junk52 vs The Last Resort (24087 views)

mt toxic
nl perfo
de sNoOp
gb razz
nl Azatej
it XyLoS
es Winghaven
hr aCoZz
cz marv
be dAv1d
be mAus
lv Clown
ClanBase EuroCup XV Winners Bracket Final
31.05.07 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
Downloads: TV Demo: junk52 vs The Last Resort (3 Files)
TV Demo: junk52 vs The Last Resort (3 Files)
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Viewer Peak: 966


easy for polar
not rly
polar eSports 11.80 vs 1.90 Unknown 1 Total pot: 5 €
Your bet: 200€ on polar
Possible Win: 286.00 € (+86.00 €)

Total pot: 39 €

I smell lies!
Total pot: 69 €

i smell fun :)
uho! busted, ban!
lol idd xD
unknown will probably be tlr so go unknown !!! just to anny the hell out of adacore :)
gl snoop
all money on polar because

polar > tlr > impact > dignitas ...
tlr > impact > polar > dignitas
tlr > dignitas > impact

where do i have to put polar, at the end? xD
in the beginning
tlr > impact > polar > dignitas
tlr > impact > dignitas > polar :P
me > tlr > dignitas > junk52 etc xD
if u r talking about sucking at spawn, then yeah
gl tba
hf polar :)
polar wins!
easy one for TLR imo :)
gl polar
polar ofc : o
tlR P
gl polar
gl tlr
Close one imo but i think TLR will do it!
Very closed

Gl both
TLR > POLAR / (?) DIGNITAS (if the date were be 2006. -> DIGNITAS > ALL. :b) > IMPACT

I'm saying that while my favourite team is Impact.

- imo O
Polar FTW
Polar -> TLR -> Dignitas -> Impact
eupolar > euTLR > euImpact > euDignitas

polar OWNED TLR last time so polar > TLR most likely
easy for tlr
lol odds
hf all together
may the better team win!
Exciting! I just wet my pants :o
lol Winghaven xD
Winghaven is not just panzer, he is spammer (great nades, airstrike and his aim is very decent).
Revenge is coming imo :>

gl both, gonna be a great match.
Great match in perspective :)
Quote by Tosspot: Winghaven is the most annoying player, but you gotta love him!
gl j52!
omfg n1 match gL both
I hope Polar take this one, but i cant see them beatin inform TLR, winghaven 5 man tk panzer pl0x? :D
j52 !
gl junk52
gl j52
winghaven's biggest fan.. where are u? :D
gl snoop :) <3 wingy
Total pot: 45119 €, people afraid of betting?
omg I almost forgott :O

Have fun TLR, especially Wing,


Perfo > winghaven
Snoop < Marv
Razz > maus
Toxic < clown
Sqzz > david
xylos > acozz

Easy for perfo
sqzz doesn't own david and razz doesn't own maus
everyone > mAus.
I dont want to say why, ppl just whine then :<
It's tragic that the ET-community dont know how easy and UNDETECTABLE it is to hax on LAN.
Im sure atleast one have haxxed at an ET-lan, and it wouldnt shock me if mAus have.
you Mr. Zodiac, are a retard... (and not to forget you are maybe jealous)
Pretty expected comment, Yousmell.
If it is that easy, show me how pls, i would like to know for cpc3
You integrate your hax with a mousedriver.
Then the mousedriver can act as both mousedriver and cheatinjector.

And you are allowed to install and use mousedrivers at LAN.
well there are two choices
1. you use a cheat as well - that makes you a rez´tard
2. You have an imagination, and you excepted my commenr even i dont know you at all
3. above all - i am drunk
wat that to me cos, theres a little sign in the top-left had corner to me, care to explain????????????????
have my replay skillz pretty drunk i dont know why you replay to my commentr if you said "OK" at first
go to sleep
i am goin to do so, it will probably be the best idea, i will read ur commments in teh morning and replay once again with a serious reply dont worry::D:D::D:D
its not wise to get drunk on weeknights,
anyway i went to czech recently visited the crystal production factory and the skoda car plant, the town centres is pretty gd, it was a budget college trip, stayed in some place called invalidovna, hotel
well about getting drunk during weeknights, i have just finished my secandary school exams as well as my friends so i need to celbrate
considering our ciuntry it is very nice idd, not mentioing our beer:D
Me cheating isnt even a choice.
I have have, and never will - cheat.
ah yea i went to the pilsner factory too, the bear wasnt too bad, i prefer the simple stuff bud stella
i worked at one of the pilsner´s brewery here, have it right from the source:D 3 times better then anywhere else...
stella is ok from the foreign beers
plz stfu! sqzz use syringe and heal teammates > aim...
snoop > marv
maus > all

k thx!
gogogogog make junk52 proud x-]
i think polar. but i bet on impact !

edit: jk :D
mAus ftw;)
Gl XyLoS :)
mAus show sqzz how aim. =DD GL&HF TLR!
clanname changed, lineup not, bets not cancelled
why name change?
sponsor change :O
sqzz > dAv1d alright
not if it comes to jumping :>>>
En dat horen van een belg. Jammer
mAus ftw
I heard junk7856 got raped by the new FF team on radar with a 3 mins time ...
jezelf zif trekken op pracresults hoort bij het integreren in de belgische cultuur

gratz, FF won a prac against us :(((((
omg beglians stirring!!
you suck in ET and irl : )
hehe like you know anything about me missy
w00t is Junk52 ? =DD
J52 mgc has a great history in ET, but the current players are good enough to wear the tag too, maybe you know some players from the old team.
They finished 3rd in EuroCup X and XI too, their last games:
- http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?nid=159847&lid=1694
- http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?nid=178851&lid=1945
urtier, anubis :]

wh did he stop playing ? :(
couldnt they have picked a better name...?
First I thought so too but after some years j52 isn't so bad name after all.
gl junk.
gogogogoog J52 - wayneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

but anywayz my money on tlr =)
ez bash for me
Possible Win: 13.37 €
gl legendary aimers, perfo, toxic, sqzz & razz
from ze legendary gyzr
no german flag, that sux ;<
GL TLR.eSports EASY BASH <3 XyLoS though!
j52 will sneak tlr for death!
hf (;
GL dAv1d :) imo TLR will win this one, and be the new "unbeaten-for-1-year-team" Thought I don't want it to be like this :P
They were already beaten by polar.
I know, but I think they'll win this EC and continue winning after it
tlr for ec final!!
izi for perfhax
j52? Go go mico!
maby ask guard and anubis for j52 to:d
gl both!
gl TLR
imo TLR will win this one, anyway TLR is the best ETclan :P
GL marv
perfo > mAus
snoop > wing
razz > dAv1d
sqzz > marv
Toxic < clown
XyLos > aCozZ

all ² all -> izi bash j52`ET :D
perfo > mAus
Toxic < clown
sqzz > marv (if meant in aim only)

You sir, are an idiot...... rly......
fanboiiiiii alert
nice hating me
Everyone hates Maltese laggers plix plox.
gl both gonna be a nais final...
who makes my name all the time so noobish :< its dAv1d ! not Dav1d omg:x
ik heb het veranderd gerjan!
das ni enkel bij u :p
ze beginne meestal iedereen me caps en verandere erna, ma de cijferkes enz erin doen ze wel just :D
Imo TLR best team in EC atm

gl j52!
gl xylos! all my money on you!(8€)
GoGo TLR !!!
Match of the year ?
Dav1d will win :)
TLR <3 mAus <3 TosspoT <3

great teams, great shoutcaster, great game!
<3 toxic & snoop, gl & hf both
easybash for j52 THEATRE

toxic > wing
xylos > acozz
perfo > david
sqzz > marv
razz > clown
snoop < maus
easy for the kids! ;p
Easy bash for The Last Resort, mAus > Junk52... ;>
Your bet: 143€ on j52
Possible Win: 377.52 € (+234.52 €)
gl j52
i think tlr have this in the bag

<3 acozz & mAus
gl clown
gl j52
TLR imo but GL snoop! :)
go david and xylos <3
finally! it took too much this time to say gl !
gonna be good match :D
gl j52!
TLR got this in the bag ^^ mAus & dav1d ftw :D
TLR.. ftw.

Status: Finished
TLR 0 - 4 polar

So imo j52 :<
go go go j52 ihr nudden
gl mates have fun
pl TOXIC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh3KogBKCMM&NR=1

..::shaved is better:.. GL XyLoS
GL Snoop , Perfo
gl j52
go acozz :O
Go TLR! Go XYLOS! my money on you ( 1000£ )
sqzz lagging :<
komop perfo :)
2-0 TRL
more merc @ CB EC final k thx
4-2 junk25 gg
gg, got some money at last!
couldnt someone tell it before that aza is gonna play i want my money back :(
u have just won it
Your bet: 15€ on j52 Possible Win: 46.35 € (+31.35 €)

good job polar!
great game j52 :)
wp j52
TLR zal gra na bremenie kurwa zagraliscie jak low skile pleby jebane co za ciule nauczcie sie grac wygrywacie z dignitas a dostajecie z takim czyms zal nauczcie clowna grac bo on gra jak low- staty 1-21 to pro
A co cipko przegrales pieniazki ?? Szkoda rly...
raczej ty jestes low- dzieciaku Clown by cie lugerem pobral :P
no tez pozdrawiam
pretty close on all 3 maps :)

gg wp j52
fucking amazing!
awesome game, wp j52<3
4:2 J52
Great match, wp.
i lost :/
I cant believe it! >:O
money money money money
WP, well deserved!
j52 for the pussys
Your bet: 175€ on TLR Lost

31/05 21:00 j52 3.09 vs 1.48 TLR 4000€ on j52 Won 12360.00 €
lineup change, money back !!!
wp :)
Can't believe TLR looses from thàt.
thx junk=*****
WP aZaboy
wp j52, expected win although aza's playing kinda helped it

really bad move from tlr to let aza play :D
but ofc it's nice to be fair
Your bet: 14000E on j52 Won 43260.00E
thx u made me rich :D
junk52 will win EC imo...
wp TLR and big thx for being that fair<333
ggs guys

cu in final :))

thanks for aza btw :)
Won 441.87€

thx 4 money ;)
lost 500 GG
Your bet: 500€ on TLR Lost
tlr lost wtf
Your bet: 100€ on j52 Won 309.00€
Fair TLR and nice Aza, was a good war :)
Fair TLR and nice Aza, was a good war :)
wp and thx for money:
Your bet: 36000€ on j52 Won 111240.00€
lol.. et scene finaly starting to get exciting again
n1 !!111
Total Slots: 901
Viewer Peak: 966
Total Slots: 899
Viewer Peak: 966