Team Decerto vs Queens (7135 views)

nl saKen
nl joshua
nl SQuid
de boNg
gb razz
is phyZiC
ClanBase OpenCup 3on3 2011 Premier Division

Grand Final

Match 1
27.06.11 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: saKen (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 45919
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 171


gl queens
<TosspoT> I dont cast 3on3
<TosspoT> they are filled with talentless players
<TosspoT> talentless fucks and hackers = 3on3
[17:05:09] <NE`Robaciek> that explains saKen in final
[17:05:17] <TosspoT> ahh
[17:05:17] <TosspoT> saken
[17:05:19] <TosspoT> there you go!
[17:05:20] <TosspoT> :D
for those who don't get it:quote regarding casting the 3on3 NC final
doubt it's gonna happen :] phyzic hasn't been online in a week and I assume sqzz will be praccing with anexis and razz will be praccing with spot16 since LAN is only a few days away.
Artstar Queens manager?
I played a few offi's at the start but I'm only able to compete at this "level" if I'm playing skilled wars daily and every member of queens has more shit to do than play 3on3s all day. I've been the WA for every team I was in like ever so it makes sense that I arrange the matches here too >.<
Artstar the living ET encyclopedia
he knows more than you about your et career
what do I know about et :d

if you mean I know the name of some oldschool clans because I am making a fragmovie featuring some frags of them, then cool, I guess I'm an ET encyclopedia.
yes go outside

inb4 6 line long reply
ironic coming from 40000000 hour ET-praccer
the time i spent playing et is the time you spent reading crossfire archives
I use the search function for fragmovies maybe. other than that you must be dreaming if you think someone could spend as much time on the internet as you have.

hahahahaha 7,000 hours! almost a year of non-stop ET time. :DD man I'm gonna have to laugh so fucking hard if you ever dare to call someone on CF a nerd. x'D
you are a nerd. get a life. sort your life out. you are also gay. and i also think that if i call someone a nerd im right cuz if you see those hours you see im a nerd and also an expert in this shit so im right

put more smileys, make you credible, waiting for reply since ur a nerd and ull reply

OK you are right. there is nothing nerdy about you, just average gaming. :)
i just said im a nerd and you are saying im not? wow even more retarded than i thought, go read old post now for more informations about ET
to be honest I don't really read your comments (not enough ET-information, really bores me), now I'm busy reading ET history books. :) brb interesting part now.
oh using troll technic cuz im right, gj nerdy
what? I am not trolling, all I do is check ET-history. :) brb watching whole quakecon 2006.
7000 hours :s thats like wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 2 much man
phyzic, i think you played more et than me, you were always online at european time and american time with anim and kardon, you probably beat me
please, WoWers are not impressed by that!
oh sorry mr.I started playing RTCW competitively when i was 8 years old
prefer playing 7000 hours in almost 6 years then having an internet girlfriend
I think most of the et community would have the same hours if they left xfire on for however many years :P
don't think so, this guy has played ET actively (whether it be jaymod, etpro pubs or scrims) since the start and since downloading xfire he has it on ALWAYs.

just look at the difference :P
he obviously didnt, 4000 hours difference. but again too retarded to understand. just look what testi said, its around 3.5 hours per day
its not like he played every damn hour and minute. im sure most of it is him just leaving his game on.. I mean i left my BFBC2 on all night last night and came back the next mourning and found out that I left the game on :PPP I guarantee PlAyer and chry would have somewhere near the same hours. also i think monkey is usually afk in a tj server half the time anyway :) but i won't waste my time with what you guys brought up... though i felt like I already have :( happy arguing :D

I like you both... so don't get mad at me :( <3
rossko the peacemaker
thats 299,57676 full days of playing et:DD:D::DD:D:D:

cancer nerd, get life:D:D:D:D:D
i think its pretty good in almost 6 years
true, that is like 50 full days/ year = 50*24(/365) = approximately 3.287 hours a day, if you play on daily base, every day. Still very, very much.
well some days are like 1/2 and some days could be 10, but thats before like in 2007/08
i know, i played also really really much. glad i dont use xfire;)
seriusly 7k hours :D:D:D????

get a life
did artstar ask you to reply to you too :)?
didn't link even a single guy here. :]
wow i didnt expect a reply from you, you probably refreshing this page with crossfire
yes, 24/7.
yes stfu
penis strike
its ok u keep proving me u have no life
no life more, maybe be less retarded like your brother
wonder why no one like you :) see u stfu yes.
should be better then o0
when i played so many hours i got to be myself a highskill player who raised to et's player #1 in europe
well best achievement is 4th in EC, but you were afk at that time
Such an ironic place to debate who's a nerd and who's not... It's not like the cool guys know what's ;D
the thing is i know im a nerd, but im bringing them with me
LoL, j'ai rit a ce commentaire mon chérie ;) Haha :D FUUUUUUUUZZY BITCH :D
hahahahahaha nice we all nerds to keep comment in this blog of TV games.
welcome to the group,but artstar is so retarded so hes in it
i can play for sQuid if you want to? instawin!
easy for squd :)
gl razz n phyzic :>
gogo gav
gl buds <3
Avi yo replace some LAN-praccers
izi squid
You have € 80 on nl MouseCon
Possible win: € 116

money on joshua carrying sucKen
goot gr
gg accept score
demos plz
stop whining for demo everytime you lose
It seems like you got trolled. But im not surprised :D
what you on about? :x
Do you actually think we requested some demos from some game because we wanted them? :D
nope, you just want forfeit because who the fuck records
So they are not playing by the rules and you are suggesting to do so? :)
yo wtf?
Thanks for ETTV down fucking nigger midget retards
Thanks for ETTV down fucking nigger midget retards
gogogogogog gavo
Gl Queers <3
saken mad =D
saken waiting since 2100, here be funs
where is saken
Driving his Madmobile tru Madland.
gl SQuid & phyzic ;)
You have € 2000 on Queens
You won € 4320
sry saKen :D
You have € 80 on nl MouseCon
You lost

joshua why you couldn't into carry?
You have € 666 on eu Queens
You won € 1438.56

Thanks Queens!
Ice was amusing, gg
ofc "Queens need to win twice " got removed after my bet
bong sucked coz he was schwitzing
You have € 500 on Queens
You won € 1080
You have € 35 on Queens
You won € 75.6

You have € 74 on nl MouseCon
You lost

You have € 176 on eu Queens
You won € 380.16
queens pro ~!
wp! :)
You have € 50 on eu Queens
You won € 108.....all in
Gz queens
You have € 2000 on MouseCon
You lost
phyzic + bong = d&b ownage! n1 mates :-)
das war eine reife leistung: hi5 Bong---:)
You have € 2000 on eu Queens
You won € 4320