Team Decerto vs Vae Victis (6528 views)

nl saKen
nl joshua
be crook
de boNg
is phyzic
pl SnaCki
pl voodoo
pl rafacz
pl zerohour
pl sw1ruz
match for #1 in ladder
28.10.10 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: saKen (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 30420
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 405


gl Victis
gl Victis
gl lysy
hf victisy
Rafal szybciutko bij i gramy w LoL'a
pala to pala
gl hf timo & vae
jazda snacki kowboju !
You have € 250 on nl ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 655
ROLL em phyzic!!!
You have € 100 on pl victis Cancel bet
Possible win: € 181
You have € 1811 on pl victis Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3096.81
You have € 1 on nl ovr Cancel bet
Possible win: € 2.4
hah server is full :DD
easy for ovr!
pff =(
says server is full but gtv says it isn't? lol
its some faggot who spams the server full with somekind of bots
gamestv really doesn't want to do anything.... too bad
or they don't have too much free time unlike you
according to clayman,

Quote We currently have enough staff members who take care of the tasks on GTV that aren't managed fully automatic.
Besides that there's really not that much to do... :p

so ehm. that's bullshit, they have free time.
stop trying to be smart, you aren't. face that.
I think only arni can fix this one so le fu
Why the hell would you even suggest that?

You think we all want to waste resources?
why i would suggest this?

cause i really want to activate the staff. by saying this sort of things, may be it doesn't work or may be they are working on it, I really don't care. i just want to have this done.

next time i will not say this anymore. don't worry...
That's far from the correct way to encourage people to assist, you're effectively calling GamesTV staff lazy.

Only two people have the ability to fix this, both of which are very busy
then i wont say anything like this anymore.

thanks for the information
seems like you're in Germany now... :P
Seems like you're in France now?
I've always been in France :S
seems u r troll :F
I have always been in the UK, U MAD??
Yes, brb calling a strike. I'll demonstrate in the street about this, tomorrow.
TA DA! The French way!
shut up buy me a frankfurt
server is full =N
allways when the polish guys are playing, sth strange happens -.-
score ?
3 stars

Viewer Peak: 405

cause of the ddos, all servers full :D:D
czy gfiazdki ten mecz ma ; o
get face and muscles, ovr already has them. UR TURN POLAKS
gl saken&joshua
viewer peak over 400? :DD dear god ET is alive on thursdayevenings!
you so mad and gay :D
Only mad because im at gf's place and she is sick so I have nothing to do ://
ok so you browse GTV at gf's place

my laptop and she's alrdy sleeping, get over urself emo :p
me? get over myself? fuck off Imma go get drunk
why you mad though? :D
cuz ur polish scum talking to dutch guys :s
fuck off wanker, msn NOW
it's bug abusing. the crew is bugfixing and will add a bugfix soon.
Viewer Peak: 405
deserved ladder winners really good clan :PpPpP
danke, wp anyway
just woke up and taking replay, 08:03 atm !


seriously, the fuck is this. ( after 2 fucking shit war against us ;D )
hehe, quite a contrast indeed :)
saw the replay,

irc only !
4:0 for victis
wtf is this :D
fuck u, my eye is killing me :(
was it played with pb ? :)
You have € 1898 on nl ovr
You lost

fuck you
I love it when a plan comes together
seriously I only just got some money after losing 5,000e on ecw ¬_¬
ovr. wtf happened to you.
fuck the french, bring back my beloved Belgians!
they are dutch not french ;_;
t'as vu l'heure ?
oui c'est l'heure de dormir d'ailleur
w/e. don't matter.
they still worse then be ovr.
You have € 86 on ovr
You lost

fuck you guys
Lol you'r winning lots of money but still ranked last on gbooky, climbing back the ladder step by step eh :P
polaks rolling
You have € 1811 on pl victis
You won € 2915.71

GZ !
Funny score. Cheater is cheater.
You have € 6000 on ovr
You lost =DDDDD Plz fucking noob
get skill saken crook

why , POLISH TEAM ALWAYS WIN? Victis is good:p
What is this ??

nog een keer zoiets en ik ga je facebook spammen.
zoiets? :P
Ik had voor game al gevraagd of silent kon in mijn plaats, maar die reageerde nie :)
good job Poles
nl saKen whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? :(