Impact Gaming vs The Last Resort (40250 views)

fi Xpaz
fi mystic
fi Raveneye
fi Tiigeri
nl teKoa
nl m1lk
hr acozz
lv clown
be david
cz marv
es Winghaven
be mAus
ET Masters Group Game

New map version
05.03.07 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Masters
Manager: eVo (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Slots: 5,600
Listener Peak: unknown

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 1,214


omg, 1337orz match, and mAus with winghaven? :o
wing pillas :)
easy bash for mAus
easy bash for aMenti !
Nice 2 see teKoa + mystic back:)
Damn very nice,

to easy for impact
This is going to be one hell of a match imo.
gl both mAus<3
wow nice one gl impact
finaly see them in action GL Xpaz
2 rifle in 1 team
tiigiri is playing smg
it Team Impact.TCI ?!
marv is not from slovenia
Interesting to see tiigeri with a smg instead of his rifle, hope that its gonna be a tight match
Imo interesting to see raveneye with rifle
tlr will win, impact havent got a good line up! only teKoa is highskilled player of them...
wer zur hölle hat meinen reply gelöscht? -.-
what about english, u retard
u r wrong
doesn't think so, it the same like with "a-monkeys". i think everybody thought a-m will win but they lose absolutly and TRL has quite a good line up and i think mAus is better than Crozz that make them such more stronger and i think they will win against the new line up
stop proving u have no clue.
yaya...your comments are very meaningful, plz u wannabe, you have no idea about analyse, so shut up! however, all money on ex aMenti
rofl, though I don't like you I have to say this without any of my previous feelings involved. You, my man, are a retard.
I'm sure he knows more than you do. Actually, I'm sure pretty much every does as you obviously don't have a clue. TLR are a good team, yes. Impact however have an active, motivated lineup, contrary to A-Monkeys. A-M were a joke, Impact aren't as far as I know.
wannabes, analyses??? who the f#¤K are u??? First learn english, then prove you have at least some skill, then try to analyse anything - u probably play ET for a year or so....Stupid kiddo
if my statement hurt u, then go and lick his balls and if u think ur english is so good then lets talk on german or lets have fun with mathematics u little 14 year old bitch. chosen think that if he is in the "esl-team" and so on that he knows everything but i don't think so. 95% of the et scene are little retards like u zapp who think that they everything know about et and can something analyse. i say only LOL
i took a look at your bets...omg....u want me to teach in analyzing? ridiculous
and you think only teKoa is highskilled so clearly you know absolutely nothing
yaya...evo i know that u r very assured of your team but we seen some player of Impact playing by a-m and i say only lol...overrated, only overrated. however, we have talk enough let see who will win...
lal u such a retard , it ain't even funnneh
stick playing at your highend level since it seems like you are uba and stop to predict, it will go wrong anyway.

hf @ ec
EC winners are noobs, ofcourse!

A-M was alive for a few weeks, no time to practise and get their skill back, but this is a serious attemt and Impact might be EuroCup finalists next time.
umm why reply to me?
hi evo!
read my comment before. i said that imo tekoa is the best play and some of the rest are overrated
lol and why is now milk playing?
he namefaker, you'd better shut up now... don't make a bigger fool out of yourself then you already did
c'mon wannabe vlx u little www victim stfu. lets meet somewhere and i show your kiddie my opinion, kk?
CPC 2... meet me there and yell for a gnome!
vLx51 i have just one question for you. I really hope that you can answer me this tiny, little and cute question without insulting me. So my little friend, here it comes:

How old are you?

Really looking forward to the answer to this question.
23.07.1988 if somebody asks me he will get a friendly answer ;)
pls..vLx51, do us all a favour, take an english class, do self-study, go to college, go to SOME PLACE WHERE U CAN IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH SPEAKING ABILITYS

and u bitches who have won?
now i will hear a comment of the profi analyzer, especially from eVo, chosen and wannabe vlx c'mon
You say just tekoa is high, but doing good vs top 3 clan of europe means tekoa wasnt the only highboy.
you were right this time, you rockzZz, i hope you can sleep well tonight.
nope...i didn't say that...i said that the fin-player are overrated...
" tlr will win, impact havent got a good line up! only teKoa is highskilled player of them... "
@ vLx51 ... first of all I had this name longer then you (I have it for like 8 years already (which is half my life)) so that doesn't make me a faker. Second, please copy the part where I "analyzed", I can't seem to find it. The only things I said were meant against only ONE person, YOU!
and third: dont bother replying to me, speak to me on IRC in stead of spamming this site.
fourth: c u @ cpc2 I-net Hero
okay then say me where u top player playing at
who cares??? they are overrated, thats why they are playing on TV and ur watchin? plz su
ohohoh...sry when i insult ur fin-friends
you keep making me smile... STOP IT... STOP TORTURING ME!! :<
still, every single player of impact is > u, so wtf are we talking about? ur skill? u failed.
lol tough guy.
nice comemnt and what want u say me with this shit!
lol? teKoa most overrated player after butchji in ET imo :D
that is #1 joke of the day. teKoa and Butchji are both the 2 of the best players ET ever known. Guys who can make multikills, spawnkills and do the right thing at the right time. No wonder they both got selected for Team Europe. So please get your facts straight before you start posting.
mystic > tekoa
he might be a better aimer, for teamplay + great aim you're going to need teKoa. But I guess we will see in this war who is the best of the both. :)
nice match, will be close game...
60% Impact - 40% aMenti imo..
omg omg omg
mystic mystic mystic...woot woot woot o/
gonna be any shoutcasts?
Probably the almighty me will shoutcast that match, in Hebrew. :]
Raveneye's fan!

GL l4m3r
gbooky skill :D
suerte wing, yo creo k os lo llevais
lol not goinmg to bet big loads of money on this match, both 2 great teams

but 250 on amenti cuz I'm prolly going to win more when they win :D and if they lose well I don't care.
match of teh month^^
teKoa, mztik, tiigeri & eVo <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eXposed ftw :>
two mystics in one team! w00t!
gg (:
marv is not from [flag=slovenia] slovenia, but he is from [flag=czech] czech
I'm curious to see tekoa vs mAus. Did mAus progress or tekoa weaken?
mAus has great aim, but if mystic and teKoa are playing on a decent level, mAus's aim doesnt make any difference
ah, starz <3
GOGOGO myztick
lowskill match
Impact> all
its intresting to see what lowskillor smg ppl Tiigeri can do whit smg : p
n1 odds

who specified them? the marx brothers?
they are auto-specified depending on bets, so it means almost every1 is beting for impact :P
gl reveneye & mystic
damn, very interesting match, dont know on who to bet
Good luck The Last Resort.
gl tekoa & co!
gL both :)
gl :)
nice oldschool leet team : (mystic,xpaz,raveneye) <3²
gl mztik :D :D :D
omg <3 this match!

TLR will win.
impact just unknown wnbs and fakers (mystic)
U CANT BE SERIOUS, WNBS ? mystic and the boyz are wnbs:DDDdxd
mystic is fake, didnt know?
bad information4u
bad information for you
not rly, cuz im da real mystic
u are not funny you damn fucking retard
why reply to me?
just because u are a fanboi'i?
stfu ngr
another fanboi'i
welcome to the club
TeKoa, mystic, Tiigeri : o (IMPACT FTW) gl
all about the names , like zP , but they almost got beaten by a mix team BM :x
izi for tlr
go mAus, dAv1d
i dotn really know where to bet to
go mystic go!!

rly interesting match <3
i suppose, it will be the great match!
mAus <3, gl all of TLR players ! :)
impact vs amenti... gonna be good match. < imo
why isnt "Crozz" anymore playing for TRL
he is giving RL headshots :)
hes at army
btw i prefer TLR without crozz
4:2 impact but gl TLR!
amenti will win and impact will fold, like allways =) so GL
1!! :P
Impact will fold, like always? -.-' u have seen them playing often? :o ur 1337
44 on mystic
go go teKoa :)
mystic + tekoa + raveneye = iG win

close match

gl both
after the addition of mAus...hmmm...hard question. imo impact will be amentimized.
A match we've all been waiting for, gonna need more slots!
Nu is TLR niet meer multiculticultureel met 2 van zulke belgen..:(

teKoa > all
GL tlr & impact

mAus & dav1d <3
there r many mysticfags i`v seen, saying mystic is god
now i can see it for myself :)
sooooo many good players in this match...
gl aMenti my money :<
Don't doubt TLR..
Gl teKoa :*
Gl tiigeri :)
Great match. Go Juha!
GL impact.
gl winghaven <3
Oh god.. who do i spec? teKoa..Mystic..mAus?

Opinions People!

TLR will win imo..
I'm going to switch between mztik, tiigeri and marv. And probably mystic because I'm a sheep. Personally.
You cut one of my players. Now I only have 3 to spec. Maybe I'll watch Wing or tek as well...
This match is gonna need much more slots imo
one of the best match ever :)
a very exciting match :)
100% impact MYSTIC back!!!!!!!!! :D
english shoutcast would be nice
omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg mystic&tekoa <3
yes yes yes! :D
impact fullhold imo
Raveneye <3
easy for TLR
Raveneye > all, aMenti ftw!
marvi gogogo......
mAus is good palyer too

Amenti doesnt have bad players

Impact....... i dont know.....
u rly dont know much ;o
imo aMenti guys r gonna win this;) GL
Most interesting match since parodia vs u96d?
teamplay & newschool skill > no teamplay & oldschool skill

izi bash for amenti
tek hoeft geen eens moeite te doen om deze match te winnen
TLR = ?
I mean what does it mean.. But never mind i googled it. ^^
Look at the top of the page?
omg lol owned.. tnx :D :D
Easy for TLR.
Wheres Mztik ?
And M1lk new in impact ? d=17581
An error cant read anymore so can better tell me :p * If you want
remove the space between i and d and it works :O)
impact = incredibble great team! maybe they need to improve their tp!?
buy mystic cfg - 5 dollar
<3 xpaz david
7.15 vs 1.16
imo impact cant lose
Raveneye give me slot kk:>?
/bind all follow Mystic
/mystic overrated
Your bet: 292€ on | Impact | Possible Win: 1,740.32 € | (+1,448.32 €)
milk isnt a clanhoper fo sho :)
GL Maus and Dav1d :)
Go Impact. go teKoa and mystic!
why isnt Mztik playing?
impact in my opinion :P
it will not be too easy for impact.

gl acozz david wing and rest !
names vs teamplay

interesting indeed
How can you possibly know they have no teamplay?
where is mztik...? btw easy fot amenti
replaced by a pint of m1lk
tekoa or mystic or maus or raven??? WHO AM I GONNA SPEC OMFG! deside for me pls :p
That will be good shit :P
this is gonna be so nice^^
going to be nice game
verso = winghaven fanboi, money on impact :f
teKoa + mystic = gg?
Tekoa+mystic rofl easy bash for Impact
impact imo ...
that game need 3.500 slots not 350 :(

go impact gooooooo
heh ^^ hf Winghaven
oaah tomorrow <3
more slots ffs ! :D Impact my favorite, but favorite player Winghaven :)
more slots....plz!!(as Alexander the Great said)
cmon more slots!
mystic <3 but i hope he didnt lost skill
mystic = aztec
can someone say how play impact this days some train backround infos ? from skilled clans only ?? thx :D
adzz> all
Impact really sucks in praccs bet on TLR!
odds fuckuper
no rly its true, bet on TLR for sure
pls just one name - Jauhis
very interesting match imo=)
227274 on tlr
teKoa is overrated.
lolz <3 gl m8
teKoa is online only!

he sux tbh
Your bet: 18436€ on TLR
Possible Win: 30,050.68 € (+11,614.68 €)

too easy.
that is #1 joke of the day. teKoa and Butchji are both the 2 of the best players ET ever known. Guys who can make multikills, spawnkills and do the right thing at the right time. No wonder they both got selected for Team Europe. So please get your facts straight before you start posting.


lolled @ newschool
I find some of the comments amusing. I mean players like mystic, maus, tekoa etc. they are just regular players like everyone else... nothing magical about it :)

I do miss jauhis in the Impact lineup, probably the best player I have ever played with :)
Mr. Ara, there's always magic when these guys are on the server.
I guess I just don't give into the fanboism then. To me, they are just regular players with a little better of something.
so true
The thing is, we're talking about a level of play where "a little better" makes them the best. People always "fanboi" the best in every sport...

The only sports I know that much about are tennis and (weirdly) NFL, but to use those examples - you could say that Peyton Manning or LaDaidian Tomlinson are just regular players who are a little better than everyone else, but that doesn't mean they've not broken half the records going. The same could be said of Federer.
Tony Romo is my hero
There's a slight difference between being a fanboy and appreciating the entertainment value that matches like these have.
That's entirely true, but it's not what Arachon was talking about. I'm really looking forward to this because it's a highskilled game that showcases a brand new team and is quite possibly likely to be a close and exciting match.

However, the point being made was that a lot of people aren't talking about it for those reasons - they're talking about it purely because their "idol" is playing, be it mystic, mAus, raveneye, tekoa or whoever. I personally don't see this as any less of a valid reason to watch, Arachon was saying that he does ;)
ye ;)
tomlinson ftw and adrian peterson is the best RB to come.
yes, bring in jauhis <3

jauhis is in the army atm :(
It's funny how almost everyone who plays with him seems to think that :P. I'm no exception
Well that's because he's a good player :)
I haven't even played with him, and I thought he was the best player in Parodia ;)
gl .. tlr

alll on maussssssss....and winggggggggggg
gl tekoa & milk !
winghaven > all :P
forfeit for i.p
gl tiigeri and tekoa
gl impact
gl tiigeri =)
tiigeri for rifle :(
put him rifle plz:D
gl DERSO u r #1 :O
Your bet: 1000€ on Impact
Possible Win: 2,400.00 € (+1,400.00 €)
impact is overrated ;|
and tlr is underrated...
and you are nuberatet
ohoh its today <3
Yea, all stars match is today... :)))

aMenti <3..! :P

stop betting on impact, i wanna win more :P
everybody knows that winghaven will blow impact up with his panzer ^^ Winghaven for the win ^^
gl both
Your bet: 9€ on Impact
Possible Win: 17.28 € (+8.28 €)

I'm rich muahahah. GL Raveneye!
Where is Mztik?
Im watching this fosho !
more slots
TLS > impact but <3 Impact :) gl
gl acozz
GL dAv1d & mAus!
GL impact
Your bet: 1000€ on TLR
Possible Win: 2,350.00 € (+1,350.00 €)

acozz & david <3
bet on tlr !!! :]
mystic + tekoa + raveneye = GG
tlr ftw, they will do it imo... gl 2 both :>
easy for marv
tLR ea$y win => ea$y money
yeah!!! waiting a long time for this match

to bad mztik isn't playing :(
izi one mAus > mystic
haha maus > mystic? xDxDxD pls man :D
mystic UBER ALLES :D
mmmm mystic > amenti :UUUUUUU ye ye ye im fanboi
big names, no teamplay at all, it's only an interesting match to distinguish the individual skills, which will also determine who wins it, IMO

edit: I mean especially from the impact-side
big LOL
ur name is funny
and you acting funny

are you a snake?
sorry, thought you are old enough
selfpwned, anyway i could rightly spaek my native language

is this guy faking you? just tell me a word and i will kick his ass in some narrow place
yes he is faking me, the bastard :<
no Tosspot? =<
no Tosspot? =<
Mashed > Tossgay
1000000000x better music and same sc_skills
nice odds :0)

Impact Gaming 2.00 vs 2.00 The Last Resort
ye really nice odds :)))
i think impact can handel it :-)
go impact, dont let me down
114 free slots, but not the right game on it... n1
gg ETTV cdap
damn cdap server..:C
gg cdap =
Not listed ETTV server, it's rly empty :>
thnx alot for ruining this match for me! damm u skooli!
ty eQ
Np, it has some delay though. But it's better than nothing ^^
2:0 to winghaven!
atleast add more servers...
Seems like a 4-0 for TLR
i would say:
owned hard
Your bet: 800€ on TLR Possible Win: 1,672.00 € (+872.00 €)


4-0 for TLR
top game!
Your bet: 10€ on TLR Won 20.90€

at least something xD
and i think expected :D
4-0 TLR
cdap ettv sucks hard - as usual..
see also 90
Why that server was on the list?
ye i totally agree, it suxx ass etc.
skooli is not @ home for some reason
And who cares? So the server should not be on the ettv servers list.
so he casted like 300 wars so far + improved ettv and alot, and now because of one match that he forgot to broadcast he sucks?

Anyway that was unfair for those who were waiting to see the match about half hour..
Maybe next time he should confirm that he will be broadcasting the match.
Hope that somebody has recorded a demo..
you can be our new "confirm all ettv's show the match" manager

ye it was a mistake, but why do you make such a big deal now?
new gtv2 usergroup @ arni???? noiZe
no, own organisation
Hell no.
Maybe he should give somebody admin rights to his server? There were people saying they would do it, but they couldn't.

Anyway : Don't want to start a flamewar or getting banned here, so EOT from me. Thanks for replies.

And - my apologise for skooli if he couldn't cast for some important reason.
i had admin access before but he switched the urls recently and i dont know the new url to the webinterface. he still has to give it to me.
poor boy
ye im already crying :( :( :( :(

can u hug me a bit?
the guy is crying and you say "true" ?
Why didn't I post console output? With so many [badword] that would be my last comment here but.. ;)

"Where dafuck is the Impact!!!!!!eleven?"
Would you like this conversation level?
gtv.otter Monday, 5th March 2007 21:14 Reply Hug
We're all humans, deal with it someone made a mistake and everyone flames him about it. He's doing a great job, just don't act like a big boy over internet. W/O mistakes life would be very boring imo. He probably learned from his mistake, he may do it again but he gives a lot back to us and I don't care about it if you compare what he gives, and what he has done wrong.
Arni, my 'true' was @ "so he casted like 300 wars so far + improved ettv and alot, and now because of one match that he forgot to broadcast he sucks?" :P
your own system owned you arni :) pls remember about that in gtv2 - do comments like on crossfire, the current system of comments at gtv is annoying me (reply-line you know what i mean yo)
I connected on the hub which was signed up for this match but it obviously didnt cast for some reason, sorry for that
expect the unexpected.
gg both teams , rlly good tp tlr

potm maus , and GG mashed'onfire
Your bet: 10000€ on TLR Won 20900.00€
thx :D
nice game, wp TLR and Impact!!!
Nice one, getting ETTV servers to broadcast dtekt, vib, zP! instead of TLR or Impact
thanks for the money :)
Impact was really disappointing me :(
Allright! Thanks for getting me my cash back up mAus! :D
no teamplay = no win ;p
that's bullshit
not, go spec dingnitas
teamplay > individual skill, golden rule in ET
individual skill = basic
teamplay = win
Impact Gaming 1.92 vs 2.09 The Last Resort Total pot: 1538398 €
Your bet: 500€ on TLR Won 1045.00€
It's obvious that impact needs a lil' bit of time to get in shape (mystic and raveneye owning walls with nades etc xD), but give them some time, they'll own..
exactly, just give time so they can get in shape, its obvious that they dont have good teamplay yet, but w8 maybe a month or two ;)
Yeah, if they stick together that long.
Impact Gaming 1.92 vs 2.09 The Last Resort Total pot: 1538398 €
Your bet: 250000€ on TLR Won 522500.00€

:o If only I had that much cash to bet! :( I bet like 86€... Still got 180! :D
hax imo
Your bet: 35€ on Impact Lost :(
hehe my i bet with TLR ;)
Never bet on your engrish skills :D
good job responding 2 years later
05.03.07 Muhehehe fo xD
I came from the future
nice life
you reply me 6 months later at 4am and u talking about life?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007 holy shit