myRevenge e.V. #sGp vs inteRaction (4266 views)

gr Playmate
nl Playboy
nl Mott4
fr An7ho
fr quAke
cz denton
cz derek
cz milhAus
cz Rifleman
cz Green_Clon
Every night it's fireworks.
06.10.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Easy Company Cup V 5v5 » Matchlink
Hosting: Easy Company Cup
Manager: miraya (Requestee)
Maps: Frostbite
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Total Pot: € 27008
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 49


gl aleyna <3
gl playmate my darling :-***
go iR, green clon is an anteater (or a duck?)
no charlie, you'll win !
:-D :-D
with charlieee = insta 0-4 so now its iR better:-P
without charlieee = insta lose in decider
so stfu frogeater:-D
cumacku vrat se!
prej no chance a nerdi poker az do 3:33... vrat se k ET pls
ale no tak smudliku:-D
to vis kdyz se vratis z turnaje a chces si spravit chut:-D
go go go antho and quakinho :D
gimme me some money on my birthday antho! :P
GL iR!!! <3 Rifleman
izi money go antho quakelelol
gl sGp<3

and for iR no charlie no win
gl motta <33 and rifleman :D
thx my darling from France :-*
Gl both teams :D
GL iR!!!
Green_Clon <3
hf milhAus
glhf iR <3
gl iR :) <3 mííííla, green clůnek a rifleboy! :)
viel spass palymate
gl sgp
GL fabien <3
Fais nous rêver la gendarmette!
gl mott4
Gl Quake :P
lol wie sagapo unterschätzt wird :o
You have € 100 on sGp
Possible win: € 238

gl green_clon!
gl fab & pds <3
go go go antho de superstar and quakinho!
GL green clonE :D
GL motta <3
gl ir
gl myR specially pds you handsome bastard :O)
gl shkar
gl mott4 playmate
shit teams
Go sGp!
Gl Green , antho and quake
gl Playmate
gl iR!
gl clon & rifleman !:=)
gl hf both :)
gl pds and frenchies
thats so motherfucking hydrostic!
hf play(boy,mate)
gl topper :D!!!111eeneen
gl both
Gl An7ho l'homo!
IR!!!! mila ddd
gg close match <3
izimoney + wp myR !
You have € 20 on sGp
Possible win: € 95.6

You have € 500 on de sGp
You won € 2390
ggs wp
who won radar ?

decider ?
we won deli :p
Radar went to iR, we won frostbite and decider supply.
Ok, score added on the website :)
ja pierdole
gg gj playboy ::D
You have € 20 on cz iR
You lost

fu :(
milhAus Wednesday, 6th October 2010 22:03
You have € 20 on sGp
You won € 95.6

--> scandal!

<3 antho
You have € 257 on de sGp
You won € 1228.46

easy money :)
fuck off milhaus
You have € 50 on de sGp
You won € 239
merci antho & quake :D
You have € 121 on de sGp
You won € 578.38

sGp EC quali next season ;p
sGp EC quali next season ;p
ou have € 100 on sGp
You won € 478
You have € 43 on iR
You lost

losers go play 7th divsion
mott4 carry!
You have € 300 on de sGp
You won € 1434

thx :)
wp pds + frenchies
You have € 27 on de sGp
You won € 129.06

thank you!