more of them...
If they would've pracced as much as dignitas with the same lu, they would be as good as dignitas.. maybe if you would replace hayaa with butchji or snoop, they could be almost unbeatable :) no offence vs hayaa, hes a good guy :>
From what i have seen he is a better player than both of those you mention
+1, will help you
hayaa is a fucking sick player, butchji doesn't even play anyway afaik
but butchji is sicker imo :P dunno if hes playing atm, but if he would, he would be better than hayaa imo
depends on positions tbh, he has totally different play styla than butchji/snoop
yea, I dunno how hayaa is playing, but I think he isnt an as good aimer as butchji
well, i would say he is comparable to maus (or butchjis in his good days when he was active) but his aim is not that shiny because of his playstyle (or maybe is that good because of his style, matter of opinion :) )
I havent speced him lately, but it could be that he got skillboost and is now on mAus level, tho mAus has a huge skilldrop :(
he has the same playstyle as snoop, but not the same as butchji
not at all
same as butchji then???
no, I got my own style!
u just cant be more wrong :)
yea, but I meant butchji is a better aimer imo
+10 eVo
snoop??? :D:D?D?
And colt 45 perhaps .
Impact could win s dignitas if snoop mystik and wingaven come back in
GL i don't know :PP
i play vs impact 1v5 gl.
izi for impact
doktor come back take him :!!!
gl R0SSiboy
idk will win because of ross
why u hatin reload !
he is reload, why would he hate himself?
i think u just failed :P
u think i didnt know he meant "why u hatin, reload" ? .. TROLLED :D
yeh, congratz on realising that after reading my reply and thinkin bout that comment for 20 mins :)
congratz for not understanding the meaning of trolled ;)
whatttt ? me poland, I vodka drink. bye
GL filuS :XD
izi for idk, gl Clown and fReEze
le Gl biftek cuz you suck & sqzz.
suck on my chinese nuts
gl plidk
go meez and sqzz!!!
gl hayaa
gl sqzz, xylos, ross, hayaa, crumbs, freeze =o)
need mashed
<3 :DDD
get off his dick
get off griims
get off gtv
im on griims dick? i never even spoke to him or whatsoever. next time u make a joke, try to keep it realistic ok buddy :)
internet troll gtfo
says mister only-canadian-who-ever-been-to-a-crossfire-challange

kankernerd gtfo

btw ban ends the 26th of july

U SAD BRO??!?!?
You can simply ask me to get the fuck out.
goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Impact!
gl filus
need a shoutcaster...
izi 4 idk
Bread is good for life isn't it ?
EC in holidays lol.. GET A LIFE MANS !!
Et is part of life, one of the best hobbies.
u mad
Point 1: In England, school holidays don't start until the end of July, although Uni holidays start earlier. Point 2: Most of these players are past school-age, I believe, and thus can take holidays (from work) whenever they like.
Point 2: Most of these players are past school-age, I believe, and thus can take holidays (from work) whenever they like.

Bavarian pupils still have three weeks left.

Although ET in summer is indeed a little too much. Only have to play until end of July though atleast, and it's not everyday.
who is child man ? i have 20yrs and i done all of my exams.. and im using my life when u spend free time at the computer man...
I much prefer being outside in the day time when it's nice and sunny to be fair! Playing games for maybe 6-10 hours a week in the evenings is hardly going to ruin my free time.
Sad comment. Rethink your hate towards people playing computer games whenever they feel like and post again. I somehow think you already did so,too. Don't even try to offend me, ain't playing much.
by responding and reading this site, i must say, u like spending ur days outside right.

so if u reply on this, i must say u spend time on ur pc aswell

now fill the carebox, cuz its focking empty

jestes glupi????
u big man
Impact - Idk and Fif - SL matches played at the same time ? Why not one at 9pm and the other at 10 ? :<
will be watching :)

gl impact <3 PRESSURE ON MEEZ.
No have Money
You have € 2699 on idk
Possible win: € 8123.99
IDK must win...make me rich
no shout? : (
ma moneyz on idk for sure
You have € 82 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 121.36
dude, its ross... cancel ... CANCEL
n1 ettv
Next server ?
no freeze no win, wrong lineups cancel bets
pretty brutal :P
fake lineups, reimburse.
Fast match in EC XXI
nicee sqzz ! ;)
gg's ;)
Impact back on form! nice!
GG Impact

No freeze no win :(
Well played Impact :D
Impact actually won a game, I cannot believable.
demanded event-replay (demo 14134) hayaa 12.07 22:26
demanded event-replay (demo 14134) hayaa Today 11:04

sqzz delivered
omg mztik omg
You have € 27000 on gb Impact
You won € 39960

thank you nerds
The combination of the players in idk isnt the optimal.
3 engis, no rifle (based on previous teams)
Better to get a player like zmk instead of mztik
wp impact mates. i'm sure it was a quick match?
yeah idk got raped :P 5 minute something on supply and goldrush I think
You have € 20000 on idk
You lost
no more gtv for me :S