The Last Resort vs Team Dignitas (18701 views)

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nl M1lk
it XyLos
be mAus
gb sqzz
ee Anderson
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ESL Major Series Season 7 Grandfinal

Winner takes home 400€ and the loser 200€ - Statements

TLR have to beat Dignitas twice. We will not split this match in two!
16.12.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Major Series VII Play Offs » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: eiM (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 237261
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
gb #QuadV Stream 2
By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: 328

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 770


This should be fun! gl guys...
ru still manager of TLR ?
gl TLR; sqzz, ross, xylos
Winner takes home 400€

ec rematch?
"ESL Major Series VII Play Offs"

QuoteTLR have to beat Dignitas twice. We will not split this match in two!

QuoteTLR have to beat Dignitas twice. We will not split this match in two!

'Winner takes home 400€ and the loser 200€.'

Is it some kind of lan or what ? :D

If any match goes to 2:2 then dig can take the win
Gl mAus
Again? :D
dignitas will rape now :D
cmon dignitas..!
YEAR_OF_THE_GAME ! (second part)
Now m1lk got his form back TLR will win 9/10, np!
how nice eh?

gl both
gl digniats :DD
own this trl overpros :P
don't u mean 3nd gamer of thi jiiiiaaaaaaaaar.TLR will win, Uncle Kev will see to it, otherwise he will slap Maus's butt.
d. need a good rifle , if lightning is hot , d . can win .
but ......

gl both
what, again ???... D gona rolll this time..
Still Trust In Dignitas!
Yep, thats what i said last time, "Still Trust In TLR" and they rolled... and i lost all my money ..
i said morena morena morena i give you my love
gl gav, ross :)
every one expecting this match for 3 mounths and in 2 weeks u see 3 times TLR vs dignitas... lol
np4dignitas... but i want TLR 2 win...

my bets on dignitas, though.
izi for tlr
Cmon TLR:X you can make it again! gl sqzz& co
any shout? mayby tosspot?
First time in forever, but yes!
I was told Kamz is available to cast with you.
Don't fuck with tosspot kid. Go back to lick that sand niggers rectum.
niiiiiiice :D should duo cast imo ^^

took you a while before noticing the permissions thing btw :P
nice! :) cant stand owzo getting all shout casting fame? :-D
You'd better be planning on UL'ing the cast somewhere! I can't watch/listen tonight :(
intresting indeed
i want kamz casting :)
400euros for 5 yooohhoooooooooooooooo
gl sqzz <3
go TLR
goodluck TLR but i feel like dignitas will take this 1 :PP
TosspoT :)
Tosspot :-D
Tosspooooooooooooooooooooot <3

i came when i read this .. can TLR do it again !?
8-0 TLR
Haha D. will win this 100%.

You have € 1500 on
Possible win: € 2640
even with TosspoT it won't beat 1124


he likes esl more :(
but it wasnt ur EC?!?!?! WHY STEAL GLORY OF HOMER?!

Homer mate > killermate
cause its thursday, troller
16-0 tlr
No its personal, Its for Money. Soooooo I have´t friend today :9
Sokol z 1Cav Komentuje ?
s0k1 z 1stCav *

gl ross and sqzz
who cares about the players ? tosspot is casting
Bet what I'm about to do to Iris when you will leave her unattended, this evening!
mAus enjoy your 40€

80 ?
200:5 = 80 ? k then
heh, nie zwazylem na to, ze zakladasz ze z gory przegra :p
GL TLR :**** :D
omg sqzz omg omg omg omg omgggg!

well, gl.
expecting [CB]Killerboy to be on the server!
Gl milky
who cares about the players ? tosspot is casting

Pretty awesome concidering TosspoT's casting this.
must be play on sunday!!!
get some HS anderson, in ur epilepsy aimstyle ^^
dont let me down oula!
don't let pigeon down !!
i wont be happy had to give him a motivational talk after last time. Home from uni tomorrow havent played et in 3 months and still guna be better than rich :_D
haha, & ye true that :p
You have € 255 on TLR
Possible win: € 586.5
when will the maps be announced?
parkinsons...anderson has it
don't let me down sqzz. 50 pieces on you
tosspot shoutcasting - check.
TLR -v D. - TLR got to win twice AGAIN, against all odds and balldeep pressure AGAIN - CHECK
me being a big TLR fanboy AGAIN - check
this isnt just a final, its an M+ S final.

You have € 2123 on TLR
Possible win: € 4670.6

go on lads. give us two in a row!
$$$ = d. motivated
ross,sqzz,maus,xylos,milk = win.
I see what you did there
yeah, and i see what YOU did there. to make me lose all my moneys! :<
gl mAus <33333333333
#g5 Live stream incase the servers get full up.
this time i vote dignitas :-)
gogo sqzz !!!
wat song ...tosspot..... :S
Zawiodlem sie , nie ma mojego Ulubionego Komentatora...
tosspot : EYE of the TIGER!!
"and he will not be moved"

a tactical nuke :DDDD tosspot <3
Better than EC <3
I wanna take you on a rollercoaster..
Fucking true Az... this is better ;) So close on supply... Nice defend by TLR tho
przykro mi ze nie komentuje, ale dopiero wrocilem do domu po pracy.. :(
better than ec final
tosspot : EYE of the TIGER!!
what was the song tosspot played before goldrush? x)
I want to know too! :|
muse - map of the problematique?
Thanks, but it's not this one :)
gg lightning :o))
4-2 dig
You have € 44 on gb TLR
You lost

4-2 dig....lost money again :(
fuck off ross low shit nerd pls sort him out
and ur in for him?
didnt see you say that when they beat them 8-0, retard.
16.12 21:00The Last Resort 2.29 vs. 1.78 Team Dignitas 1,000 € on TLR Lost

You have € 255 on TLR
You lost
if only ross hadn't gone for ammo :( gg guys, fun to watch
nooo maaan
Awesome match awesome streaming !
gratz dig
well played, it was a nice game:)
fucking nice match!
d proven theyr the best team if they want ;>
You have € 250 on
You won € 445
You have € 20 on gb TLR
You lost

WP dignitas
forgot what watching ETTV was like without toss casting :P
n1 dignitas
rly nice match & shoutcast !
great watch, could have gone either way in that game. ggs
gg awesome performance on supply by lightning :)))
ertS Thursday, 16th December 2010 02:14
what, again ???... D gona rolll this time..
nice match.. gg'z
Congrats Dignitas
Nice shoutcast by Toss :) gg
was a nice and tight game, wp dignitas !
so is your asshole :)
wp, nice cast tos
very exciting game and gotta love Tosspot shoutcast <3
gg guys wp both 400€ is a lot :P
trance Wednesday, 15th December 2010 22:27
np4dignitas... but i want TLR 2 win...

my bets on dignitas, though.

I was correct, as always :)
Listener Peak: 328
Viewer Peak: 770

Nice, good game :)
Ok, let's go back in time

We need Tosspot, again :)
You have € 500 on gb
You won € 890