Always on Top vs Canadiak Revolution (4949 views)

us sandbag
us peaches
us ohurcool
ca Tomun
ca liquid
ca hyp3ri0n
ca dynster
3o3 NC American Qualifiers
10.12.10 02:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: 3on3 NationsCup 2011
Hosting: 3on3 Nationscup
Manager: sandbag (Requestee)
Maps: Frostbite
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Total Pot: € 4076
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 35


gona be a good game

hf sandbag peaches ohurcool tomun

may the best men win!

AoT needs more karl :) :pPp :]
Official statement:

After having a discussion with Killerboy, there's a decision that tehopiate is not allowed to participate in the tournament.
nice call ref
opiate isnt a cheat coder lol, hes a cheater just like you used to be so stop the hypocracy
I lol'd at your comment (because really, opiate's done more than "just be a cheater"), and also, spelling-punk strikes again: *hypocrisy.

Nothing serious meant, I just have an OCD to correct people's English. =)
opiate has never done anything but download public cheats and use them, he has no clue how to code stop feeding into all of the gossip you hear.. I dont mind the correction it happens to the best of us. Stop saying he has done things without providing details into what it is he has done.
The fact that he used to go around and hop on a server, rage full-boar with a bot for a while, spam his xfire a few times advertising that cheats were available through him? Would that count as something more that "just downloading a hack and using it"?

<3 Opiate, he's a fun guy who's very personable, but I think it's pretty hard to try and frame him as who has "only downloaded and used cheats".
Adding hacks for sale to your xfire status does not make you a cheat coder lol, hes just a normal cheater nothing more. Once again you have went on a rant yet you are showing nothing to prove your point. Every cheat opiate has used is open to the public just check the large amount of pbbans for proof
I never claimed he was the next super-coder. But selling and promoting cheats (private or public) is still more than "just using them". Dealing drugs is dealing drugs, whether you make your own meth or not.
Hes only a cheater, as long as you understand that he has never successfully sold a cheat to anyone we are at a mutual agreement...
amp'd fuck you.
you hack too. sand called you out. stfu & gtfo

opi did sell hacks. he sold hacks for fucking pizzahut pizza.
FUCKING fat american
Once again you guys are following the et gossip train, nothing that you speak of is true...You cant name one single player that ever got a cheat from opiate that was not already public....
what train am i following?
you think i don't know what opiate has been doing and or done.
I know for a fact that he sells hacks and has sold hack in the past. why?
Because hes asked me if i wanted a hack in exchange for me ordering him a pizza combo from pizza hut online.

So does everyone else. and we all know you know aswell. But you're defending him why?
You didn't buy your bots from opiate did you?
I hear you got them from dominator. true?
i hope hyper plays *riffle*
gl & hf both :)
le gl ohurcool
gl hyperion :)
gl tomun
gl dIE
gl ohurcool sand and exiv
gl tom!
gl peaches, ohurcool, sandbag.
gG guys it was a fun game.
np 4 canadians :D
gg wp
canada > us
your a bitch and so is your country, LATER GATER
u mad that u lost? ;D
lol gl ohurcool
submitt scores.. dont get mad sandbag
lololol 1 star match, americans are bad at this game
fucking scrubs..
all the good americans quit
don't worry, i'm back! :DD
we said "good"...

ok thanks
shut up frenchie, you're fucking terrible. wtf would you know?
U mad cause i was joking?
no one cares. you ugly emo fuck.
lol fu slick u can post on gtv but cant come chill with ur homies
LOL u lost to hyper? and liquid wtf
lol how did those players who barely play manage to win ;X

The fuck is this
what is now left of NA et.
You have € 521 on ca [Candik]
You won € 1594.26
Liquid and hyper and masters of ET