SNOGARD Dragons vs Vae Victis (6171 views)

de stRay
de Kevji
de kiwi
se Ti+es
at scorch
pl SnaCki
pl Voodoo
pl zerohour
pl fAtal
pl Rafacz
13.09.10 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #evu.cup
Manager: stray (Generaladmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 17698
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 44


Zerstört sie, letzter Abschaum.
hf snacki ;d siekiera
voodoo <3
rumun cwelusie ty jebnay
pala to pala
np 4 tites!
gl kevji <3
GL Kevji & kiwi
gl rafal
fatal i zerohour dwa najwieksze brainy sceny
siekiera Vae Victis;] gl
SLAC on/off?
finally an even match, hackers vs hackers:D
who got better hacks, dont know who to bet on?
gl kevin
cheats vs cheats
i gonna love you when u will stop calling me cheater
but i didn't now did i?! u're not on the lineups!
are you saying you're not cheating?: D
yes, im so bored and still cheating and bypassing SLAC, oh ye...
jaN banned

poor boy
GL Jan
thx hes unbanned you noobssssssssss :))
GL Jan
GL Jan
GL Jan
gl jan
Gl jan
GL jan
Gl kiwi zerstöre sie :D
kiwi zählt ja eh für mindestens 2 :D:D (:
:) ich vernichte sie so
gl kevjiboy
gl . peinliche communtiy ! :D
guck cf :D
du bist im besitz der krone des peinlich sein´s :)
Wo ist jaN? :-(
back as possbile
Was ist passiert ? :o
crossfire will tell you! :D
gl snogard
hf jan
hf jan
all ma money on tha new heroes!
gl scorcieeeeeeeeeeeee
ban kevji
ye ban all player from snogard omg

just stfu u mad italian guy
Kiwi => Adlernest's double fail !
wp voodoo!
such a close game vs victis, snogard wont get a quali in a million years xd
i concur.
played without wrp with merc/backup without tax at all & co.

even with jan you are not worth EC quali
what?:d did you think you were worth it?
You wrote in CF about my clan that we are worth 3div not first. And look at now where we are..
wp snogard
dragons flying low
the next time we will be high again :D
expected, vae victus arent really all that
it was actually a pretty hard match for snogard. they won supply by 1sec and grush by 10secs
and lost adler by 2

btw won grush by 15
close match, versus a OC team :)
you know they played without their best player:XD
scorch is probably the same type of player, and jan was not even good i played a clanprac vs them before their offi.