Team Dignitas vs Impact Gaming (7720 views)

ee Anderson
de drago
si JaKaZc
fr kARnAJ
fi Squall
gb Sqzz
gb R0SS
gb Meez
gb Mztik
it XyLoS
gbooky will be disabled for this match
18.07.10 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: MrAndersson (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 37107
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 287


Mystic dont play ? : (
no only mztik
mztik doesnt mystic dude ;)
yeah man mztik doesnt mystic
except of course for YOUR english 8DDD
choke on my anus
[00:06:03] [[CB]Killerboy] Hello johNny`
[00:06:03] [[CB]Killerboy] I'm quite busy right now but you may still ask your question anyway. I will not respond to any "Are you here?" , "[CB]Killerboy?" etc... requests
[00:06:03] [[CB]Killerboy] Tell me what you have to say and I will answer as soon as possible!
[00:06:03] [johNny`] we will see at cc7
[00:06:06] [johNny`] what u gonna say
[00:06:09] [johNny`] stupid little bitch
[00:06:23] [[CB]Killerboy] yeah
[00:06:24] [[CB]Killerboy] care
[00:06:33] [[CB]Killerboy] gangsta
[00:06:35] [johNny`] i will destroy your fucking head
[00:06:43] [[CB]Killerboy] cool story
[00:06:48] [johNny`] ye enough to beat you down on the ground by i punch
[00:06:52] [johNny`] just come to lan
[00:06:54] [[CB]Killerboy] shut up midget
[00:06:55] [johNny`] little fucker
[00:07:15] [johNny`] we will see what you gonna say if you will have to lick my shoes
[00:07:20] [[CB]Killerboy] :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[00:07:31] [[CB]Killerboy] internet talk
[00:07:33] [[CB]Killerboy] *SCARED*
[00:07:39] [johNny`] so come to lan
[00:07:44] [johNny`] you will see normal talk
[00:07:50] [[CB]Killerboy] and what
[00:07:52] [johNny`] little moron
[00:08:05] [johNny`] damn your blood will be all over your face
[00:08:08] [johNny`] now bye and cu on lan
[00:08:10] [[CB]Killerboy] anything else
[00:08:18] [johNny`] even if im sure you won come for 100%
[00:08:20] [johNny`] wont
haha love that inet gangsters :D mostly they are ugly and small in real life, so they try to be cool at a fucking game :D
and whats wrong with my english there
by i punch
by you punch
by is punch?

e: zomg nope its by he/she/it punch!
Oh lol
mztik doesnt mystic
League: Miscellaneous

gl sqzz mate <3
Wow that was amazing.
Must have taken some patience to learn playing with his feet.
gl sqzzi
gl impact
gl sqzz :-)
good luck karnaj :)
dignitas FTW!
Mztik gl mate
mztik doesnt mystic
all in on dignitas :)
go easy please dignitas :(
omg ettv omg?
You have € 50 on Impact
Possible win: € 524.5
gbooky will be disabled for this match (or if not done in time, bets will be reimbursed)
Is Sqzz going to play rifle in this match? this is vital information for betting.
Good Match ;] GL Impact HF Dignitas :D
wb Mztik
"gbooky will be disabled for this match"

why? miscellaneous matches are allowed all the time here lol
but this isn't a match, it's a practice, it means you replay maps and vote timelimits as needed. you don't play to win you play to get better
so basically u will be nerding all night??
whats wrong with nerding a sunday night?
same thing thats wrong with poutine
i played once or twice with poutine so i dont know what ur trying to tell me
Mztik will deliver.
since when misc matches will be w/o gbooky
drago and mztik will deliver
gbooky will be disabled for this match

Total Pot: € 40209

some people are so stupid
gbooky notice wasn't there at the start
The real mystic?
mztik doesnt mystic
QuoteWell i'm Mztik (lol real mystic? as crozz would probably say

this joke is too old it seems :<
Quotegbooky will be disabled for this match

Dignitas going to lose on purpose?
But Anderson won't agree with it because he can't lose to R0SS :/
- k4rnAJ + senji

?? :))
replacing karnaj with senji would prolly not make too much sense
mztik doesnt mystic dude ;)
Mä tuun kellottaan sua, R0SS
gl it Silos
fufufufufu give me my money back :(
Quotegbooky will be disabled for this match

QuoteTotal Pot: € 37107
now cancelled?
i didn't know whether do that or set score 1-1 or something