squad.ee vs Impact Gaming (10067 views)

ee JyrkZ
ee raul
ca monkey
ee subbi
ee mant
gb Sqzz
gb R0SS
gb Meez
nl hayaa
it XyLoS
28.07.10 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Killerboy (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 173083
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 252


gl squad <3
gl impact-meez
GO IMPACT!!!!!!!
gl monkeyproufoplayer
gl slajdan & sqzz :)
impact gonna roll the house tonight
woaa, gl :)
woooaaa im retarded jyrkz
squad.ee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gl pl JyrkZ!
we must cancel this game i cant watch today :X
You have € 22 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 30.36

more than all in!
if you lose, i'll got -11.30 €

GL Monkey GOGOGO squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hf oli ;XD
cmon Impact!
squad should take this <333333333
have fun slajdan..
gl meez
gl subbji & JyrkZ, estonian power!
meine pics :S

1. is das 1 pic

2. kannte ich es schon 100000 tage davor thx
jajajajaja, LOLLLLLLLL
gl slashdown ;]
birds sing that freeze will play
You have € 200 on ee Squad Cancel bet
Possible win: € 918

gl slacdan
Ok hayaa try to aim this time !
ee subbi instead of se slajdan
Mant :-)
gl sQuad!
can't get on ettv =/ is it just one ettv server?
shoutcast gone?
ahhh no slajdan no win bb
2-0 squad

epic map
omfg :DDD
:D nice ending on adler
come on jyrkz for top3 ec spot
4:2 impact
You have € 100000 on gb Impact
Possible win: € 117000

im getting heart attack
KirurG1's Gambling Stats ( Rank 2 / 2,281 )
21.07 21:00 squad.ee ee 6.09 vs. 1.20 de SPEEDLINK 80,000 € on de SL Lost
squad.ee for team of the year award!
team of the year usually wins everything, more like underdogs of the year
SQzZ super sTar
wp :D:D
wp :D:D
im fag called jyrkz, i loose, i cant get trophy for my clanmate sac so he could get women irl, i suck at everything, i like penis
wew, that was close.

xylos is epic.
XyLoS the best!
my god XyLos...
w0nd3r will remove this post, apparently ET screens are not allowed, but tit pics, car fire and trolled hard pics are.
rifle yes very hard yes
Here speaks someone who didn't watch the game. Xylos plays SMG more than rifle in impact supply tacs.
wp xylos
wp impact and squad :)
we mad
xylos showed on supply whats wrong w ET, still

wp anyway
whats wrong
did not see the game but as a wild guess, landmines?
4 landmines + 4 nades + 60 ammo
if you cant use those properly thats your problem, not the game.
you dont get the point
how is it related to me ?
well landmines+smg and his dmg/frag was hardly over 100 in defence. Talk about stealing :D. I recommend to take a look of his pov :P
nothing wrong there, sir :)
Monkey, son I'm disappoint.

PS: Je suis derrière un proxy français au boulot mais je suis toujours en Chine :)
on aurait du gagner , 7min sur radar et on a pas hold -.- et sur supply, je me suis trop fait tk...