Pharaons vs SPEEDLINK (7689 views)

fr didisniper
be aieuh
fr Isoh
fr Bowler
fr narnuf
de blade
de kresti
de duKe_
de snoop
at potter
ch gifty
30.12.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Winter Leagues 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: skooli (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 50702
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
By: LGH|sharpii (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 110


gl les pha même si mais ça va pas être izi! GOGO
en français ça donne ?

oh wait
ftg pls

oh wait
ftg pls cheateh
En français ça donne?
get brain.
De la salive. Ta de la mentalité dit moi pour insulté les mères.
Member Since 5th July 2009

izi for sl
gl both :)
gl bl4d3 & krest
omg sl omg!
gl snoop :)
gl sl :D
izi money GL PHA
gl gifty, wenn er hoffentlich mal spielt :D
da lauer ich auch drauf <.<
stfu & talk english or we will visit you with some americans again...
You have € 100 on PHA
You mad
font chier a forcer les matchs...
c'est ljeu ma pauve lucette ^,^

Mon argent sur les phares a on.
You have € 5 on fr PHA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 54.85
I mAd!
GL&HF :)
You have € 639 on fr PHA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 4958.64
gl n hf speedlink ^^
gl les noobs et isoh
go gifty und duke hf
easy for the yermanz
omg snoop omg
Sachsen FTW XD
wow putaing pauvres Pha :x
GL les gars! :)
hoffe, snoops rechner wird anspringen bei den Temperaturen da im Osten ...
lüfter eingefroren oder wie ;)
gut möglich, weiß ja nicht was grade so in ist in Sachsen an Lüftern : D
C'est pas que je vous aime pas les PHA mais j'ai pas envie de perde des sous :xD
GLdidi & mtz
gl les PHA chance de jouer contre des leet :')
You'd better let deGungy play.
gl sl with swiss power :)
gl both
hf duke :)
izi sl
go gifty :D
You have € 1 on SL
Possible win: € 1.07

gogoG0 SL!!!
gl m8s <3
gl duke, potter and PHA !
le mec il s'appel on mais c'est le phare a on
WTF are you speedlick guys doing..trying to get doc's with camping ????? FFS.
lold @ karsiah
You almost lost agaisnt low+ players :DDD
4-0 almost lost? hmmmm...
Speedlink won versus PHA with 0 secondes difference. So that was almost a loss
Console: Objective not reached on time XX:XX

'Allied team succesfully ....'. Console it isnt on the reached time, but u have to make a sreenshot of the Allied succesfully ...' thing, not the console!
Thats true but it was still 4-0, some body not accepting the final score yet? 'Allied team succesfully beat the clock' a screenshot has to be taken of that for the result to stand?
its funny. WTH now ?:D
Which map ? (so I ll watch only this one)
Karsiah_te - epic = epic
haha low+
frenchie tries to be proud <.<
why don't you play the decider ? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
because there is no need for a decider?
in console it said the time was 00:00 faster. so its actually a tie maximum for SL, or a win for PHA cuz allies normally have to BEAT it, not tie the time, or not?
map is tied, score gets splitted --> 3:1
wer hat jetzt gewonnen?:D
/: score?
2-2 or 4-0 xD
same time omfg
3-1 and ok it's finish -_-"
incomplete match!!!!!
wtf hapend?
Théoriquement le score serait de 2-2
You know its a fucking english site frenchie retarded piece of shit
stfu , "i'm french i speak french"
stfu & talk english or we will visit you with some tanks again...
with Angela Merkel ? :D
OMG Angela Merkel is hot woman <333
haha :D
I'll visit you with usazuKi eheheheheh
nach frankreich nur auf ketten!
and loose again? lol
you wna get your ass kicked third time? you nazi's are weird people, nothing is enaught.
screen matters, not console, therefore it should be 4:0 but you're french, you won't get it
u mad ? :) we will play karsiah again !!

which part of "Allies Win" french people can't understand? 4:0 SL
you go girl
who the fuck are you to say console dosent matters?
We can read "objectif not reached in time"
it's been known since 2005 that screen > console
Wrong console matters
"Allied have secured both documents" came up before the scores, easy as, speedlink wins
520 td? was snoop rifle? :D
OMG Madafaka was nationalited yankeee!!! OHHH YEAHHH!!!
skooli stop rage boy , we don't know the score atm !!
the score is 4:0 for SL, simple as that
poltard :D
roba mad
you know poltards are still better than frenchtards

frenchtard < all
u mad ?
is mad :)

xkl has removed you from his buddylist ! :XDD
gg Speedlink
[14:16] <ESL|FoaMeA> map should have been replayed
For CB the screenie counts, but ESL might be different
Score should be 2-2 :p
yes , we will play karsiah a 2nd time ;)
won't change the final score 4-0 >.>
Well you guys won the map (8{
mega bullshit tbh gtfo ......
console > screen, it is more accurate as it takes the ms into consideration.
for once you're saying a logical thing.
I remember this happend few years ago, I believe it was some EC or NC thingie and result was screenshot > console
It depends about who plays.
we had it against sth on goldrush
ey vote op mij cb eh!
applied vor nc captain ofwa? :D
zeker doen dan ;)
Je pars une semaine et c'est le bordel !!