iNtakE.Gaming vs Glockz (5150 views)

glocks were are you at! stop hiding plz :DDD
08.01.11 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Int. 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: taZyaa (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 5327
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 28


|| T R O L L S
gonna be close
gl Cockz, you guys suck if you lose this -_-
bet on glocks to make intake ratio go up so i can win more moneyz pls...
nope. just greedy.
and i feel like being a fucking dick.
because euros are dicks and fuck around with me and my team.

so. thus, im acting like a dick
you're not acting like a dick, you are one...
that backfired lol
well ya know.. ya cant win them all. lol
gl taZyaa

Today 22:00 EET
you must be a virgin.
its 13 or 14.00 in Canada
14:00 for est coast.
11:00 for west
you're idiot cameltoe :DXD neRD!
GL Taz!
thnx bud.
You're a dickhead for not letting rAqz play
be quiet little girl.
You are probally the worst in the team. you should probally put raqz medic smg and put yourself backup your so shit, so gtfo fucking canadian trash
lol cry more you dirty britt.
your a little girl, sfu and don't talk to me unless your balls drop kiddy cat.
mad fag is mad

go outside fucking nerd
little girl i said stfu.
U mad coz u lost? you were being so flamed on ettv it was funny, i bet your so proud. you are possibly the shittest et player in history. revenge had 999 and afk most of the time and he still got more dmg than you. you also had 12 acc with mp40 and thompson most maps

u mad?

He gonna be :_D
little girl. go play barbie wnderland
taZyaa carried stfu !!
gl guys, taZyaa member and message me on cross if it's ok :)
Sorry guys, it was me/my lag who made you lose :(.
wp glock and sandbag
tazyaa most entertaining playah evah
Shooting the sky, jumping on nades, on dynos, whining, noobing, not helping :D
was fun :D
it was 4v5 most of the time. and i dnt have class/spawn selectors. the sky? really shooting the sky. not from my pov.
lol I also dont have spawn/class selector and I get more than 2,5 k dmg on supply :D
your eu. stfu
Ur a retard lol
lol why are you so mad trollface? :D playing like shit, insulting others all the really should go out and meet some friends instead of annoying the whole ET community.
i guess i should start bashing you too :DDD
I am out all the time. im in canada. while you sleep. im at the pubs/clubs. suck it nazi cunt. respect me boy!
My country whooped your ass!
bashing :DD if you would play like you played recently I even could let my sister play and she would easily win :D nice to see that you are going to pubs till 22:00 :DDDDDDD And Im not a nazi, sry :/ I dont respect a 21 (?) year old kid that is insulting and fighting with younger ppl on the internet ;) But I think its useless to talk to you, keep on doing your trollface :{D
RLY ? FUCKN RLY?You have € 384 on iNtakE.
Possible win: € 533.76
plz put intake won for a sec so i could get e-cash
You have € 50 on us iNtakE.
You lost

imma quite failed untill third map :(
failed aswell, hopefully next time will be better (aa)
it was basically 3v5

gg crono was owning tho ;D
first it was 4v5 now, now 3v5 -_-
they just can't stop whining.. --'
prodigy is not in intake... fyi
was gg, wp.
agreed, you played rly good but oh so unhit ^^
lol. tell me about unhit.
had a harder time hitting you then i did wiith them chile girls.
Atleast u had the chance to shoot :( lol wp guys was fun (for what I could actually see :p)
nice sandbag u lost,ur shit and u said that e-wave guys were not the best na players lol... :DD
Sandbag didn't lose, iNtakE did and sandbag was the best player in the whole match by a fair margine, please keep ur ignorant comments to urself :)
shadap,they lost , hes shit,nowhere near e-wave skill
It's my fault with my shitty laptop that they lost lol, but it still remains that sandbag isn't shit :/.
Why does he need to compare to the likes of rossko and rockstAr? he's good, simple as that.
because he told me he was rolling them with his NA buddies,dont get involved has nothing to do with u :)
Maybe he did? i've seen a mexican and a couple of lows+ players hold them on supply last year on an irc match, so they play EC etc that makes them gods right? lol they might play against big teams and do well most of the time but everyone has a bad day, who are u to say he was wrong?
i know he was wrong,none of the e-wave guys would lose a match to random NA retards unless they were cheating :)

and everyone does have a bad day once in a while,but not that bad to lose against the likes of him
W.e u say man, no offence but seems like u live in to much of an vertual world :p it's just a game mate. I've seen pAuz and others from e-wave lose to lows, first hand. So I know it's possible :) peace outtttt
i don't even play et anymore :p and no they wont lose to lows,because there is too much of a skill difference trust me talking from experience :PPPP but yeh w/e peace :D
revee is right though. intake guys are horseshit compared to ewave.
I won't disagree lol but that's like comparing all us brits with sqzz and ross, or all belgiums with mAus? Nobody does that, Sandbag is a good player.
i meant sandbag personally :p don't even know who plays for intake :D
I'm willing to bet sandbag will go further than u, and ur a european :/ there's no need to hijack here simply because he's starting with lower teams. Everyone started somewhere. Every match he has played in with iNtakE he is by FAR the best player in the server, and he proves it. Even though it's only a game, he will make it pretty far in terms on an american player.
this irish boy mad. don't piss of the ginger boy!
im not mad lol :D

im not irish either therfore ur argument is invalid now gtfo
so you use an irish ping. cus your from ireland.
well i live in ireland but im not irish :)
You're Irish by association.
lol lemme guess, sandbag said it on an ettv server, amiright? you know how easily it is to namefake on ettv? you're obviously easily trolled so i won't take it personally

hi my name is sandbag

Nice removing the line-ups, Tazyaa fucking cunt.
there was only my team on there.
why do you care?
Fucking cunt.

seems like your getting mad at everyone.
cry me a river.
lol thanks didn't noticed that journal :-) brb reading
et drama... never ends.

rockstAr ftw.