Most Valuable Players vs (6534 views)

pl zMk
pl numeric
be chry
be lio
gb razz
gb mztik
be vila
hr suVi
hr calisto
nl Ati
gb griim
26.01.11 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Winter Leagues 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: zMk (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 22233
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 95


where is Frag ?
vila omfg ? pls
GL vila :)
if u want an ec invite, kick vila.
how is an EC invite in any way related to vila?
for one thing when there have been too many changes made to the team they won't be invited at all, unless they beat dignitas or something. also KB (or another admin) mentioned last season that recently unbanned cheaters won't get a qualifier. so I guess that means they won't be invited with a changed lineup and the addition of a recently unbanned cheater.
but is he actualy playing? i count 7 players there
"if u want an ec invite, kick vila."
Seriously it's been a year, get over yourself, i hardly play this game, only some mixes, i'm not even playing with them... Astonishes me how serious you take all this, get a life lol
says a kid who cant stay away from a computer game gg
Why should I stay away? If I want to play a game sometimes I should not because you don't like to see me play? :D rofl gtfo :p
i dont give a fuck if you play or not,just was funny you saying to him to get a life^^
Ye and what's funny about that? It's not like i'm here 24/7 , just a couple of times a week if I have nothing better to do :) , unlike others who seriously care to much about me...
yes because I even play ET, so serious



unbanned is unbanned, makes no sense to not allow recently unbanned players

you might aswell just ban them longer?
oc seemed a fine place to put edit last season
But that wasn't related to any recent unban(s), they just belonged there (skillwise)

so again, it makes no sense
when people asked why edit didn't make it to a quali since they played the previous ec an admin replied with "cheaters cannot into ec" or something.
well then that admin is a retard, being an EX-cheater shouldn't be a reason to dissalow some1 in a cup after their ban period

not being skilled enough on the other hand is a good argument
cheaters cannot into ec, to which I quote my original comment "if u want an ec invite, kick vila."
GL vila :)
vila ready to own .
vila GL!

vila is so fuckin skilled, he even owned himself
GL numeric ;)
gtfo vila
Gl numeric razz <3
boycotting the match since vila plays. Gl base nerds
i wouldnt care less :D he is unbanned so you can lick my balls....... if i remember good alexl playing with sweden boys all the time and he was busted a few times :D
nice flag
Who the fuck actually cares if Vila cheated :D I think he cheated only in that one match when he wanted to show to that fucktard kamz. It's pretty obvious that he isn't cheating anymore
Thats why he is busted more than once :D

Because he only cheated once. Dumb belgians and unbelievably shit :D to you even vila looks smart:/
Yes, I know that he has been busted in the past, but so is 90% of community
wannabe mAus statement.
90% of the community got busted in the past?
base lu?
Selfbust cuming!
who is vila?
nice community is this, letting cheaters play again :) and then you wonder why there are not that much lans for this game xD
no frag no win
suVi, forever alone
no vila no bust
oh razz...
gl ati if plays
i would never play with vila.. :)
no clue about lineup, will probably be mixed
lol np4suvi
Community at its best, vila getting a team once again
Xperia , maak me is trots, tijger.
Quotevila Wednesday, 26th January 2011 18:22
i'm not even playing with them
ouu, close on radar i guess
wp razz :D
We bad team, fun game though. :P
ye you are :S:S
oke you good team me bad team :(