Team Dignitas vs WinFakt! (5364 views)

ee Anderson
de drago
nl Lightning
fi olBaa
fi squall
pl dialer
pl wiaderko
nl perfo
nl teKoa
gb Baggiez
11.04.11 23:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous » Matchlink
Manager: mikehh (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 32225
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 191


All my money on Bagsworth no pressure lads haha
dont bet on this fag
Sup jonny
np jonm8
WTF GUYS!!!! haha not bad though few unlucky spawns
unlucky spawns, wat? didn't they have like best spawntime possible for every map :D?
I was trying to keep there heads up. You know being nice and stuff but cheers though.
Co ty kurwa wiesz o zabijaniu?!;o
4-0 di
4:0 d. expected
nice game
You have € 1999 on
Possible win: € 2498.75
team which never praccs, defeats a team of ET's biggest nerds who play 24/7. Wow, baggiez & co really do suck. well played dialer tho :p
dignitas never praccs ? they played with this lineup during last season and I doubt players like them forget some tactics or positions :P
So your telling me, if a team doesnt pracc, they play exactly the same as when they did? Please, none of them are playing at their best, none of them - solely down to the fact they dont play enough to keep inshape.
Even if they don't play too much, those players are experienced and that's why they can reach a cup final without playing 24/7 ;)
experience > practice
dicknitas > all
true though isnt it kamz :P Atleast you can say, when you played for UK, they came 3rd, where did they come with Baggiez? i didn't really follow when that lanky streak of piss joined the team.
Luckily your opinion means shit as you're the worst "med+" player I've ever seen!
+ fucking 1 ;)
idd vriendje:$
Shame i dont you know you, so ill forget your comment, u dirty black cunt.
Hmm, you don't know me, but you know I'm black?
No, i tend to call a lot of people dirty black cunts, guess i was right for a change.
Ah yeah because there are so much black guys playing ET right.
Ye, quite a few.
Aha pro player how is that team of ur's doing? Folded nah?
Which team? Ive only just come back from a recent 4 week absence.
Wow a hole month no ET. What a big break! But I think it was or smthg?
I know, was very hard, but it had 2 be done - I'm so proud of myself. But doesn't matter since i dont really play actively any more. Ye its Eurotrash now, the team fell apart when my pc broke and i was gone a while and demented left because he didnt believe he could handle playing with the team. Shame really, was a fun team - but shit happens
idd m8, when i was the capt there was organisation and everybody had a role and there was a solid understanding, with baggiez going into the team, it must have felt like 4 mates and a stranger, he cost them the game on goldrush vs germany and u cant blame anybody but the capt for that decision =P
idd, ah well hey :p atleast we have an understanding on who the better option was.
You jelly?
Far from it. He is a weird disgusting ugly scottish pedo.
dignitas rolling nerds as always