wnbpro vs Belgianlions (5161 views)

ch oLGaaaa
pl tomek!
de moppel
be Skype
be Jera
be hECA
be Nutz
be Nickj
be Adie
17.07.11 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fREAK[rAMOS] (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 9450
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 14


izi win4wnbpro
gl tomek & olgaa
avi falls jemand net kann :X
olga fickt euch in arsch
gl lions
Good Luck ramoz & oLGaa :D <3
Gl wnbproooooooo ;)
gl moppel and skype :P
yo, alles fit da unten? :p
gl germans
iam sad now :'(
hahaha :) good luck ramoooooooOOoOoOOOOoooooOOOooO000oO0O0O0o0O=o0O0O0o=o0O0O0O0o0o=o=o0O=O=o0o=OzZzzZzZzzZ too :D
joi?!:) mach bitte noch paar o's :)))) <3
GL olga mate !!!!!!!!! :***

chat me up for our travel to slo :)
gimme all info cus i have to come back home around 13 augusth and i have to organize
gl Leeuwen
No juicy no Win ;D
Gl gasten !
gl tanchez ! :{D
gl wnbpro :D

izi 4 u ;)
bomba nakurwiaj !
challange accpeted ;]
makkelijk voor leeuwen
pak ze Skype!
gl phazor, ramoz :)
Will be close, i expect a good game!
it will ;)
Hoffentlich nicht, sonst könnt ihr gleich einpacken :^)
mal sehen. denke nicht dass wir dann direkt einpacken können, man kann doch spiele verlieren, solange man gut spielt ;)

und du kennst es doch auch dass einige schlechter spielen auf ETTV als normales Pracc, deshalb mal sehen. hattest du früher ja teils leider auch im 2vs2 :/
ach die schlagt ihr recht izi, ich weiß zwar net wer tomek sein soll, aber trotzdem

wenn die andern 4 auf normalem niveau spielen izi, wir ham die mit xls richtig kaputt gemacht!
na, wir hatten jetzt 2 mal pracc zusammen, 1. mal war totaler fail, 2. mal war besser, bin gespannt, wie es weitergeht :)
Na du bekommst wie immer auf den Sack ^^
is mir wurscht, spass machts trotzdem :o sonst wär ich schon lange auf irgendwas anderes umgestiegen
gl wnb's :)
good luck wnbro :)
should be easy for lions rolled them with nutsacks :p
wow, they must have had a really bad day then XD
When did you roll us? Screens pls! :)
your saying it didnt happen? :_D
i only dont know about that game...
u made them mad!
that phazor was even calling me a hacker at some points! ;)
since when do I call randoms hacker? Stop joking you piece of randomcrap.
Das tust du immer :D:D
Nö ich schreibe generell gar nichts mehr ingame.
Nein tu ich auch nicht, ich schreib vlt die spawntime von den gegnern via script oder selten Gg, ansonsten flame ich nur im ts!
ansonsten flame ich nur im ts! <--- schreiben wär mir aber lieber :D nicht wahr, schatzi? :P
decent insult with the random low.. and by saying "that phazor" it suggests i dont know you cause i dont.. but apprently you consider yourself to be quite good now thats a bit worrying...
Dude I dont know you, youre not my friend so I dont wanna talk to you. Whoever you are, you think to be better than me just by mentioning Id call you a hacker or anything similiar which aint true. We are a new formed team, so its no surprise to beat us (it wasnt a "roll" tbh.). Im playing since 2004, played in better teams and with better players than you, played OC premier and won the german mastership back in 2009 so stop bothering.
shut up you ugly virgin you really believe your good? if i had played this game since 2004 and still couldnt be any better than med at most i would have quit by now you sad nerd. And as far as playing with better players i highly doubt that.
Someones also just informed me that you think your on the same level as night.... :D
Firstly, quite nice to see you raging, one of my intentions. Then Id laughed about people claiming that im on the level of Night, I actually dont think so, he's just my favourite player and I try to get used to his gamestyle, nothing else.
Well, you dont believe me that Ive played with better players? I guess that even the guys from team-oxid were better than your mates, additionaly I played with butch & co once, so ye. Ive been higher than med often enough and long enough, i would not have played OC premier then, duh?
Last but not least I wont answer to your flame anymore since I dont give a shit about you. Bye x
quite a good read. had some nice laughs there.
im not raging i find it amusing because you clearly are a massive nerd. I dont really want to get into your "my daddy is bigger than yours" argument style but if you really want to im playing olbaa right now and ive also played random irc wars with people like night etc.. so i dont really consider that as much of achievement. You keep refering to the past to show how "good" you think are, thats all really good but im afraid that right now its the present. You might have played oc prem once but id expect your at least 4th/3rd skill at the moment but keep having fun all the same! Anymore problems see me at lan ;)
Thanks for failing to mention my name, Prick. I made you... ugly virgin cunt.
You have nice pocal. :)
I didnt play serious there.
"rolled" , quite impressive, when you win vs. a new team. Yes, you won, but rolled? no.
das weiss er selbst :)

izi troll :D
you can roll me all night darling d:>
gl tomek, ramoz :)))))))))))
pracct mal davor gegen uns, wir brauchen auch pracc^^
and pHAZOR too of course :D
izi for wnb
gl olga <3

ty papiiiiii :)
gl tomek !
Success Skype ;D!

Goodluck Lions, I've bet all my money on you!
gl lions
gl boys, avi if u still need :) x
gg wp
gg wp :)
Well played!
GG wp, 2 mercs ftw! :D we will have a rematch though
gg wp

looking forward to the rematch :)
tanczez kurwa mirc
pow4h kurwa mirc
albo ts bo nie mogeg kurwa zrobic questa w tej grze
Red Shirt Skype #belgianlions 79 deaths

Sauber jungs!