$ilence Breakers vs intensiveNoobs (5981 views)

nl outlAw
fr kartez
nl Highway
nl Kockie
de waYne
be Boss
nl Ming
pl Kirej
no Domi
nl TeRRoR
07.06.11 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: highway (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 14183
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 37


gl iN vrienden
np for darkrider
We cant play, could we move the game to wednesday or next week pls :), couldnt find u on irc
We might be able to play anyway. Contact iN|Domi in #devastation

Line-up for now: noDomi, nlMing, beBoss, plKirej, TBA
why the hell is some random faking estonian mata
why the hell is some random faking estonian mata
why the eehell is some random faking estonian mata
gl iN
why the hell is some random faking estonian mata
gl highway, domi & TeRRoR
izi for iN
Otyg speel je?
Nee ben weg vanavond, feestje ;p spelen met ming,domi,boss,kirej en een backup
GL sbz <3
Good luck Silence
You'll win this!
btw: where is Nike (i know he left a long time ago)? Is he coming back to you guys?
Dont think hes coming back :) but we play with him several times a week :)
With what for name is he playing now?
I want to talk with him( good old old et friend, the one who started to make me (Gaymod) ok.
I think I lost his xfire. I know how can you lost someones xfire...I did.
hehe he is playing with the name beep now. Ill send you a pm with his xfire ;) and yeah i remember you too from that polish AK server? :p
Yeah indeed!
Who are you?
I can't remember you :p
i was playing with this old nick ;) so you wont remember the new one either
GL domi :)
bet on darkrider he's got a massive dog
gl outlAw
darkrider /!\
gl sbz ;*
why the hell is some random faking estonian mata
why the hell is some random
fucking estonian mata
why the hell is some randome faking estonian mata
darkrider allowed to play CB?
outlaw allowed to play CB?
TeRRoR shit name
He had it for like uhm 7 years now? =D
no gl 4 me? ;'( ;p
gl Kirej
kartez <3
hf kartez
i completly forgot about this match LMAO :) sorry <3 <3
you're only 6 minutes late
gl kartez
well this was bad :)
skilldrop after pc crash with constant 30 fps ;D
You have € 250 on eu iN
Possible win: € 380

You have € 1000 on sBz|
You won € 2920

Le kewl merc power thanks :D
que de la luck avec tes derniers paris!
med+ bet stoo. Faut bien exceller quelque part quand on est low ig
Never again will i allow 2 mercs, not even a single.
why monsieur domi
Guess? Team got carried by kartez.
You have € 250 on sBz|
You won € 730
o0 lol
basic outlaw skill increase when it started to be tight at grush: via cp gets one, then jump from stair to under bridge and _from air+landing_ lands 3hs to kirej, np. Also its impossible to gib because bot doesn't recognize dead people, insta switch to next enemy in every 3on1 and 4on1 situations.
Overall np,
You have € 1000 on eu sBz|
You won € 2920
Well, thats something new then. In 3on3 hes like utter shit (well, he was 2 months ago or so)
3on3 =/= 5on5
Well if hes such a great aimer in 5on5, he ought to be able to aim in 3on3 aswell? :P
he is not playing 3/3(just exception) ...sBz push at the moment the 5/5 team..3o3 team will be finished in some days/weeks..we search 1 more player-commercial..:)
Could you atleast try to make some sense?
the only sense is that he is not playing 3o3..:)..fine for you?
erase BossHK: just a nub cheater :-)
erase BossHK disconnected.
Not strange with your past?
u mad man
You atleast could be friendly since we allowed you to use 2 mercs?
I was fucking nice to you, but you keep whining about cheaters and excuses and shit. Just keep your mouth shut and will play this match once over. With the real line-ups and stuff.
thats domi for you ;-)
Cheaters? Excuses? Where?
we dont give a shit on history, we are writing it now
Calm down dude?
take it easy, next time you win...
nice history you write :pPp
thanks...but im a bad storyteller...i try to work on my press style..:)
he still is, we rolled em to egoquit while we lost pretty badly to you adeto and hste :p
ye i got binded when my bot need to be perfect so i cant gib anymore OR i just dont gib IF 4 MEDICS are WITH EACHOTHER ujelly>
in my opinion you should gib when there are 4 medics around
You'll be able to pick off max 2/3.. fourth just heals the rest if you don't gib
just watch the replay with shownormals for a laugh......i mean even in pubs he has those huge skill boosts, playing like shit for a while than all the sudden he hits everything within is FOV .... oh well
Mk#Terror back in action
You have € 500 on eu sBz|
You won € 1460

ty highway!
highway? :DDDDDDDDD u are funny
and your uber support
noobs got rolled
Now who's this outlaw guy, wanna have the same wall tracking skills. Spec this match with shownormals on for some lulz
outlaw is outlaw...enjoy next matches-he loves new fans..:)
im a fan already, all-knowing and still getting fulls most of the time - awesome player.. u should be really proud ur team is playing with a cheater and still is SHIT
give me some evidence for his cheating..make some demos etc., than we speak again
His 4 C&A profiles should proof enough that he doesnt mind cheating.
yup i just know to not get busted anymore by not shooting on walls. me so pro
Good for you bro, cya @ LAN with your skillboost @ 5on5 =)))
People see outlaw rolling, they hatin'
well cheated
replay is full of win :XD
thnx bust video plz love to watch
dont feed the troll guys :D