Queens vs glitz (8391 views)

gb sqzz
gb razz
is phyZiC
gb artstar
fi maza
ee LudA
ee x3NJa
ee Ajit
23.05.11 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Edgar (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 54613
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 98


gl glitz :x
izi for artstar
Artstar will deliver
izi for artstar :D
Have fun Razz, Artstar & Maza ;)
gl fysiek + maza + viol
bb miNd & toxic !
who's rifle :p?
CB ET SW 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2011 » Matchlink
gl queens <3
gl boys

why do you even browse et sites?!
why not?
coz you don't even play the game? :dd
how would you know im not good enough for queens if you don't even play et :D
neither do i, problem????!?!?!
you are special though :~>
Artstar will deliver.<3!
gl hf art
Good luck Queens
Artstar :D

Good luck m8!
GL sqqz ;)
who is maza?
best aimer out there
artstar is even worse than caej wtf lol
have you ever even played against me?? :d
lol no I don't play random lowbobs :S
you try too hard
I would personally consider this as obvious trolling, not as trying too hard.
hey, just ignore these haters. hf and gl in the match man <3
thanks <3 but I'm not even playing :D all this flame for nothing :$
wtf? artstar? please...
gl caej <3
wtf is artstar
artstar & maza for toxic & mind ? Oo
3o3 oc :d me and razz signed up to this before the ec queens lineup even formed
oh k^^ didn't see it, srz
<insert random flame about Artstar being in that team here>

GL :>
it's my team :P you could flame me for getting razz/sqzz/phyzic/maza to play with me, though.
queens is your team?
this 3o3 team yea
omg omg

can i get your autograph?
just answering a question man. it's not like i started any arguments here :d
editpolice called!!
gl artstar buddy :) shut all those haters up!
gl artstar, u headshot giving monster!
gl artstar & razz
add de p4t to glitz and lets play 5on5 :-)
no fimiNd no win
where is toxicccc ? :<
JyrkZ is not avi to play :(.
all hope is lost
glitz might even win now
but they didn´t :S.
maza is a queen :o
for everyone whos keeps leaving comments, this is queens 3on3 team. 5on5 team is just the same as normal accept flopjeh for mind, and aza for toxic
except? :D
can you imagine that this guy, a native speaker, keeps on commenting about other people's language skills and yet manages to make himself look this stupid? I think it's crazy! :S
+1 :D
lol blindi stfu .. he is good native speaker accept sometimes little mistake..
no he ment: Community, accept maza and flopjehz in our line-up and stop being so focussed on trying to get your line-up questions solved!
everyone makes mistakes ! ..people might be distracting him on vent or smth :P
did you kick mind and toxic? and if you did, why? :D
think he meant maza
well both aza and maza would be a bad choice as their playstyle is completely different to toxic's
aza doesn't need playstyle he just needs crouch
aza in team = insta win
Gl razz
Sqqz GL ;)
get me in queens :D
who will play for queens?
me sqzzl3r and razzl3r
gl sqzzel mah nizzle
GL LudA subbi ince!
If you want to see the match, join already at 45, that's when ETTV connects, the match itself started at 20.30.
why didn't edgar change the time then
Hf gavla
glitz -



Queens -


4-2 to Queens
hey I played too :( funny that they lose beach while im in spec :S
too easy :D
why did you kick out the other guys :d
they had to leave for the pracc/offi against NE, thats why I also asked for it to be played earlier :p
oh :} i rape juuu harddd!!1
it was funny match :P
Supply and et beach attack not avi when i requested it :(

we fullheld glitz at flag
we set 5mins or so


queens set like 7mins
glitz set like a 4/5mins time or so