Belgium vs Austria (12355 views)

be chry
be lio
be Sup3r
be Jere
be fostruM
at day_
at Scorch
at jaN
at v1ech
at DonMatthias
30.01.11 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XIV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: LION (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 58190
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 162



where mAus is ?
gl Team Austria !!!!!!
gl chry ;)
All money on Scorch and jaN
Haut sie um ihr alten Hasen ;)
no maus????
gl m8s :)
gl boyz, not like u need it but :)
izi for team austria, but still gl austria and jere :)
gl with 4
gl össis ^^
gl autz!
lineup is btw: viech, donmatthias, jaN, scorch, day_
no mAus ?
gl kevinski :D n jereski
GL belgen
No undead and mAus??? :x
but GL
where maus?
mo mAus no win so gl Eidgenossen ^^
easy for viech <3 x
maus a disparue?
T'es trop un winner toi :{D!
gl BE
maus a disparue?
maus a disparue?

izi for be 4 vs 5
mAus revient plz
Il s'est fait chopper pour cheat, actuellement banni pour 2 ans sur CB.

Cette fois il ne sait pas dire que c'est son frère !
rien n'apparait sur cb :((
Je sais, je dis ca comme ca tkt^^ imo il va play.

La belgique a autant besoin de lui qu'un gouvernement xD
gl don! :)
austria can surpirse !
gl fostrum! =))
No mAus No win :<
where is mAus ? :<
will probably compete in this tournament when they get into the play-offs =)
GL DON & Schorch & den Fostrum
Gl vlaamse powners!
You have € 10 on AUT
Possible win: € 97.9
No maus no win.
You have € 69 on at AUT Cancel bet
Possible win: € 708.63
easybash! GL gaste!
gl don!
no mAus no win xD
stil, where is mAus ?
gl AUS
hope mAus will not play playoffs only, would be fucking ignorant from sides :)
Play-offs only -> hard/important games only
would still be arrogant
Dunno why he does it, so not gonna call it anything, if he lacks time, its understandable (basicly Belgium should be able to handle all these games without any probs without him)
Prolly cause he got uni exams now
gl Jere & fostruMM ;)
no maus = insta win
gl mAustria :)
Obviously Belgium Gone win !!!!!!!!!
gl don
gl fostruM! :)
good luck austria!!
no limbonic, no jok3 - no win :( gl to austria tho :)))
straatfilosoof gaat poenen x
gl both
gl ladies
lol remember old BE teams... this one looks so weak :o
gl sup3rjere
gl Donmatthias and fostrum<3
gl don!!
Gl Belg
Hope Belgium will destroy them
gl super
2-2 decider is goldrush
You have € 234 on AUT
Possible win: € 1347.84

damn ;D;D i thought it is 3o3 ;S
gg wp
much luck :PP
don't be too happy.. :D
4-2 BE
thanks, day scared the shit out of me, had all my money on be :D
He wrote it properly I suppose- 2-4 made by Austrian means they lost it :)
ah i interpreted it wrongly, since it was BE - AUT i thought it was 2-4 like that :p
after reading that it brought me back to the days before LAN
Yeah, I understand why you thought so^^
802.00 € u so rich

You have € 81 on be BEL
You won € 98.01

succeful night
You have € 3000 on at AUT
You lost

Random factor wasn't high enough :x
gg jaN
You have € 12 on be BEL
You won € 14.52

oeioei chry amai gij suckt wel de ballen, ze zouden zelfs u broer nog beter opgesteld hebben

enja over de lio gaak zelfs nix zeggen, das de carrier van formaat normaal marja
Goood Gamee !