wiSe-guys vs Kolme Raitaa (8082 views)

pl ridji
pl Elviss
pl czaroo
fi Pittysku
fi Hyrtti
fi Pehno
11.08.11 14:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Pehno (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 8061
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 51


gl kolme raitaa
easy for wise guys
easy for kolme raitaa
izi for kolmee rita ! :D
Gl kolme raitaa
!chi hyrtty glgl
yesteday i bet hirvi becouse he dont think
Gl Elviss :)
izi money, kiitos kaverini pitsku
izi 4 KolmeR
give me E five me L give me V give me I give me S GOGOGOGOGOGO ELVIS
Toi oikeestaa aika optimaalinen paikka liinata, näet vihut ku vähä ennenku niilt lähtee suojat jos ne tulee mainii/ylös mut ne ei näe sua hetiku tulee ladost.
no orly, jos liinaat tossa lähempänä sut nähdään heti..
osunu siihe oikeesee kohtaaa ;D
xD nice
the cave on the radar looks like a dog
wiSe-guys need spec to win... lows
Kolme need cheaters yo win ... lows
go play 4th division u retard
noobs lost with spec :XD
noobs lost with spec :D
noobs lost with spec :E
NOOBS lost whit spec =3
spec lost with noobs :XD
noobs lost with spec :D
You have € 50 on KolmeR
Possible win: € 347.5
with noobs spec lost :c
You have € 88 on KolmeR
Possible win: € 611.6
spec noob with lost :>
You have € 250 on eu wiSe
Possible win: € 292.5

thx !
You have € 150 on KolmeR
Possible win: € 1042.5

You have € 250 on eu wiSe
You lost

You have € 141 on KolmeR
You won € 979.95
back to 1000points elviss :))))
Expected. :=)
Wise guys with spec, still no win:D
lost spec with noobs ;Ö
how can u lose against such nonames elviss :/
have a look at stats, so easy :pPp
i watched them already, randoms outdamaging hard.. seems like no slac ss is like the return of pb :P
go play this pitty guy then talk again :D
normally:) , pittysku is just cheater
;:DDDD cheater at ettv?
Yea there is no way to cheat when ettv is ON
Cheaters !
You have € 100 on KolmeR
You won € 695

Expected. Kiitos.
Was rly intense game too bad that they cant accept the fact that they lose. I have seen pitty playing for 1000times and i dont even find his gameplay weird just crazy aim.
too bad pittysku cheated.
I guess ET scene is full of players that have played for too long and think they are so fucking good :D but when it comes to 3on3 its all about aim :D

päivän naurut
god you're so braindead...
yes at least ingame :D
znArk = jaymod. You get banned at jaymod servers by randomly aiming through walls to head(50 players server, map delivery) --> ET, full of cheaters.
oh man, so not true :D
to bad a random fintard, never heard of, somehow outaming everyone whos been on decent lvl for ages..
Vittu sä olet kakara tyhmä.
stupid finnish fuckface cheaters
gg elviss :)
why every1 calls him a cheater if just FUCKING MUCH MORE BETTER THAN U FUCKING NERDS,, :d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d well i am his irl friend and i swear he isnt cheating :/ i just let u know
crawl out from your cave you sad fuck.
cus maybe he came out of nowhere and shooting 50% acc vs med+ ppl?
You seem to suffer from down syndrome. Im sorry for you.
wiSe Elviss [Warmup]: DEMOS
wiSe Elviss [Warmup]: on cb
SOOSSI and co?
not soossi or anyone else from plt :D
no cheat imo, wise just played stupid
the fact is that this wiSe retards thinks they can handle the top, but actually they are shit. I´m shit too though, but I don´t think this Pitty guy hacked. His movements are shit but his aim is pretty good. Polaks have been outaimed hard
friends of LORDI dominating in the 3on3 scene

elvis mad bro ?
pitty will not stay unknown much longer :D wp
good pittysku mate! =)