Belgian Fraternity vs turbot (6470 views)

be AL1
be Sup3r
be chizzel
be crook
be undead
fi Swanidius
fi crittie
fi OldenSan
fi vokki
fi Vanhaomena

EuroCup XXIII - ET SW 5on5

Second Round Qualifiers - Seed #4/OC
06.04.11 23:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXIII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: vokki (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 44735
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 87


All in BF
Go les Frites!
swanin EC-unelma kariutuu hehehehe
see you in OPENCUP swanidius : )
i will fuck this up again :)
gl olbaa and squall
zhey cant play and you know it you odd fucker, secretly betting on BF >:D
ofc they can
ofc not, they play for dicknitas?
dignitas aint playing ec u retard ^_^
You have € 21 on turbot
Possible win: € 57.75

In Vanhaomena we trust.
Onnee turbot :)

You have € 110 on fi turbot Cancel bet
Possible win: € 273.9
Onnee OC:hen Swani <3 Kattelen sua pilven reunalta
bring back glory days of bmg mates
gl olbaa and squall
gl BeF
gl bf
gl crook meight best player in ET
gl guyz! all in on bF :P :-* <3 super & chizzel !!!
gl bf mates <3
veel geluk bF.
good luck BF :) you deserve EC
GL Sup3r && AL1 ! <33
You have € 116 on fi turbot Cancel bet
Possible win: € 197.2
wp crane!
hahaha :D

bF dumb bois :P
bF 1-0 turbot

forfeit because turbot left during game

forfeit = cancel match on gtv
noshowup, gl OC tA
"It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse bugs. Any kind of bug abuse is considered cheating and will lead to a forfeit loss."

any kind of bug abuse includes pausing while lagging imo. you should have paused after crane.
ye so you should leave and cry instead of adding extra time, makes sense m8

even admin told to finish the map.
erm.. i just copied the rule. altho the rule says "intentionally pausing". i came to the server right after the drama happened but if crook (???) didnt get serious lag like 999 i'd say the pause wasnt necessary at the time.
vanhaomena tripped over his hair and pressed disconnect bind i guess :S
It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse bugs. Any kind of bug abuse is considered cheating and will lead to a forfeit loss.

13. Match Rules - general

Following tactics are to be considered illegal:

pausing the match intentionally during the movement of the crane on Supplydepot2

bug exploitation of any kind
Its called Supply now, old rule is old, no longer valid.
advantage? we added more time so i dont see any advantage
Do u realize adding time gives advantage to you.
well we wanted to add time when you were attacking :D pls dont talk to me pathetic piece of shit :)
logic isnt your thing is it, we were going to add extra time when u attacked, how would that give us any advantage?

you guys lost my e-respect :P (i never respected you but neways)
You seemed to be voting it while we were still defending
yeh okay u're right, makes a lot of sense, that was also intentionally, not a mistake at all
you said it yourself: intentionally :)

crook pinged hard and hit pause, was just unlucky that happened right after button was pressed, thus not intentionally, thus no forfeit. Could've even been he didnt hear button was pressed because he lagged out at that point.
exactly, I had no idea what was happening because of the 999 and just paused
Who cares, still bug abuse is a bug abuse
you win only one map then not the whole war ^^
I lost my money because of forfeit?

!! FAIR PLAY !! Belgian Fraternity !! FAIR PLAY !!
I love the drama

On a serious note: why not just add time/all selfkill? just TRY to find a solution instead of instantly claiming forfeit
cause they are desperate to play EC :D when crook paused, they all got boner and left
wtf man, if u would just add more time, there would still be a situation what wouldnt have occured without the pause (12 sec until axis respawn + gold already at the truck).
we could all selfkill :)
Basically you are suggesting not to play by the rules?

bF just mad as usual 8)
lol you're all acting like he used noclip, but hey, i guess i would do the same if i stare out of my window all day and all i see is polarbears
Chill bro, you shouldnt take this game this serious :XD
im not taking this serious, its just pathetic that they leave, if they would rape us, i wouldnt even care but this is just lame :)
just 1-0 to tA and u defend, BIG diil :{
well then its a noshow cuz they left
he did vid_restart
ye i did vid_restart in their spawn when I didnt know button was going to be pushed and I paused at the same time
srr guys, we rly needed that pause to win xox you derserve it xoxo, it was all planned from the beginning xox
wp :)
4-2 bF

taneli no guid tho :)
epic xD
turbot cannot win with olBaa & squall , sad
gl in premier
gl at premier swani!!!
shit happened :DDDDDDDD
gl at premier swani!!!
turbot cannot win with olBaa & squall , sad
gl bF, well played :) xx
wp, I almost did it again this time. But now I waited till I stopped lagging lol.
[23:53:41] * You were kicked from by Swanidius (Boo-hoo)
No EC for Swani, too bad :(
finm8s im dissapointed , but hey You have € 2000 on BF
You won € 4960 :PPP
gg wp bF :)

justice was served =P
I am sorry for turbot, they are really a good team.
GL in EC bF tho!
haha big fail trying to win like that turbot.
if it was forfeit cancel bets then?
wasn't forfeit, we had to re-play the decider map Supply and they let olbaa & squall come to play :D but we won
what happend? didn't see the match
Bf rolled em, they bugged in SD2 so they had to replay map, turbot got rolled still :D
thx for easy money ;)

swaidus wh didnt work or what? GET IT WORKING i lost 100 thx to u
it's imaginary moneyzzzz
I want my money back ! :D
rolled by skilled?^^

fuck off with "replay supply", bug = forfeit map
In every other match it has been forfeit for the other team
idd, same here from an old ladder match ( we didnt even used bug, well the crane didnt move while the pause was on ) and we voted +1 min for them in attack to be fair, we set a time at supply for ~6min, haha lame shit.
got points vs parodia with that bug in 3v3!


best bug ever <3
lol, spawned on others area @ multi_huntplace :xD

so i won my 1on1 offi Dx
"Following tactics are to be considered illegal:
pausing the match intentionally during the movement of the crane on Supplydepot2"

Was not intentionally, which the admin could have checked out if needed. They still had a decent chance of getting a forfeit from both us and the admin for that round if they just didn't instaquit and waited for a response from the admin.

We even tried to vote extra time, so don't try and be smart when you have no idea what happened.
care, same shit happened to my team once, crane didnt move while pause was on, and we added 1min moar and still bug shit forfeit.
I'm pretty sure the deciding factor for replaying was that tA decided to try and force a forfeit by disconnecting. And fortunatly EC has good admins who noticed that there was no way this was foul play.

Tell me, did your opponent do that? If not, silly comparison. :)
well, why do they have to stay on the serv if u used bug ( paused during crane mouvement, intentionally or not )

so fuck off with nerd who does not follow their rules, thats more lame than disconnect.
I had 999 BEFORE the button got pushed, and it insta-paused after I stopped lagging. So no nerd bugabuse. Either you're a bad troll or a retard. Either way, go away.
same here, and the crane didnt move, and we got forfeit, so fuck off :)

once they respected their rules and cant do anything, and once they dont.
mad cuz you lost 5€? :)
best team won.

Nothing to add imo.

if they didnt finish the match who won? :{DDDDDDDDDD :DDD:DDD
Ignorance is no excuse.
Imo people care too much about bugabuses and should care more about getting laid once in a while...