Finland 2.55 vs Poland 2.55 (10932 views)

fi Cele
fi Arabi
fi Sungi
fi Pheno
pl kuna
pl morfey
pl Aima
pl ZaD

Finland vs Poland semifinal match in NationsCup 2.55

Whoever wants to play 2.55 and not install the version, can play in FragWorld (IP:
This server can be connected through both 2.55 and 2.60b.
25.11.10 19:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Nationscup 2.55 » Matchlink
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: Etmind (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 17146
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de -
By: Etmind (ettvd)
gb NationsCup ETTV |
By: Etmind (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 64


the best

You have € 588 on fi fin| Cancel bet
Possible win: € 799.68

flame on ;-)

I've new update coming up later this evening I think you'll love it <3
nice joke bro
see, you got hax
no no, i will download if i get +50 replys!!
tg tes low pd, tirais bien avec
all in for HIRVI EC skillzor :))

why is it 2.55 if you play on 2.60b
2.55 players?
They no longer are 2.55 players if they don't play 2.55, duhhhhhhh
It's twisted, 2.0.7 ETPro anyways :D
ettv doesn't work on etpro 2.0.7, so gtfo gtv
Wanna bet? Come check this match and you'll notice.
ps. Tested already :D
sul on poika paljon sananvaltaa :)
Niinno en puhunut susta enka sungista, mutta elaintarhan jannuista
mee roskiin jo vitun ässävikanen pentu =DD

oot vaa vihane ku et ite päässy team fin ku alunperin sinne halusit :::::D
nättii jengii :))
eiks soossi oo joku koodari
itse en ole seurannut pahemmin, mutta sait jo vastauksen swanidiukselta :)
ei oo
Finland 2.55 care? :D
hämmästelin enemmä näitte kommenttei ku joka paikas samat jätkät samat vinet
HaxLAND team ;)
2stars :)))))))
o chuj
co to kurwa jest?:XDDDDDDDDDDD
kryj ryj sosiku ;]
znowu pierdolone morfeye sie wjebaly, cioty jebane
its funny to see that you have written only negative comments about 2.55's nationscup while you are playing for the netherlands yourself, or perhaps you are just jealous =D you are hypocrite at least.

1: I play for fun and only when i accidentally have time (so far the matches have been scheduled on tuesday at 8, which is when my gf plays basketball).
2: You shouldn't be taking this cup serious at all unless you really are some noob piece of shit who thinks this cup is of any importance.
3: I wonder how rating this match the same as a ec upperbracket match really makes sense.
4: Same goes for Playing on patched with an old version of etpro.
5: Finland.55 is full of recently busted cheaters.
6: I haven't written any comments whatsoever about this cup so far. only about you and your med+ trickjumping team.
7: And yes, i be uber jealous of your 2 star match. Can i has be your friend now pls?
LORDI - busted in 2008?
Cele - never busted
HIRVI - busted in 2007?
SOOSSI - busted by demo evidence (xDD) 2009
Arabi - busted in 1892?
Sungi - never busted
Pheno - never busted

Your argument is invalid
Yeah, SOOSSI has always been clean and never cheated in the past (doesn't matter if he got busted or not (what happened like two times afaik))
busted for cvar in 1992
busted for random demo 2009

thats 4 out of 8 busted, counts for something at least
soossi was busted by the most obvious demo ever, why would that ever be funny?
Even jaN's demo was more obvious and he still isn't CB banned. Soossi only got banned because he won against re+play

ok enough trolling. I think someone in pallot team used wh in that match but I can't know for sure if it was soossi or someone just gave him infos

come on :D it's obvious that he cheat'd + it wasn't the only game...
so youre saying its not possible at all that some wh in his team said "one guy behind the main box watch out"?
same shit if you play with cheat or cheater.
Haha, I enjoyed the editing :p
Okay let's see:

Lordi 2010:
Arabi November 2009:
SOOSSI FEB 2010 (still banned on cb till 2011):
Cele was busted before he started that unpatched banlist site (where he didn't put himself and Lordi on because he claimed it was "a special case"). ,although i think there was one even more recent
HIRVI was on the fusenlist. Hard to find link though after crossfire crash. did find a link where everyone mocks him because of it which is good fun too :D
Lordi's PB kick was from 2009, he just got banned at 2010 as far as I remember.
I remembered the soossi date wrong, mind me
Cele hacked for 6 months straight but he was never busted on proper leagues (CB or ESL), and that pbban is >3 years old
I have never seen any proofs Hirvi was on fusenlist (he used to cheat against me though).
I didn't even know Arabi was busted until lordi told me a few days ago.

np, it's just so you know who you are playing with.
hirvi never was on so called fusenlist. it is inside joke made by some finnish players. we didnt know that cele had a pbban from 2007 but as sungi said he used to hack but hes clean since the release of slac. get lost now =)
we just found out that guy in the pbban isnt Cele, nice try tho ;)

oh and i was in the unpatched cheater list. get better memory lowbie =D
calling 7ele a lowbie, how much newschoolness does it take...
actually i wouldn't call myself newschool and yes, hes low skilled =D
relax don't take ET so serious xD
Hosting: Self Organised

No comments needed..

And moreover, 2.55 has been dead for ages.

You're an idiot. Why would he be a hypocrite? just cause he doesnt think its worth of 2 stars when he plays in the cup? did he ever claim it was a good cup with good teams cuz he's in it? no? must've misunderstood then. fuck outta here kid, go be a random elsewhere.
Why you make finale .6B while you play in .55?
its 2.0.7 etpro (.55's etpro) in .6b server :)
haha :D Serpent tyraj tam fintardow .
jaki sklad polaczkow??
dowiesz sie w swoim czasie
soossi playing 2.55 since he got busted in 2.6 ?
Mientus gra? :D
zaraz bedzie lu polakow :o)
O kurwa ,az strach :XD Jestem ciekaw, napewno bd Karolinka.:D haahahha.
is that guy bozar for real , not a hax?
ou nou , co za sklad... no to gg
fin 4:0 pl
japa dzieciaku..
2 stars for a 2.55 match?

gl kuna tba i tba !
add lineup aima
needs some more hackers imo
polski dreamteam :)
gl morfey :)
Nesto palo dodac to komenty umisz a na ts wejsc to nie wejdziesz
haha :D
1. nie pisales zebym wbil wiec nie wbilem
2.get riplej skill

Toc on niesmialy jest :(
2.55 oO lol :D czitongi !

no ale gl morfey : D

gl KOKIA i morfey
wtf wtf wtf ???????????? KOKIA 2.55 ??????????????????????
o kurwa ja pierdole O: !
GL POLSKA ! kokija , morfey hf !
gl morfey end kokia
kokia chuj doswiadczony jak gra codziennie na swoim nq i jebie z shotguna :D
Good to see pallobot dominating in every mod with or w/o slac :) Too bad that i cannot play with this shit wlan, oh well more time for school/coding
mastercoder bluman on puhunut
noo ei kovin moni tietääkseni ole pystyny kiertää slaccia onnistuneesti. Voihan se olla, että mäkää en ole, mutta ei yksää mun acco ole bannattu eikä ykskää jotka testaa sitä ole saanu bannia, että antaa sen puhuu puolestaa
vähäks vitun helmee :D tarjoisin baaris kaljat ilman muuta noin vitun fiksulle jätkälle joka jaksaa nörtteillä ettei jää tietokone peleis koodaamisest kii. siis vittu wau oikeesti D=
jaa tulikstää sulle :D blumanille piti mennä
kuulostaa hauskalta, mutta enpä koe tarpeelliseks tarttua tarjouksees ku ei oo tuosta rahastakaa sen verta puutetta, mutta kokeile jos tämä tergas ottas ja lähtis sulle kaveriks kaljalle
eihä se rahasta kii ookkaa jos haluu tarjota. aattelin vaa ku et muuta voi pääteekkää ku näistä koodeista aina sitä sun tätä ni aattelin et eikös ois vähä fantsuu ku joku antais sulle tunnustusta ja tarjois kaljat. vai taputtaako sua äiti olkapäälle kotona tarpeeks?
en oo asunu vanhempien hoivis enää pitkään aikaan eli taputtelut jää aika vähiin sieltä puolelta. Itse koen tarjotun juomisen yms vastaanottamisen heikkoutena ja merkkinä siitä ettei ole itsellä vara. Tunnustusta voi antaa myös ilman rahallista panostusta esim olemalla vain mukana :)
nii soossi ruukaa tehä :) halvalla pannaan tyhmiä ja sinisilmäsiä
xd .. n/C
Quote [FORWARD]: not boys to you claims are not present
Matc cancel i want worfait / so sossy gays

Now i got who he was talking about
GL fi soossi gays !!
ei vittu :XDSAD

Aima GL&HF morfey GL:)
Powodzenia Kokia! Powodzenia Morfey! :)
i was and always will be the best aimer on 2.55.
You own man.
wanna see u outaiming jewe :D
What about Servant ?
U know best aimer ought to be shaman and lithium (aka salanuevos)
sala is still the best aimer of 2.55....
werent you busted too? maybe you can play for team PL here to even out the busted people :D
gl Morfey :D Poland 2.55 (Jaymod Syle on) xD
2.55 still exists? :D
Kokia to gra nawet na 2.50 :p anyway 2.55 sux ;P
i teraz beda cwaniakowac ze grali w Team Poland ! huh
my to nie ty ego flecie a tak btw to jest fun ty nie wiesz co to znaczy
ja mam taki fun co weekend ktorego na oczy w zyciu nie widziales wiec przestan pierdolic na temat fanu..
i tak podpierasz sciany na imprezach " co weekend"
wielo :XDDDD dojebał do pieca :DDDDD
ja sie nie pytam co ty robisz na imprezie gimbusow
Nie pytasz, bo dobrze wiesz, pamietasz swoja kumnie, to wiesz jak sie bawia ludzie "na imprezie dla gimbusow" ot co !
o czym ty pierdolisz chlopcze ?
Nie wiem. Nie lubie Cie, bo jebiesz mchem.
gogo lordi
gl fin . pheno!
2.55 xD!
trolled .55 :DDDD
omg im away from this shit :DD

tbh 2 stars match? :O) ;d
& .55 cups are fail
there has always been
stupid but the truth
2.55 cups used to fail because of the people, in this case the admin is doing a good job as there ain't many noshows this time
so who is the admin?
mindi, contact me is op irc jij (Enigmatic/gtv`Enigma)
Zit nooit meer op irc, dus of pm op crossfire of hier
enigma engima i know, i know
ive played .55 for ages, i played more etpro there than you =)
i know thats coz of the people ;)
before the cup we already could've said: finals: nl vs finland. obviously if there is no slac finland will have a chance :D

anyway nice work mindi!!
even without slac NL vs FIN will be a funny match
.55 -.- how many busted ?
o japierdole... >.<
powinienes byc w Team Poland... nie rozpaczaj...
hene oot paras varmaan ikinä
gl sungi rozjeb cweli
NO fking wai! but still gl ;) (morfu nie drzyj na nich ryja jak bedziecie grac :XD)
powiedzial zaba najwiekszy cwel :)
wtf ? gl&hf Finland ^
smiech na sali
hahah made my day ty
Aima xD
2.6 rejects
Aima na 2.55 o kurwa!Co slysza moje oczy bedzie dzwonic chyba ale i tak Aima jest FFA bo napierdala rabina ponizej jarmulki
U can well fuck off with comments like: "2.55 - how many busted?" .. About this match, i think its ridicule.. If its a 2.55 cup, do it on 2.55 servers without ETTV, cuz thats 2.55 ! Bringing this over to 2.6b is stupid imo.. Not even to talk about the number of players that are on that list that weren't even "made" on 2.55! -> I mean.. Thats even worse.. About the cheating in Fin team, i think there's no way Lordi can answer back, ur Fin team is made up of a large amount of cheaters, end of.
U lot keep ruining the name of 2.55, while Codelust keeps improving it, cuz Suvi didnt care much bout it. Have Fun
2.55... Why not Wolfenstein 3d ? U need to play on old patch to get in NationCUp ?
Would be very cool imo... but Redneck Rampage Nation cups would be funnier
haha egofuck, its completely different game than .6b, feel free to challenge us :))
It really aint, just worse ppl playing it.

And no need to give me any shit about how i am clueless and all, i won it all on .55 back in the days.
just admit it, we > 2.55 players.
not in .55
lol k...
when i was there i pwn in the first time i played...
2.55 = low + max players with uge ego
c sur que jouer dans une version ou ya des hitsound c'est beaucoups mieu hein?
Gl Soossi & LORDI
kuna to chuj
omg ;x
The finns!They are comming!They are commmmmmming!!
GL Arabi <3

some wannabies and ex-cheaters pl/fi wanna play in NationsCup but they are too low for 6b...

hf nerds
pewnie na poczatku meczu bedzie czysto, ale pod koniec rundy pb sie wyjebie od nadmiaru inwentarza :D, moze jestem starym sklerotykiem dawno nie majacym nic wspolnego z powazna gra, ale aima to chyba mial 400nickow na cb i z 200 banow :D
morfey psujesz sobie reputacje grajac z gownami w klanie czy nc z dupy :/
szczerze wali mi to... to jest tylko jakas gra ale jak widac pelno w niej ludzi ktorzy traktuja to jak wlasne zycie...
kocham jak tak piszesz a potem przezywasz kazdego deada i mixa XD
Morfey OGIEN kurwa.:D
uwierz mi czlowiek jak sie zachowuje w zyciu ma duzo wspolnego z tym jak sie zachowuje w grze - pizda jest pizda w grze i w zyciu -- a akurat torpede nie mozesz posadzac o to ze traktuje ta gre jak swoje zycie -- i przyznaje w 100% panu naczelnemu chorazy torpeda -- chuj w dupe kosmita (oprucz Marsa)
nie do torpedy mowilem tylko do tych whinerow wszystkich
yea +1
Rules for this cup:
1. u must use at least wh
2.Aimbots also available
3...and all kind of netlimiters

-If you play without cheats your team will be cast-off from the cup!!
gl KOKIA curaku :-*
hf morfey & kunia ;** <3
H4x Actived





looks like a mix of the CB Banlist
team scared of slac vs team we dont give a fuck about slac?
ja tez mam bana moge grac
Who gotta have best bot setting FINTARD or POLTARD?
i think Fintards got better cheats
daff, zglos sie gdy beda rekrutowac do jaymod national cupa, wygrywa ten kto nabije wiecej xp z pfa
tää o vitu hyvä ku tääl nää perus lowiskillit haukkuu loweiks :DDD
fuck off
good luck ottom8 <3 ;)
co to kurwa ? xdd ;d
gl fin!
GL ZaD, Morfi, KOKIA :]
znowu gowno polak heheheheheh
pozdo 100
to bedzie fascynujaca walka na slac proofy :D
Co to za noname'y?:/
to sa te nolnejmy z ktorymi siedzisz na ts XDDDDDDDDDD :)
what is 2.55 ?
lol a war with ranks and adrenaline D:
SOOSSI da hacker back? :S
he didnt go anywhere just different alias :)
Well that was fun, one round then server switches to a match from around 2005...
should be fixed
Nope, it is now showing a replay of the first round.
busy fixing it, the isigame one is fine
I cannot connect to that one now, after first connecting to it downloaded some files (did not catch what they were called) then now when i try to connect to isigame server it says 'failed pure server check'...
restart ET and try again still showing a replay and isigame now says 'server timed out' thanks for your help anyway :)
Used Slots: 40

Yea, absolutely 2 stars worth :"D
noobs xd
Killerboy Thursday, 25th November 2010 17:15
looks like a mix of the CB Banlist
4:0 fin GG wp
i must say i sucked this time, but gg & wp =)
do that next match as well plox
You have € 10 on fin|
You won € 12.7
e z money

no anticheat or what? :D:D:D wasn't specing anywayz, trash

Ai että kun oli kivaa luettavaa nä kommentit... :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Since when have cheaters they own nations cup what the fuck?
a contest about higher bot settings, interesting :D