Epic #epic-eSports vs Lost Soldiers (4804 views)

fr raffou
fr b3ck
nl l4mpje
nl kri
nl m4rk
de lango
de bomi
de ducis
be buzzer
pl Rafacz
11.04.11 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mArkinAtorz (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 30276
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 29


hf rafau
L4mpje: bird, y u always slurp ur slime afhter u talked?

good luck l4mp :D

round 2!!

GL German Premier League Tean
Epic is shit
Epicly bad vs u last time idd. But its fine now, challenge us whenever u want.
Arrête de lui sucer les bowls à cet attardé, ça en vaut pas la peine. Il se prend pour un high.
Cause you think glitz is high? lol
Winning an offi versus us doesn't mean you're EC worthy man, stop wanking.

Modesty, looks like you don't get the meaning of this word.
sorry but we RAN over you in offi.
we aint EC worthy, but you are just shit man x)
"ran over" didn't feel like it but w/e. Another braindead guy thinking that he is better that everyone, kinda funny :p
If you actually think that one game means something then you must have serious problems. Try to work on till the next match my son ;)
k, skilled

wnb estonian in crossfire.
You'd better check my flag again sir dumbass. You are now in my "retards list". I'm glad that there are some nice members in your team otherwise it would be a big bunch of braincripples...
Epic greater mens than you can possibly imagine...

Besides, they had a bad day @ offi. Just because we trampled you today doesn't mean you are shit ":D" Just a bad day...
3o3 is not 5o5
There would be no difference :)
so lost are giving up their OC prem spot?
We are not premier worthy mate :)
I have no idea, don't think I've ever played either of these teams - just wonder what the "last game for was OC PRemier spot" thing means :)
€ 5734
epic eu 1.26
6.66 de lost^
gl lost
kim jong-kun goes for gold
gl l4mpje
Gl Fellas:

You have € 250 on de lost^
Possible win: € 895
You have € 5000 on eu epic
Possible win: € 6050

gl l4mpje, kri, mark
"The match yesterday was about who will earn a OC Premier spot in future, today its a basic CB 5o5 ladder match " :DDD trolled hard we will play prem anyway :PpPpPp
spielt ihr jetzt second?
YOU SO MEAN mate :(

Anyway, rAffou is showing off so nvm :D
mark = requestee, this noob thought it was necessary to put it on, as if people could care about
gl lost :)
hf b3ck and buzzer
gl epic ! <3

ec worthy

The line up was totally different you troller :p
You have € 165 on de lost^
You lost
good luck b3ck!
buzzer sal low gl beck ;)
Good luck epic!
l4mpje <3 ... gl kri and markinatorz :)
könnt ihr bitte wenigstens in der ladder gegen diesesn spastikinder verein gewinnen?
gl b3ck !
My LAST money on LOST soldiers.
If they lost, i will drunk.
you can start drinking :D
GL in ECC playoffs.

Well stacked on radar, raffou.
Well stacked in the ovens, herr Fuhrer.
You have € 2662 on eu epic
You won € 3593.7