Giants Gaming vs EC Winners !!! (7901 views)

lv Clown
ee frEeze
nl Zak-
fi kapaa
gb crumbs
pl dialer
pl wiaderko
nl perfo
nl teKoa
gb Baggiez
15.11.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Major Series VII Play Offs » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: m1st3r (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 85846
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 117


gl clown
gl down
GL tekoa <33
gl baggiez
gl dialer teKoa <3
gl Giants !
gl baggiez
gl ecw
gl ecw!
Who is baggiez?
i heard hes best fops of uk
Never heard of him so unknown:D
Will be epic. GL both! :)
The loss of chry will cost ecw this game
izi wiader & dialer !! =D
All eyes on baggiez to deliver, no pressure!
Without sounding like to much of an arse licker, I specced him in prac yesterday and he rolled face.
Why would he do that, that's just plain nasty.
GL teKoa.
GL teKoa.
GL teKoa.
GL teKoa.
big money to be made on ECW
with azatej they would be unbeatable
aza do not wanna play et wow 24/7
You have € 35 on ECW.
Possible win: € 100.8
Good luck to both teams, I know who my money is on.
perfoTeKoa vs giants
gl both
You have € 88 on ECW.
Possible win: € 220.88
You have € 305 on eu ECW. Cancel bet
Possible win: € 762.5
You have € 100 on eu ECW. Cancel bet
Possible win: € 250
You have € 12 on GIANTS
Possible win: € 19.8
4:36 :DD wp ecw
You have € 42600 on eu ECW
Possible win: € 107778

thanks baggiez :)
You have € 348 on eu ECW.
Possible win: € 880.44

thanks perfo :)
You have € 1420 on eu ECW.
Possible win: € 3592.6
good job with kicking dumbest player from the team, seems like its going better already
yes good job boys... frozz you are just a dumbfuck lowskilled newb
You have € 49 on ECW.
you won: € 123.97
nice caps your "you" has btw!
You have € 80 on GIANTS
Possible win: € 132

You have € 20163 on es GIANTS
Possible win: € 33268.95

bunch of lows
scores ?
You have € 305 on eu ECW.
You won € 771.65
You have € 341 on eu ECW.
You won € 862.73

You have € 100 on eu ECW.
You won € 253

You have € 300 on ECW.
You won € 759
You have € 46 on eu ECW.
You won € 116.38
You have € 2500 on eu ECW.
You won € 6325
ty ECW
You have € 162 on eu ECW.
You won € 409.86